Supplier Directory

Communications Products

Find suppliers of communications products ranging from networking integrated circuits to RF power supplies
Communications Hardware  (53)
Suppliers of Electronics communication hardware such as networking integrated circuits
Communications Software  (7)
Electronics network operating systems and communications software suppliers
RF & Microwave  (16)
RF and Microwave equipment suppliers

Design / Manufacturing Services

Find suppliers of design/manufacturing services ranging from electronic design to copper clad board
ASIC Design Services  (25)
View ASIC design services suppliers
Electronic Parts Assembly  (259)
Find assemblers of electronics parts such as printed circuit boards
Engineering Design Consultancy  (87)
View all engineering design consultancies
General Electrical/Electronic Design Services  (43)
Suppliers of electrical and/or electronic design services
Printed Circuit Boards  (65)
Suppliers of plain matrix board, rigid printed circuits and more
Product Testing  (143)
Locate product testers, from accelerated life testing to mechanical products
Subcontract Services  (666)
View all subcontract services ranging from electrical to mechanical design


Find suppliers of electromechnical parts, such as fans, switches, transducers and more
Case/ Enclosure Accessories  (74)
Locate suppliers of case/enclosure accessories
Relays  (148)
Find relay suppliers, including contact, overload and thermal relays
Sensors  (429)
Suppliers of sensors such as chemical detection, humidity and magnetic field
Switches  (252)
View all switch suppliers, products include contact, control and micro switches and more
Transducers  (53)
Find electromagnetic, magnetostrictive, piezoelectric and thermoelectric cooler transducer suppliers

Embedded Systems

Find suppliers of chassis, board level products, emulators and other embedded systems technology
Backplanes / Chassis  (161)
Locate backplane/chassis suppliers, such as equipment cases and outdoor enclosures
Board Level Products  (35)
View all suppliers of board level products, ranging from extender cards, industrial computing and personal computer boards
Embedded System Development Tools  (58)
Suppliers of embedded system development tools, including object oriented
Embedded Systems Hardware  (66)
View all embedded systems hardware, including development kits, and in circuit emulators
Emulators  (26)
Locate emulator suppliers
Operating Systems  (25)
Find suppliers of operating systems

Interface / Interconnect

Find suppliers of interface/interconnect products, including cables, connectors and input devices
Cables  (46)
View all audio, video, fibre optic and RF cable suppliers
Connectors  (189)
Locate suppliers of connectors ranging from coaxial to rectangular multipole
Input Devices  (100)
View suppliers of barcode readers, data entry keyboards and other input device suppliers


Find suppliers of optoelectronics components, including LCDs, photodiodes and tube detectors
Displays  (80)
Locate suppliers of LCD, LED, plasma and other displays
Infra Red Components  (45)
Suppliers of infra red components
Light Emitting Diodes (LED)  (53)
Find LED suppliers
Light Sensors / Detectors  (52)
View suppliers of photodiodes, solar panels and other light sensors/detectors
Optoelectronic Signal Isolator Components  (31)
Locate suppliers of optoelectronic signal isolator components

Passive Components

Find suppliers of passive components ranging from air capacitors to variable inductors
Capacitors  (94)
View all suppliers of air, electrolyte, vacuum and other capacitors
Diodes  (100)
Locate suppliers of diodes ranging from DIACs to zener
Ferrite Cores  (28)
View all ferrite core suppliers
Inductors  (89)
Find suppliers of inductors such as earthing reactors, fixed inductors and transductors
Quartz Crystals  (42)
Find quartz crystal suppliers
Resistors  (97)
Locate carbon, metal oxide and other carbon suppliers


Find suppliers of power components, including batteries, DC/DC converters and power supplies
Batteries  (72)
Locate suppliers of batteries
DC/DC Converters  (38)
View all DC/DC converter suppliers
Power Supplies  (216)
Find power supplies


Find suppliers of semiconductor components, ranging from memory devices to programmable logic
Analogue  (119)
View all data conversion, linear devices and power management suppliers
Application Specified Standard Products (ASSP)  (7)
View all ASSP suppliers
ASICS  (54)
Find suppliers of ASICs and gate arrays
Digital Signal Processors  (38)
Locate digital signal processor suppliers
Memory  (77)
View all suppliers of memory devices
Microcontrollers  (61)
Find 4,8,16 and 32bit microcontroller suppliers
Microprocessors  (37)
Locate CISC, fuzzy logic, neutral and RISC microprocessor suppliers
Programmable Logic  (36)
View suppliers of programmable logic, including complex and mask programmable gate arrays

Software Design Tools

Find suppliers of software design tools, including electronic circuit design, object orientated tools and chip design
Collaborative Design Software  (21)
View suppliers of real time co modelling, inspection and viewing software
Concurrent Engineering Tools  (47)
Locate suppliers of concurrent engineering tools
Electronic Design Automation Tools (EDA)  (47)
Find EDA tool suppliers of electronic circuit design and language based design entry tools
Embedded Systems Development Tools  (54)
View suppliers of object oriented, software compilers and other embedded system development tools
Intellectual Properties  (11)
Find suppliers of chip design/virtual components

Test & Measurement

Find suppliers of test and measurement equipment, including bench, portable and computer based devices
Bench / Portable Measurement  (205)
View all test and measurement suppliers, ranging from EMC equipment to signal generators
Bench Power Supplies  (17)
Locate suppliers of bench power supplies
Computer Based Measurement  (36)
View all data acquisition boards, GPIB instrumentation control and other equipment suppliers