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Capacitors offer voltages up to 500V 03/01/2014

AVX has expanded its range of high reliability C0G (NP0) dielectric multilayer ceramic capacitors.

Synchronous buck regulators get military upgrade 03/01/2014

Linear Technology has introduced H grade and military MP grade versions of its LTC3615 and LTC3615-1 synchronous buck regulators.

Resettable fuse enhances system reliability 23/12/2013

Targeted at hot plug consumer and industrial products, including external disks, printers and servers, the NIS5132 from Diodes is designed to raise ...

Motor driver ic achieves 0.1µA current 23/12/2013

The TB67H301FTG from Toshiba Electronics Europe is designed to achieve a power supply current of 0.1µA or less in standby mode.

Configurable, MIL-compliant power supplies 19/12/2013

The SynQor family of power supplies, available now Luso Electronics, has been extended to include a new range of dc/dc configurable assembly devices.

LDO offers monitoring, protection and cable drop ... 19/12/2013

Extending its LDO+ family, Linear Technology has introduced a 40VIN, 2.1A rail to rail linear regulator.

Power supplies achieve 92% efficiency at 50% full load 18/12/2013

Murata has announced the D1U86G series of 460W front end power supplies.

Reversible dc motor driver available in tiny SO8 package 18/12/2013

The ZXBM5210 from Diodes is designed to drive single coil reversible dc fans and motors in medium voltage, low power applications such as consumer, ...

Wireless ic achieves 95% power conversion efficiency 16/12/2013

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched the TC7761WBG, a low power wireless receiver ic that complies with version 1.1 of the Qi Standard.

Linear offers active cell balancer with telemetry interface 16/12/2013

A monolithic flyback dc/dc converter, designed to actively balance high voltage stacks of batteries, has been introduced by Linear Technology.

DC/DC converters provide 3kVDC isolation 16/12/2013

Murata has announced the MEF1 series of 1W regulated dc/dc converters.

Quad PHY interface cuts board space and cost 12/12/2013

Suited to larger systems implementing IO-Link (IEC61131-9) in harsh, industrial environments, the LTC2874 from Linear Technology is an IO-Link master ...

Tantalum capacitors offer high reliability, lowest DCL 11/12/2013

AVX Corporation has announced the TMJ S1gma series of high reliability SMD tantalum capacitors.

Gate drive ic shrinks automotive high current switching ... 10/12/2013

International Rectifier's latest gate drive ic is designed to shrink system size and boost performance in automotive and industrial high power ...

Power mosfets suit dc/dc converter applications 06/12/2013

A new family of 30V N channel mosfets has been introduced by Advanced Power Electronics.

AVX launches high directivity couplers for WiFi bands 05/12/2013

AVX Corporation has introduced a new series of integrated thin film directional couplers for WiFi bands.

Diode offers 1.5A current handling capability 05/12/2013

Extending its family of surface mount Schottky barrier diodes, Toshiba has introduced a new device which it says improves forward voltage and reverse ...

Power mosfet offers ultra low on-resistance 04/12/2013

Advanced Power Electronics has introduced a 30V power mosfet for high current load switching.

Toshiba launches brushed dc motor driver ics for automotive ... 03/12/2013

Toshiba Electronics Europe has added to its line up of brushed dc motor drivers for automotive applications.dc motor driver ics for automotive ...

Linear launches 80V buck-boost battery charging controller 03/12/2013

The LT8490 from Linear Technology is a synchronous buck-boost battery charging controller for lead acid and Lithium batteries.

LED driver delivers accurate output current, high efficiency 01/12/2013

The latest addition to Power Integrations' family of led driver ics is the LYTSwitch-4, aimed at delivering accurate output current and high ...

Three phase BLDC motor driver from Microchip 28/11/2013

Microchip has announced the MCP8024, a three phase BLDC motor gate driver with an integrated power module.

Toshiba extends 650V SiC family 26/11/2013

Toshiba Electronics Europe has added 6, 8 and 10A devices to its family of 650V silicon carbide Schottky Barrier Diodes.

High speed CAN transceivers target industrial and ... 26/11/2013

Looking to help system designers achieve compliance with stringent industrial and automotive safety requirements, Freescale has introduced a new ...

Triple output controller drives up to 250W of led power 25/11/2013

Linear Technology has launched the LT3797, a triple output dc/dc controller designed to drive three independent channels of leds.