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NI launches 200MHz vector signal transceiver

Looking to usher in a 'new era' of software-designed instrumentation, National Instruments has introduced the NI PXIe-5646R vector signal transceiver.

Test trends to IoT

Now in its sixth year, the Automated Test Outlook is National Instruments' examination of trends in the test sector.

Xilinx partners with NI and MathWorks to push fpga performance

Xilinx is working with National Instruments and MathWorks to offer a combination of software, model, platform and IP based design environments for its Zynq SoC fpga devices.

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NI posts record Q1 results

National Instruments achieved record revenue in the first quarter of this year.

Cutting through complexity

More projects with greater complexity mean embedded design teams need to be ...

Integrate for a smooth flow

System architecture has evolved from being an instinctive dark art – the ...

Roundtable: Demanding answers

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Compact vision system

National Instruments has announced the CVS-1457RT, a rugged, compact device ...

Real time test software

National Instruments has released NI VeriStand 2011, the latest version of its ...

NI Days 2014

4th November 2013, The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, UK

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