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Peratech licenses QTC tech for electric drill

Peratech's Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC) technology has been licensed to US firm Globalpower to create a 12V portable electric drill with a touch control interface.

Peratech puts touch sensor behind display to save battery life

In a move intended to extend battery life in portable devices with OLED screens, Peratech has used its QTC Ultra Sensor technology to allow a touch screen interface to be placed behind the display, rather than in front. Because the sensor is behind the screen, there is no loss of light and longer battery life.

QTC could make NFC more secure, says technology developer

Touch technology specialist Peratech says it has a solution to a security issue involved with Near Field Communications (NFC). The problem – known as skimming – allows data to be read from an NFC enabled device or card without the owner's knowledge.

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