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Nujira provides envelope tracking efficiency results for TD-LTE 17/02/2014

Envelope Tracking (ET) technology pioneer Nujira says it has delivered the full efficiency benefits of ET in TD-LTE (time division) mode for the first time.  Read More

Micro sized electro-optical converter runs at up to 40Gbit/s 17/02/2014

Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have developed an electro-optical converter just 29µm long which can converts signals at a rate of about 40Gbit/s  Read More

Samsung joins the OpenPOWER Foundation 17/02/2014

Samsung Electronics has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation – the development alliance based on IBM's POWER microprocessor architecture.  Read More

Seminar tackles counterfeit components in the supply chain 14/02/2014

Anti counterfeiting legislation is moving towards personal, rather than corporate, liability. If you purchase or specify components – particularly if you are in the military supply chain – then you should make sure you are abreast of the latest developments.  Read More

‘Artificial graphene’ can be customised to specific tasks 14/02/2014

A new breed of ultra thin super material – dubbed 'artificial graphene' – is said to have the potential to cause a technological revolution by enabling faster, smaller and lighter electronic and optical devices.  Read More

Exciting times for IoT? 14/02/2014

Around 6billion new internet-enabled devices will enter the market this year, according to IHS.  Read More

EU project to advance fingerprint detection technology 13/02/2014

A consortium of European researchers has been given funding from the EC to create advanced sensor technology that can pick up even the smallest features of human fingerprints.  Read More

imec debuts low power ECG chip at ISSCC 13/02/2014

At this week's International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), imec and Holst Centre have demonstrated a low power, single channel electrocardiography (ECG) acquisition chip with analogue feature extraction.  Read More

Paper-based transistor mimics human brain 13/02/2014

Researchers in China have created a paper-based thin film transistor (TFT) that mimics the electrochemical signalling in the human brain.  Read More

Partners demonstrate ‘trail blazing’ DSP based on FD-SOI process 13/02/2014

CEA-Leti and STMicroelectronics have described an ultra wide voltage range digital signal processor at ISSCC. The device is based on 28nm ultra thin body buried oxide FD-SOI technology.  Read More

Transceiver circuit supports wireless patient monitoring 12/02/2014

Belgian research institute imec has teamed up with Fujitsu Laboratories to develop a wireless transceiver circuit for body area network (BAN) applications.  Read More

Lime tapes out next gen FPRF transceiver chip 12/02/2014

Transceiver chip firm Lime Microsystems has taped out its second generation device, the LMS7002M.  Read More

Intel unveils energy efficient network developments at ISSCC 11/02/2014

Intel is presenting a paper to the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) today that addresses energy efficient networks on chip (NoCs). It says NoCs are key enablers for exascale computation as they make it possible to shift the power budget away from communication and towards computation.  Read More

ARM targets mid range smartphones with new Cortex core 11/02/2014

ARM has announced the ARM Cortex-A17 processor and the ARM Mali-T720 GPU, both targeted at mid range mobile phones and at consumer applications such as smart TVs. The Cortex-A17 core is said to bring a 60% improvement in performance compared to Cortex-A9 processors and to support ARM's big.LITTLE processing approach.  Read More

Implantable chip to replace cochlear implants? 11/02/2014

Cochlear implants that are entirely implanted could soon be on the way thanks to researchers in the US.  Read More
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'Smallest' multiprotocol transceiver unveiled 11/02/2014

Measuring just 5 x 5mm2, Exar's SP335 multiprotocol transceiver is claimed to be less than half the size of comparable discrete designs.  Read More

Microchip buys Supertex for $394m 11/02/2014

Microchip Technology has acquired Supertex, a US based manufacturer of high voltage analogue and mixed signals ICs, for around $394million (£240m).  Read More

Plastic's fantastic for flexible AMOLED display 10/02/2014

In a development expected to accelerate the market for flexible and wearable displays, Plastic Logic has teamed up with OLED materials supplier Novaled to create a fully flexible, all-plastic AMOLED display.  Read More

Researchers target microsystems technology at wearable medical devices 10/02/2014

As part of the EU WiserBAN project, researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute of Reliability and Microintegration IZM in Berlin are developing a microsystem designed to make hearing aids small enough to be concealed within the ear.  Read More

Touch controller promises faster response time, superior resolution 10/02/2014

Zytronic's latest touch controller, the ZXY300, is designed to offer superior touch point resolution and millisecond level response speeds.  Read More

Blu Wireless secures £1m for 60GHz wireless IP 10/02/2014

Bristol-based start up Blu Wireless has closed a £1million funding round to advance its silicon IP for 60GHz wireless applications.  Read More

News analysis: Acquisition strengthens Microsemi’s position in the supply chain 07/02/2014

Timing, they say, is everything and it's certainly the case in the electronics industry. At the more sophisticated end of the consumer market, and in the telecomms, mobile comms and military sectors, the need for an accurate timing source is paramount.  Read More

Industrial electronics market rebounds 07/02/2014

The market for industrial semiconductors ended 2013 on a high, with overall revenue up convincingly from the previous year and reversing the 5% decline of 2012.  Read More

One molecule generates RGB for use in OLED displays 07/02/2014

Researchers from Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico say they have developed a molecule capable of producing the three colours necessary for displaying images on OLED displays.  Read More

Ballistic transport could spawn new devices, says research team 06/02/2014

Research conducted by Georgia Tech and its partners shows that electrical resistance in nanoribbons of epitaxial graphene changes in discrete steps following quantum mechanical principles.  Read More

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