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Atmel brings news Cortex-M0+ family to market

Said to be the first series in a new family of embedded flash microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ core, The SAM D20 is targeted at home automation, consumer, smart metering and industrial applications.

Reconfigurable aerospace processor enables on the fly adjustment

Microcontroller specialist Atmel has announced what it claims to be the industry's first radiation hardened aerospace microprocessor that can be reconfigured on the fly.

Next gen rfid transponder provides ‘maximum flexibility’

Atmel has released a low frequency rfid transponder device designed to help the development of flexible, high performance tag devices.

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Migrating ARM7 code to a Cortex-M3 mcu

This white paper by Todd Hixon from Atmel covers the differences between ARM7 ...

New startup bundle for Atmel's Cortex-M3 SAM3S range

The AT91SAM3S-Startup package consists of the evalboard ATSAM3S-EK (ATSAM3S4C ...

Platform module development kit for securing non PC embedded applications

Atmel has announced that developers will have the ability to easily integrate ...