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Black phosphorus ink for opto device fabrication

An international research team has developed black phosphorus inks that are compatible with conventional inkjet printing techniques and says the approach could be used to make optoelectronic and photonic devices.

“Our inkjet printing demonstration makes possible for the first time the scalable mass fabrication of black phosphorus based photonic and optoelectronic devices with the long-term stability necessary for a wide range of industrial applications,” said ...

Single molecule transistors work at room temperature

For the first time a team of researchers from Columbia University in the city of New York claims to have reproducibly demonstrated current blockade – the ability to switch a device from the insulating to the conducting state where charge is added and removed one electron at a time – using atomically precise molecular clusters at room temperature.

Ultrathin semiconductor materials exceed silicon

Two semiconductors – hafnium diselenide and zirconium diselenide – are said to share and even exceed some of silicon's desirable traits, say electrical engineers at Stanford University. Although still experimental, the researchers believe the materials could be a step toward thinner, more energy-efficient chips.

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