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Digital isolators drive just 1µW

A new family of digital isolators has been introduced by Analog Devices, which it claims can be powered by as little as 1µW.

'Ultimate' rf device unveiled by ADI

A new solution for software defined radio applications has been launched by Analog Devices, which it says offers three times the noise performance compared to similar devices on the market.

MEMS accelerometer offers 'highest' bandwidth

A three axis, 200g MEMS accelerometer with the highest bandwidth and lowest power in its class has been touted by Analog Devices.

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Efficiency under control

Analog Devices has launched a new platform for improved energy efficiency in ...

18bit SAR a/d converter

Said to be twice as fast as any available SAR converter on the market, the ...

New ceo for Analog Devices

Vincent Roche has been appointed the new president and ceo of Analog Devices.

A/D converters get it right

Successive approximation A/D converters, with resolutions of up to 18bit and ...

Imaging improvements

In digital X-Ray (DXR) systems, film detectors are replaced with solid state ...

Smart design saves power

Designing loop powered field instruments with a 4 to 20mA analogue output and a ...

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Power management ICs

A new family of power management ICs, aimed at RF agile radio and FPGA based ...

Power management ICs

A new family of power management ICs, targeted at compact, high density power ...

14bit a/d converters

Two 14bit a/d converters, said to provide the lowest power in the smallest ...

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Wideband passive mixers

Analog Devices' single and dual channel rf mixers, the ADL5811 and ADL5812, are ...

High temp ADXL206/AD8229

The 175°C rated ADXL206 accelerometer and the 210°C rated AD8229 ...

Packing a powerful punch

Power is back when it comes to industrial system performance and efficiency. ...

Dr Carsten Suckrow, Analog

The days of semiconductor companies manufacturing and selling discrete products ...

Robbie McAdam, Analog Devices

Graham Pitcher talks with Robbie McAdam, Analog Devices’ group vice president, ...