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Vicor extends design service to EU market

Vicor is now offering its custom design and manufacturing service to European customers.

Buck optimised to 12V

Intended for high efficiency point of load dc/dc regulation, the P134XX series is the latest addition to Vicor's Picor Cool-Power ZVS buck regulator product line.

ZVS technology applied to point of load regulators

In a move to boost power density and efficiency, Vicor has launched the Picor PI33XX Cool-Power ZVS buck regulator series and is targeting the devices at point of load applications.

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DC transmission on a comeback

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Marching in time

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Closer to the birds

Vicor modules enable a novel glider using battery powered electrical propulsion ...

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High density, high efficiency, lightweight MIL-COTS dc-dc solution

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Factorised power architecture and VI Bricks

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500W filter modules

Vicor has announced two new 500W filtered input attenuator modules (FIAMs) for ...

Picor QuietPower QPI-21

Vicor has announced the introduction of the Picor QuietPower QPI-21 high ...

Wide input bus converters

Vicor has announced the newest additions to its IBC 050 and IBC 048 series of ...

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Andy Gales, vp, Vicor

Andy Gales, vice president, international sales, Vicor, talks with Chris Shaw