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Power supplies meet latest green specifications

Adding to its ECS family of 'green' ac/dc power supplies, XP Power has introduced the 130W ECS130 module.

60W power supplies meet latest green specifications

XP Power has announced the ECP60 series of low profile 60W ac/dc power supplies, which measure 4 x 2 x 1.2in and typically achieve 88% efficiency.

XP Power supplies target harsh environments

XP Power has launched two new series of compact single output baseplate cooled 400 and 600W ac/dc power supplies, designed for use in harsh environments and sealed enclosure applications.

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Supply and demand

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6W DC/DC converters

XP Power has announced the ITX series of 6W DC/DC converters. Available in an ...

Programmable power supplies

A new range of 800 and 1500W programmable ac/dc power supplies has been ...

180W ac/dc power supplies

XP Power has announced the ECP180 series of open frame, 180W ac/dc power ...