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Four tools named as IDEs for Kinetis MCU development

Freescale has named four tools as featured integrated development environments (IDEs) for its Kinetis range of ARM based microcontrollers. The tools are Atollic TrueSTUDIO, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, Green Hills' MULTI and ARM's Keil range.

Freescale launches 64bit ARM based SoCs for software defined networking applications

Freescale has announced the second generation of products based on the Layerscape architecture; a move which sees 64bit ARM cores added to the range; previously, the devices were based on PowerPC or 32bit ARM cores.

Freescale broadens Kinetis MCU range to 900 products

Looking to offer increased performance and better power efficiency, Freescale has announced the second generation of its Kinetis K MCU range, in which the K1x, K2x and K6x families are expanded and the K0x range is added. The Kinetis MCU portfolio is said by Freescale to features more than 900 devices, of which 600 are Kinetis K series variants.

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