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In a material world

Developments in ferroelectric material herald a different approach to embedding non volatile memory. By Philip Ling.

An electronics visionary

Founding father of vlsi, pioneer of semiconductor design tools and a passionate advocate of analogue electronics. It can only be Professor Carver Mead, says David Boothroyd.

X marks the spot

Smaller, faster, cheaper – progress with the X Initiative means there may be an alternative to rushing to the next geometry. By Louise Joselyn.

What’s the solution?

The maxim for today’s vlsi designer is ‘optimised configurability’ – a paradox which demands innovative solutions. By Philip Ling.

The hidden gremlins

Ignore signal integrity and timing gremlins hiding in the undergrowth of the high speed pcb design, and they could jump up and bite you in the… field. By Christopher Swaim.

Paging 1T memory

The need for more memory in a smaller form factor in mobile ’phones is pushing development of 1T srams. By Rajesh Manapat and Manoj Roge.

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