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The balance of power

Meeting the perpetual struggle to execute bigger and more complex software on increasingly more convoluted hardware. By Philip Ling.

Core issues

Louise Joselyn passes on some valuable nuggets of advice to those looking to select IP.

Migrating test

To what extent are instrumentation companies making it easier for the electronics design engineer to migrate test-in-design procedures through to test-in-manufacture? By Vanessa Knivett.

Around the board in eighty standards

Devices for communications systems rely on a bewildering variety of interface technologies. Designers should let FPAAs take care of the interfacing and interoperability issues. By Ken O’Neill.

No holds barred

A design free from legacy heralds far reaching performance gains for programmable logic giant. By Philip Ling.

Filter tips

Power line communication systems benefit from careful planning and prudent filtering. By Stefan Melly.

Board to tiers

Despite the apparent lunacy of putting voice into packets, it remains the only practical solution to building the future telephone networks. By Philip Ling.

Pedal to the fpga metal

It’s ironic that the general purpose technology, designed to be applied almost anywhere, still suffers disintegration at its basic level. By Philip Ling.

Hard or soft?

Should your next peripheral be hard or soft? This is only one of the questions facing embedded designers when choosing a processor. By Philip Ling.

Brick by brick

Power density and efficiency are two measurements of success for many dc/dc converters, but often mutually exclusive. But a breakthrough in transformer technology could change all that. By Philip Ling.

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