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AMD to acquire SeaMicro for $334million

Advanced Micro Devices has announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire SeaMicro, a specialist in energy efficient, high bandwidth microservers, for approximately $334million.

AMD to support USB 3.0

Advanced Micro Devices has announced it will support USB 3.0 – SuperSpeed USB - in its chips, marking the first instance of a major pc processor supplier getting behind the standard.

'World's first' accelerated processing unit for embedded systems unveiled

The world's first accelerated processing unit (apu) for embedded systems has been unveiled by Advanced Micro Devices. The embedded G Series processor is based on AMD Fusion technology and has been designed to deliver a 'full featured' embedded platform. It incorporates the new low power, x86 cpu based on the 'Bobcat' core with a DirectX 11 capable gpu and parallel processing engine on a single piece of silicon.

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AMD Q1 sales up 34 percent year on year

Advanced Micro Devices has reported first quarter sales of $1.57billion, a rise ...

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