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Data : the commuter's friend?

Most of us own a mobile phone and many rarely leave home without it. The thought of being ‘unconnected’ is becoming increasingly inconceivable and, whether we like it or not, mobile connectivity is part of modern life.

Distinguishing signal from noise

Capacitive touchscreens are constructed using an orthogonal grid of transmitter and receiver (or ‘drive’ and ‘sense’) electrodes which are usually formed on either side of a transparent substrate and behind a transparent touch surface such as glass.

Thinking machines

Today, artificial neural networks underpin much of the research into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Growth continues, for now

At the last Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit, held in Papua New Guinea earlier this month, the US and China again locked horns and far from reducing tension around the prospect of a trade war, proceeded to ratchet up the rhetoric.

Voice recognition - from consumer to B2B

Digital assistants, such as Alexa from Amazon or Microsoft’s Cortana, have established themselves as key components when it comes to gadgets, smartphones or managing the smart home and, with the prospect of artificial intelligence being embedded into more devices, more voice enabled devices are set to come to market.

How accurate are the claims that the commercialisation of 5G is imminent??

Last month saw over 2500 people from over 70 countries gather at a 4G/5G Summit organised in Hong Kong by Qualcomm. It was a chance for carriers, equipment providers, OEMs and software providers to come together to discuss how the industry was working to make 5G a reality and, despite accusations of hype, it appears that they are nearer to realising 5G than was previously the case – even just a few months ago.

The blockchain buzz

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency, but many have suggested it as a new way to approach security. Bethan Grylls looks at whether there’s any substance behind the hype.

How to choose a medical power supply

The IEC60601-1 medical equipment safety standard is not the only factor that distinguishes medical-grade power supplies from commercial models. Life cycles, enhanced design support, quality systems and second source strategy all play a part. This white paper goes beyond the volts, amps and safety approval factors to provide some design considerations to make it easier for you to select the right medical power supply.

Bringing AI to the edge

Artificial intelligence (AI) has kindled the imagination of computer scientists for decades and while the ambition and enthusiasm around AI has tended to clash with the complexity of the task, today’s computational power has risen exponentially and the ambition of general AI has been curbed sufficiently to match that power.

Loose threads

Timing can be tricky in embedded systems. Shortly after it touched down on the surface of Mars in 1997, NASA’s Pathfinder lander started to malfunction, triggering a watchdog timer that engineers tried to fix with system resets.

Making parking painless

At a time when the pressure on Britain’s roads and transport systems has never been more intense, with congestion at an all-time high, a US business is bringing a new parking platform to the UK in a bid to improve traffic management.

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