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MCU power consumption benchmark developed 04/03/2014

EEMBC – the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium – has launched ULPBench in a move to provide designers with a better understanding of MCU power consumption.  Read More

MCUs offer 32bit performance at 8bit cost 04/03/2014

Infineon's has commenced volume production of its ARM Cortex-MO based XMC1000 microcontrollers.  Read More

High security RFID component provides anti counterfeiting solution 04/03/2014

A high security ISO/IEC15693 compliant device from EM Microelectronic is said to act as a universal identity card and as an encrypted tamperproof digital certificate to convey the guarantee of good quality. The developer says the part offers 'unequalled' RF performance while enabling efficient and secure solutions for anti counterfeiting and brand ...  Read More

Distributor plans to have 300 ARM Accredited MCU Engineers by end of year 04/03/2014

Distributor Future Electronics has become the first corporate partner for ARM's Accredited Engineer programme and will aim to get 300 of its engineers around the world certified.  Read More

Nominations sought for £1m QEPrize 04/03/2014

Nominations are now being accepted for the second Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.  Read More

All in a spin over magnet manipulation breakthrough 03/03/2014

A research group at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), working with researchers from Prague, Cambridge and Nottingham, have predicted and discovered a new physical phenomenon that allows the state of a magnet to be manipulated by electric signals.  Read More

Cypress aims to cut cost of touch control 03/03/2014

Cypress claims its new series of capacitive sensing controllers are at a price point where touchscreens can become a viable alternative to mechanical buttons.  Read More

AMD brings 4K graphics to embedded systems 28/02/2014

AMD's diversification away from its traditional PC and server markets continued at Embedded World 2014 with the announcement of the Adelaar GPU.  Read More

Electronic membrane monitors heart health 28/02/2014

Scientists in the US have created a device which they believe could revolutionise treatment of chronic heart problems.  Read More

Intel has embedded solution for industrial systems 28/02/2014

Intel used Embedded World to unveil a platform designed to speed time to market for OEM's, machine builders and system integrators looking to implement industrial embedded solutions.  Read More

Engineering apprenticeships twice as popular as degrees 28/02/2014

The number of young people embarking on an engineering apprenticeship is more than double that of those choosing to study for a degree.  Read More

TI shipping dual mode wireless power receiver 28/02/2014

Now shipping in volume production, Texas Instrument's dual mode wireless power receiver is claimed to be the first to support both the WPC Qi 1.1 and PMA specifications.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: ARM brings CSR into its mbed community 27/02/2014

CSR has joined ARM's mbed platform as a component partner.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: Bluetooth IC targets wearable healthcare market 27/02/2014

Toshiba has introduced a low power Bluetooth IC that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: Altium unveils Designer 14.2 27/02/2014

Altium has released the latest version of its flagship design software tool at Embedded World.  Read More

Kinetis MCU is ‘smaller than a golf ball dimple’ 27/02/2014

The world's smallest and most energy efficient 32bit MCU has been touted by Freescale.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: Wind River readies VxWorks for the IoT 27/02/2014

A new version of Wind River's VxWorks real time operating system (RTOS) has been launched to help companies make the most of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Read More

Next gen HMC spec launched 26/02/2014

A faster and more power efficient specification has been proposed by the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium (HMCC) to boost the performance of its next generation Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) technology.  Read More

NI launches 200MHz vector signal transceiver 26/02/2014

Looking to usher in a 'new era' of software-designed instrumentation, National Instruments has introduced the NI PXIe-5646R vector signal transceiver.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: Renesas MCUs run at up to 120MHz with 4Mbyte of flash 26/02/2014

Renesas' RX64M family of microcontrollers, unveiled today at Embedded World, is the first in the company's flagship RX series of 32bit MCUs to be fabricated in a 40nm process.  Read More

Dual-mode wireless power receiver is 'world's first' 26/02/2014

Claiming an industry first, IDT has developed a dual-mode wireless power receiver that is compatible with both the WPC 1.1 Qi and PMA 1.1 standards.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: Microchip has 8pin PIC for LED lighting 26/02/2014

Microchip has announced a new series of 8pin, 8bit MCUs at Embedded World in Nuremberg.  Read More

IR opens ultra thin wafer processing facility in Singapore 26/02/2014

International Rectifier has commenced initial production at its new state of the art ultra thin wafer processing facility in Singapore.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: Tool simplifies embedded design 26/02/2014

Silicon Labs has introduced a new version of its Simplicity Studio development ecosystem at Embedded World.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: NXP looks to streamline motor control 26/02/2014

Optimised for fast, easy, and high precision motor control, NXP's LPC1500 series enables simultaneous control of two motors.  Read More

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