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Embedded World 2014: Tektronix launches six-in-one scope

By combining six functions into the MDO3000, Tektronix says it has integrated most of a designer's workbench needs into one instrument.

Power analyser offers ‘leading’ accuracy and performance

Expanding its family of precision power analysers, Tektronix has introduced a single phase solution which it says offers the best performance in its class, with 0.05% basic accuracy and 1MHz measurement bandwidth.

Mid-range scopes meet embedded demands

A new family of mid-range oscilloscopes has been introduced by Tektronix, offering bandwidth up to 2GHz with 10GS/s sample rate and 50M standard record length.

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Tek to use IBM’s 9HP process

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Tektronix moves into power

Tektronix has launched the PA4000, its first dedicated power analyser.

Waveform generator

Looking to help designers cope with increasing data rates and signal ...

The latest trends in T&M

Buying an instrument used to be straightforward, in as much you specified what ...

Mixing it up: RF & microwave

Wireless connectivity forms the heart of modern data exchange, whether that be ...

Pulling on precise power

As a rule, test and measurement companies need to be at the forefront of ...

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Real time scope bandwidth

This whitepaper compares the techniques used to extend the bandwidth ...

Hunting noise sources

When integrating a radio chip or module into a typical embedded system, a ...

Programmable pattern generator

Tektronix has launched a fully integrated programmable pattern generator.

Real time solutions for WiFi

"We have taken a new approach to the market that will really allow us to grow," ...

Portable waveform monitors

Tektronix has expanded its family of waveform monitors to include the WFM2300 ...

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Behind the scenes at Tektronix

Behind the scenes at Tektronix.