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Graphene scaffold could solve lithium battery problems

While lithium metal-based batteries are attractive in theory, practical applications have run into problems ranging from rapid degradation to catastrophic failure. Researchers have tried to overcome these problems by creating a ‘scaffold’ on which lithium ions can be deposited. However, as the volume of lithium ions changes during the charging cycle, expansion can destroy the scaffold.

Looking to solve this problem, Professor Jiaxing Huang and collaborators from ...

Copper wires built atom by atom

Researchers at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have developed what is said to be a simple way to create copper molecular wires of different lengths by adding or removing copper atoms one by one.

Electrochemical logic circuits developed by Swedish team

A team from Linköping University says it has developed the first complementary electrochemical logic circuits that can function stably for long periods in water. According to the researchers, this is a ‘significant’ breakthrough in the development of bioelectronics.

49 qubit test chip unveiled by Intel at CES

Intel has shown a 49 qubit superconducting quantum test chip at CES. The chip, called Tangle Lake is named after a chain of lakes in Alaska and said to represent a ‘nod’ to the cold temperatures and entangled states that qubits require to function.

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