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IR opens ultra thin wafer processing facility in Singapore

International Rectifier has commenced initial production at its new state of the art ultra thin wafer processing facility in Singapore.

Voltage regulator achieves 97% efficiency

Targeted at space constrained power applications such as servers, storage and telecom equipment, the IR3846 35A from International Rectifier is said to offer over 97% efficiency.

Power mosfets offer ‘leading’ efficiency for dc/dc applications

A new family of power mosfets has been launched by International Rectifier, which it says offers industry leading power density for discrete, high performance dc/dc switching applications.

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Power design survey results

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More successful than it appears, the UK's electronics sector is holding its own.

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Class D audio chipset

International Rectifier has introduced a Class D audio chipset comprising the ...

MOSFETs with ultra low Rds(on)

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Current sensing IC

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