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Wise eyes in the sky: The autogyro that collects intelligent images 08/04/2014

Most people's first encounter with an autogyro, or gyrocopter, was in the film 'You only Live Twice'. James Bond (played by Sean Connery) was shipped 'Little Nellie', which he then assembled and proceeded to inflict mayhem on Blofeld's forces by virtue of its impressive weaponry.  Read More

Connectors help reduce size, weight and power in aerospace electronics 08/04/2014

Aerospace, whether it's commercial aviation, defence or even satellites, is a testing environment for electronics. But it's equally demanding on connectors.  Read More

ST pursues the wider option when it comes to supply voltage for future transistors 08/04/2014

At this year's International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), STMicroelectronics and research institute CEA-Leti described a DSP with an operating voltage of 400mV, rather than the conventional 1V.  Read More

Xilinx unveils heterogeneous multiprocessing architecture 08/04/2014

Historically, developers of programmable logic devices – and, more latterly, FPGAs – have taken advantage of process shrinks, not only to integrate more features into their parts, but also to produce parts which use every available bit of space on the reticule.  Read More

The truth about phase noise in signal generators 08/04/2014

Manufacturers of signal generators set great store by the specification of phase noise, such that, regardless of the application, phase noise is frequently taken as a proxy of the instrument's overall performance.  Read More

Model based system engineering gains broader acceptance 08/04/2014

The general idea behind model based system engineering, or MBSE, is that it makes sense to design complex embedded software, or complex systems that are made up of hardware and software, before you start to build them.  Read More

NFC yet to secure its role in securing mobile payments 25/03/2014

Novel approaches, such as Host Card Emulation (HCE) and potential threats such as the emergence of Bluetooth Low Energy – another technology standard for exchanging data wirelessly over very short distances – have brought into sharp focus the disappointing pace of development of mobile Near Field Communications (NFC), notably for financial ...  Read More

Contactless position sensors for throttle valve systems 25/03/2014

Magnetic position sensors have been favoured by automotive design engineers over the years, offering resistance to vibration and contamination whilst providing precise and accurate measurement of angular displacement.  Read More

Engineering solutions to EV range anxiety 25/03/2014

Electric vehicles on general sale today offer adequate ranges for tasks such as commuting, shopping and urban journeys. Nissan, for example, claims up to 124 miles per full charge for its all electric Leaf, while Tesla suggests up to 310 miles for its Model S when specified with the optional 85kWh battery. Even so, range anxiety – the fear of ...  Read More

LED light bulb 'achieves the impossible' 25/03/2014

"It was a technical challenge to make 50 units that met a certain specification," said Phil Shadbolt, CEO of Zeta Speciality Lighting. "That is what we were contracted to do and that is what we delivered."  Read More
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Successive approximation A/D converters: Ensuring a valid first conversion 25/03/2014

Successive approximation A/D converters, with resolutions of up to 18bit and sampling at 10Msample/s, are suited to many data acquisition applications.  Read More

DSL technology could allow data to be sent to the home at 1Gbit/s 25/03/2014

Once the plain old telephone service, the role of the telephone wire continues to be refashioned. The latest digital subscriber line (DSL) standard being developed – – uses 106MHz of phone wire spectrum to deliver gigabit broadband, a far cry from its original purpose of carrying a 3kHz voice call. The developments (see fig 1) complement ...  Read More

Solving the system architecture jigsaw 25/03/2014

Is a system architecture created from the apocryphal clean sheet of paper any longer? No, according to design consultancy Plextek's chief technology officer Paul Martin. "Have I ever had a clean sheet of paper to design on?" he wondered. "If I did, what was I guided by and what were the design constraints?" Pushed, he admitted he'd probably done ...  Read More

Wanted: Tomorrow’s engineers 11/03/2014

The decline in the number of students enrolling on engineering courses has been charted for some years now. A range of reasons has been put forward, but the bottom line is that the UK hasn't been producing enough engineers.  Read More

Why engineers are looking to run transistors from lower supply voltages 11/03/2014

For good reason, CMOS chip designers pay careful attention to the equation that governs dynamic power consumption: ½CV2f.  Read More

Mixed signal ASICs can prove less expensive than you might think 11/03/2014

ASICs, we have been told over the last few years, are the preserve of the rich. But not every ASIC has to be manufactured at the 'bleeding edge' and, for mixed signal ASICs, a convincing argument can be made that trailing edge processes are more appropriate and cost effective.  Read More

The latest trends in test and measurement 11/03/2014

Buying an instrument used to be straightforward, in as much you specified what you wanted and then found equipment to meet that specification. Obviously, this defines the limitations of what that instrument can be used for, but T&M companies over more recent years have introduced ways to make their instruments both more affordable and more ...  Read More

Thermal modelling boosts LED performance 11/03/2014

Energy efficiency and longevity have made LEDs the light source of choice in a multitude of applications. They are of course more expensive than traditional alternatives and the other drawback is that performance suffers as junction temperature increases – the junction being the active area where light is generated.  Read More

Emerging format offers shock and vibration resistance to COM users 11/03/2014

Casual observers may scan the reasonably long list of available board formats and conclude there are enough variants to suit every application, no matter how demanding. Yet standards continue to be developed to meet emerging requirements.  Read More

Back to the future: Can we use history to inspire the next generation of engineers? 25/02/2014

The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) is blessed with the perfect setting; it is located at Bletchley Park, famously home of the World War II code breakers. In fact, the machine most closely associated with the code-breaking feat, Colossus, is actually not strictly a Bletchley Park exhibit; instead, it has pride of place within TNMOC, which is ...  Read More

Smart pump to revolutionise treatment of chronic heart problems 25/02/2014

Around 160,000 people in the EU require heart transplants every year. About 600 actually get them, leaving the other 99.5% needing an alternative. While it is still many years off, a team at Nottingham Trent University is working on such an alternative that could also have applications in other parts of the body.  Read More
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Wearable electronics provide better insight into the heart's health 25/02/2014

Problems with the heart can be relatively common but, because they can present themselves infrequently, are often hard to diagnose.  Read More

Standards help companies deal with the problem of counterfeiting 25/02/2014

When mission critical electronic systems can be compromised by one counterfeit component, it's no surprise that measures are being taken to avoid the problem.  Read More

Raspberry Pi and Arduino cater to the masses 25/02/2014

Raspberry Pi has been a phenomenon. As it celebrates its second birthday this month, it was hoped that it would have sold 2million units. In fact it passed this milestone back in October 2013. While Arduino can't quite match the unit sales, it does have more hardware options and flexibility.  Read More

Qualcomm applies its ‘DNA’ to create a processor for the connected home 25/02/2014

The Internet of Things (IoT) is manifesting itself in a range of guises, but the underlying theme – whether it's consumer or industrial applications – is connectivity.  Read More

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