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Micron, Broadcom look to solve dram timing challenges

Micron and Broadcom are working to overcome restrictions associated with tFAW - a ddr3 timing parameter that restricts bandwidth in server, storage and networking applications.

Micron uses dram to create ‘new computing architecture’

Micron Technology says it has developed a 'fundamentally new computing architecture', which it believes is capable of performing high speed, comprehensive search and analysis of complex, unstructured data streams.

Micron to target HMC at supercomputers

Micron Technology is adapting its Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) technology to make it suitable for use in petascale supercomputer systems.

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HMC runs alongside fpgas

Altera and Micron Technology have jointly demonstrated interoperability between ...

Boosting processing power

Micron Technology appeared at the 2013 Supercomputing conference, where it ...

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