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SiLabs buys Touchstone for $1.5million, aims for IoT market growth

Silicon Labs has acquired Touchstone Semiconductor, an early stage power management technology company, for $1.5million.

Embedded World 2014: Tool simplifies embedded design

Silicon Labs has introduced a new version of its Simplicity Studio development ecosystem at Embedded World.

SiLabs has ARM-based SoCs for the IoT

Expanding its Ember ZigBee portfolio, Silicon Labs has taken the wraps off a new ARM-based SoC family aimed at advanced smart energy and home automation applications.

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‘Lowest power’ wireless mcus

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USB to SPI bridge controller

Silicon Labs' new USB to SPI bridge controller is designed to provide leading ...

SiLabs has mcus for IoT

Based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, Silicon Labs' new EFM32 Zero Gecko ...

IoT spurs change in mcu market

It's not too long ago since the 'go to' microcontroller for electronics ...

Getting smarter

Embedded systems have experienced significant growth over the past decade in ...

MEMS clocks on

Almost every electronic product needs a clock to provide its 'heartbeat' and, ...

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Capturing data in mcu apps

Developers continue to benefit from increased silicon integration, enabling ...

Low jitter crystal oscillators

A new family of differential crystal oscillators has been unveiled by Silicon ...

AM/FM radio receivers

Silicon Laboratories has introduced a new family of radio receivers tuned for ...

SiTime extends Si24xx family

Silicon Laboratories has announced the next generation of its Si24xx ISOmodem ...

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Tyson Tuttle, ceo, SiLabs

The acquisitions of Ember and Energy Micro have put Silicon Labs in a strong ...

Mark Downing, SiLabs

The last year has seen a radical change in many company's fortunes as the ...