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Embedded World 2014: Renesas MCUs run at up to 120MHz with 4Mbyte of flash

Renesas' RX64M family of microcontrollers, unveiled today at Embedded World, is the first in the company's flagship RX series of 32bit MCUs to be fabricated in a 40nm process.

Renesas sells 12in fab at Tsuruoka to Sony

Renesas has sold its 12in fab at Tsuruoka to Sony, which will act as a foundry for Renesas, making a range of devices on a contract basis for an indeterminate time. Once that period has finished, Renesas will shift production of the devices to its Naka fab or discontinue them.

Renesas to cut 5,400 jobs in Japan

Renesas is in talks to cut a fifth of its workforce, according to reports.

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Matthew Trowbridge, Renesas

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Matthew Trowbridge, Renesas

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