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Agilent launches 27GHz PXIe vector signal analyser

The fastest, highest performing PXIe vector signal analyser has been touted by Agilent Technologies.

Agilent’s spin out T&M company to be called Keysight

Agilent will call its soon to be spun out electronic T&M business Keysight Technologies. According to the company, the name Keysight 'conveys the ability to see what others cannot, offering the critical or key insights to understand and unlock the changing technology landscape'.

Agilent splits in two; cuts electronic T&M business adrift

Agilent is to split into two companies: one will retain the Agilent name and focus on life sciences, diagnostics and applied markets; the other, as yet unnamed, will comprise the existing test and measurement business.

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Measuring absolute group delay of multistage converters using PNA microwave network analysers

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Precision source/measure units

Agilent's new B2900A series of compact precision source/measure units (SMUs) ...

Add in extensions

Agilent Technologies has announced a product enhancement designed to help ...

Signal processing libraries

Agilent Technologies has released SystemVue 2011.10, the latest update to the ...

High Speed Digital Seminars

17th June 2014, Winnersh 18th June 2014, Cambridge

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Serial debug

Serial debug using an Agilent MSO6000 Series Oscilloscope.

Benoit Neel, vp, Agilent

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