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XMOS unites with UKESF to tackle electronics skills shortage 18/03/2014

Multicore microcontroller developer XMOS is working with the UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF) to help attract more young people into the ...

Antimony nanocrystals could enable high capacity sodium-ion ... 18/03/2014

Researchers from ETH Zurich and Swiss materials science institute Empa have produced uniformly sized antimony nanocrystals and believe these may find ...

Narrower focus on power management to bring technology ... 18/03/2014

Intersil has announced plans to use its technology portfolio and track record of innovation to develop power management solutions for applications ...

Bus converters deliver 720W from quarter brick package 18/03/2014

CUI's NQBS family of intermediate bus converters is designed to cut voltage and current stresses, reduce switching turn-on losses by 75% and boost ...

Finalists of wireless power challenge announced 18/03/2014

An autonomous underwater vehicle, a wireless skin cancer screening device and a wireless charging station for robot vacuum cleaners have all been ...

PCB design package is Mentor’s ‘most significant product in ... 17/03/2014

Looking to address a range of PCB design challenges, including growing complexity, Mentor Graphics has announced the first phase of a new systems ...

First hybrid set top box launched 17/03/2014

Chinese firm EKT has created a hybrid set top box that plugs directly into the mains power.

Space innovation hub to open at Strathclyde 17/03/2014

A centre that will enable businesses to tap into the UK's multi-billion pound space sector is to be launched at the University of Strathclyde.

Chip bends light to project images 14/03/2014

A chip that has the potential to turn any smartphone into a projector has been unveiled by a team of Caltech engineers.

Tech entrepeneur to look at future of Catapults 14/03/2014

Business Secretary Vince Cable has asked technology entrepreneur Hermann Hauser to examine how the Technology Strategy Board's network of Catapult ...

Quantum based random oblivious transfer could enable ... 14/03/2014

Quantum cryptography is being suggested as a way in which two parties who may not know each other can do business.

Cadence, GloFo tape out Cortex-A12 test chip 13/03/2014

Cadence and Globalfoundries have taped out a quad core test chip built around the ARM Cortex-A12 processor.

2D material holds promise for next gen optoelectronics 13/03/2014

Researchers at MIT have used a 2D material called tungsten selenide to create devices that can harness or emit light – paving the way towards ultra ...

Cut tuition fees for STEM subjects, urges CBI 12/03/2014

The CBI is urging government to cut tuition fees for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) courses and bring in targets so that more ...

Semiconductor equipment sales down 14% 12/03/2014

Worldwide sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment totalled $31.58billion in 2013, representing a year over year decrease of 14%.

Wafer level packaging costs reduced by up to 30% with new ... 12/03/2014

STATS ChipPAC has developed a new packaging approach in which wafers of varying diameters are reformatted into a uniform panel. The approach is said ...

Samsung begins mass production of 20nm DRAM 11/03/2014

Samsung has commenced mass production of new DDR3 memory chips made using 20nm process technology.

Wolfson brings HD audio to Raspberry Pi 11/03/2014

A Hi-Fi add-on board, designed to bring HD audio to Raspberry Pi, has been developed by Wolfson Microelectronics in collaboration with element14.

World's thinnest LED is just three atoms thick 11/03/2014

University of Washington scientists have created the world's thinnest LED. The device, just three atoms thick, is both flexible and stackable, making ...

MEMS microphones push performance levels in consumer ... 11/03/2014

Looking to service a market predicted to reach 4billion units a year by 2016, Bosch subsidiary Akustica has added four high performance analogue ...

Murata claims first for surface mount ultrasonic sensor 11/03/2014

Murata has created the world's first surface mount ultrasonic sensor.

Thermal camouflage could have application in heat ... 11/03/2014

Researchers from the National University of Singapore's Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering have developed a thermal illusion device in ...

Multilayer OPV cell achieves record efficiency 11/03/2014

Belgian research institute imec has demonstrated a fullerene-free organic photovoltaic (OPV) cell with a record conversion efficiency of 8.4%.

ARM's v8-R architecture to enable new types of MCU? 11/03/2014

Although development of ARM's recently announced v8-R architecture – the real time focused version of the 64bit v8 architecture – has been pushed by ...

Renesas to broaden use of Vitaq for automotive software ... 10/03/2014

Following its initial purchase of Coveritas' Vitaq tool suite 18 months ago, Renesas is planning to rollout use of the intelligent test software to ...