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Metamaterials set to enable terahertz radiation sensors 27/03/2014

Thin layers of semiconductors can turn electrical voltage into light and vice versa, serve as light detectors. However, it has been hard to couple ...

Intel extends chip deal with Altera 27/03/2014

Intel and Altera have announced a partnership to develop heterogeneous multi-die devices built on Intel's 14nm Tri-Gate process.

Developer kit based on NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor 26/03/2014

NVIDIA has launched a development platform which it believes will open the door to the creation of applications that employ computer vision, image ...

‘Smallest LEDs yet’ targeted at wearable electronics ... 26/03/2014

Plessey has launched the dotLED range, said to be its smallest packaged MaGIC LED yet, and is targeting the device at applications in wearable ...

Intel expands its wearable device focus with acquisition 26/03/2014

Intel has completed the acquisition of BASIS Science, a developer of wearable devices for health and wellness applications including the BASIS Carbon ...

Next gen supercomputer unveiled at Edinburgh uni 26/03/2014

A supercomputer capable of more than one million billion calculations in a second has been launched at the University of Edinburgh.

Southampton project to explore the use of germanium in ... 25/03/2014

Research led by the University of Southampton is aiming to establish whether germanium can be used in mid infrared photonics circuits and sensors.

Updated place and route package set to bring x10 ... 24/03/2014

Following a 'ground up' redesign of its IC Compiler place and route software, Synopsys says users can expect to see a tenfold increase in physical ...

Perovskite material can be a display and solar panel 24/03/2014

A new material has been developed by Singapore researchers that could lead to touch and display screens doubling up as solar panels. In the future, ...

Heterogeneous multiprocessor to handle large data volumes 21/03/2014

The Centre for Advancing Electronics Dresden will present Tomahawk 2 at DATE' 14, taking place in Dresden next week.

Mentor buys BDA to meet ‘growing analogue and mixed signal ... 21/03/2014

Mentor Graphics has bought EDA specialist Berkeley Design Automation (BDA) in a move which bolsters its analogue, mixed signal and RF design ...

£14m graphene centre will focus on application development 21/03/2014

Plans to build a new multi-million pound graphene centre were outlined in Wednesday's budget by Chancellor George Osborne.

Semi capex to climb 10% in 2014 21/03/2014

Samsung, Intel and TSMC are forecast to account for more than 50% of total semiconductor industry capex this year.

Intel looks to 'reinvent the desktop' with new chips 21/03/2014

As part of its plan to 'reinvent the desktop', Intel has previewed a special unlocked 4th gen Intel Core processor codenamed Devil's Canyon.

Researchers discover how to make graphene superconducting 20/03/2014

After years of trying, scientists in the US believe they have finally found a way to make graphene superconducting.

Premier Farnell buys AVID Tech for $13m 20/03/2014

In a move aimed at better serving its customers through the product design cycle, Premier Farnell has agreed to buy AVID Technologies, a US-based ...

Tech event secures top industry speakers 20/03/2014

Michael Fallon, Minister for Business and Enterprise, and Khalil Rouhana, the European Commission's director for communications, content and ...

Google extends Android for use in wearable devices 19/03/2014

Google has unveiled an extension to the Android operating system which targets wearable devices. Called Android Wear, the extension will do such ...

Brighter LEDs the promise of new technique 19/03/2014

A production method that makes LEDs brighter and more resilient has been heralded by a team from North Carolina State University.

2W DC/DC converters cut footprint in half 19/03/2014

The MTU2 series of surface mounted 2W DC/DC converters is claimed to be 50% smaller than the competition.

Flexible antenna holds promise for wearable health ... 19/03/2014

North Carolina State University researchers have created a stretchable antenna for wearable health monitoring devices.

Red Pitaya T&M board to be sold by RS 18/03/2014

Red Pitaya – a low cost, open-source test instrumentation and control platform that combines a wealth of test and measurement features – will be ...

XMOS unites with UKESF to tackle electronics skills shortage 18/03/2014

Multicore microcontroller developer XMOS is working with the UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF) to help attract more young people into the ...

Antimony nanocrystals could enable high capacity sodium-ion ... 18/03/2014

Researchers from ETH Zurich and Swiss materials science institute Empa have produced uniformly sized antimony nanocrystals and believe these may find ...

Narrower focus on power management to bring technology ... 18/03/2014

Intersil has announced plans to use its technology portfolio and track record of innovation to develop power management solutions for applications ...