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TSMC takes on Intel after claims about transistor density

TSMC's recently appointed co ceo and president Dr Mark Liu used the company's latest financial results meeting to take exception to Intel claiming technology leadership.

TSMC ramps up 16nm FinFET production

TSMC has commenced risk production of its 16nm FinFET process, with volume production scheduled for late 2014.

Xilinx and TSMC ship first heterogeneous 3d ics

Claiming an industry first, Xilinx and TSMC have commenced volume production of the Virtex-7 HT family of heterogeneous 3d ics.

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Imagination PowerVR gpus

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TSMC is No.1 ic supplier in Q2

TSMC surpassed Intel to become the world's largest semiconductor supplier in Q2 ...

Special report: GSA roundtable

You might think that a roundtable at a meeting of the Global Semiconductor ...

Building something big

The first chips manufactured on 450mm wafers will begin to roll out from a ...

Advanced chip manufacturing

When Gordon Moore developed his eponymous law, he focused only on the number of ...

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