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MCU cuts system cost of medical devices

Texas Instruments has introduced its lowest cost microcontroller with an integrated lcd controller.

A/D converter offers ‘industry’s best noise performance’

Texas Instruments has announced what it claims to be the industry's best noise performance and lowest power octal channel, 14bit a/d converter at 80MS/s.

Next gen IC boosts solar cell efficiency by 80%

Cardiff based clean tech firm, G24 Innovations has utilised Texas Instruments' bq25504 boost charger to enhance the efficiency of its next generation dye sensitised solar cells by 80%.

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IC provides immersive sound

Texas Instruments has launched an IC designed to simplify the design and ...

$5 ARM Cortex-A8 devices

Texas Instruments has unveiled its newest ARM processors, the Sitara AM335x ARM ...

Balanced output filter

Murata has announced the 'world's smallest' balanced output matching filter, ...

Increased integration

Market researchers are predicting it, chip makers are agreeing to it, some oems ...

FRAM in microcontrollers

Texas Instruments has launched the first of a series of 16bit microcontrollers ...

Meeting comms systems specs

As the number of mobile phone subscribers continues to climb, pressure is ...

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Texas Instruments Amp and Data Converter Selection Guide

TI's new 2009 Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide features new product ...

Texas Instruments Low Power RF Selection Guide

The new updated Low Power RF Selection Guide from Texas Instruments includes ...

1MS/s a/d converters from TI

Texas Instruments has introduced two new bipolar, 12bit, 1MS/s successive ...

Integrated battery protection

Texas Instruments has announced the industry's first fully integrated battery ...

A/D converter

A new, quad channel a/d converter has been announced by Texas Instruments.

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28Gb/s retimer preview

Nate and Jitendra preview TI's 25 - 28 Gbps retimer technology.

2.5Gb/s repeater/retimer

Sanjay introduces TI's 12.5 Gbps pin-compatible repeater and retimers plus ...

LM5017 100V overview

Adam introduces the LM5017 industry's first 100V synchronous buck regulator ...

TI, National Semi takeover

It's been a while since there has been a takeover on the scale of that ...