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Topological insulators made magnetic

A topological insulator (TI) film 25 atoms thick that adheres to an insulating magnetic film has been created by researchers from the University of California, Riverside, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Arizona State University.

This is said to create a heterostructure, which makes TI surfaces magnetic at room temperatures and higher, to more than 400K. "The materials have to be in intimate contact for TI to acquire magnetism," UC Riverside Professor ...

Deal signed for eight more Galileo satellites

Following agreement with prime contractor OHB-System, Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) has started manufacture of eight navigation payloads for Galileo, Europe’s global navigation satellite system. The contract, worth approximately €140million, it is a continuation of an existing partnership between the companies, who have built 22 satellites for the Galileo Constellation.

Zigbee enhancement supports dual band operation

Zigbee PRO 2017, the latest addition to the Zigbee Alliance’s technology portfolio, is said to be the first mesh network capable of operating in two ISM frequency bands simultaneously: 800 to 900MHz for regional requirements; and 2.4GHz for global acceptance. This dual-band option, says the Alliance, enables flexibility for manufacturers and consumers alike.

NXP extends Cortex-M0+ MCU portfolio

NXP has launched the LPC84x family of microcontrollers in a move targeted at meeting demand for cost and power efficient devices. “We’re extremely excited to be ramping the LPC84x family into production together with our broad base of customers,” said Geoff Lees, pictured, general manager of NXP’s MCU business. “This new family further extends the LPC800’s innovative features over ageing, proprietary 8bit MCUs.”

Copying plants to improve flexible electronics

Mimicking the structure of the ‘powdery alligator-flag’ plant has enabled researchers from Zhejiang University, China, to make a graphene-based aerogel that could be used to create flexible electronics, such as bendable tablets and wearable sensors.

Imagination announces MIPS collaboration agreement with Sequans

Imagination Technologies is to extend its agreement with Sequans Communications for MIPS processor IP. Sequans has chosen the MIPS CPU for a number of its LTE chip platforms which are used to power a variety of products such as tablets, mobile routers and CPEs. The agreement enables Sequans to develop future StreamrichLTE solutions based on MIPS.

NXP invests in the future automotive

NXP has announced that it is to collaborate with Elektrobit (EB) on a new platform for highly automated driving, and extends its partnership with HARMAN to speed up time-to-market for connected car solutions.

UltraSOC develops RISC-V processor trace

A processor trace developed by UltraSOC will be offered for adoption by the RISC-V Foundation as part of the open source specification. Processor trace functionality allows a program’s behaviour to be viewed in detail, instruction-by-instruction.

Wireless charging of moving electric vehicles

A device that can wirelessly charge a moving object at close range has been developed by Stanford University scientists. The technology could be used to charge electric cars on the motorway, or medical implants and cell phones as you walk nearby.

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