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Four tools named as IDEs for Kinetis MCU development

Freescale has named four tools as featured integrated development environments (IDEs) for its Kinetis range of ARM based microcontrollers. The tools are Atollic TrueSTUDIO, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, Green Hills' MULTI and ARM's Keil range.

Green Hills announces support for Xilinx Zynq-7000

Green Hills Software has announced its support for the Xilinx Zynq-7000 extensible processing platform (EPP) with its Integrity real time operating system and tools solutions.

Green Hills, Curtiss-Wright launch hypervisor

Green Hills Software and Curtiss-Wright have announced the availability of the Integrity Multivisor for CWCEC's SVME/DMV-186 and VPX6-187 single board computers (SBCs).

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Advanced static code analysis tool

Green Hills Software has announced that its static code analyser, DoubleCheck, ...

RTOS and tools for intelligent multicore processors

Green Hills Software and Cavium Networks have announced the availability of ...

Green Hills Software supports Freescale P2020 Multicore Processor

Green Hills Software has announced a software development and run time ...

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