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Cadence, GloFo tape out Cortex-A12 test chip 13/03/2014

Cadence and Globalfoundries have taped out a quad core test chip built around the ARM Cortex-A12 processor.  Read More

2D material holds promise for next gen optoelectronics 13/03/2014

Researchers at MIT have used a 2D material called tungsten selenide to create devices that can harness or emit light – paving the way towards ultra thin, lightweight and flexible photovoltaic cells, LEDs and other optoelectronic devices.  Read More

Cut tuition fees for STEM subjects, urges CBI 12/03/2014

The CBI is urging government to cut tuition fees for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) courses and bring in targets so that more women study the subjects.  Read More

Semiconductor equipment sales down 14% 12/03/2014

Worldwide sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment totalled $31.58billion in 2013, representing a year over year decrease of 14%.  Read More

Wafer level packaging costs reduced by up to 30% with new approach 12/03/2014

STATS ChipPAC has developed a new packaging approach in which wafers of varying diameters are reformatted into a uniform panel. The approach is said to deliver an 'unmatched' level of flexibility and cost savings for wafer level packaging (WLP).  Read More

Samsung begins mass production of 20nm DRAM 11/03/2014

Samsung has commenced mass production of new DDR3 memory chips made using 20nm process technology.  Read More

Wolfson brings HD audio to Raspberry Pi 11/03/2014

A Hi-Fi add-on board, designed to bring HD audio to Raspberry Pi, has been developed by Wolfson Microelectronics in collaboration with element14.  Read More

World's thinnest LED is just three atoms thick 11/03/2014

University of Washington scientists have created the world's thinnest LED. The device, just three atoms thick, is both flexible and stackable, making a new class of handheld devices and light-driven computer chips feasible.  Read More

MEMS microphones push performance levels in consumer products 11/03/2014

Looking to service a market predicted to reach 4billion units a year by 2016, Bosch subsidiary Akustica has added four high performance analogue microphones to its high definition voice product line. The launch includes the AKU346, said to be the smallest MEMS microphone to achieve an SNR of 64dB.  Read More

Murata claims first for surface mount ultrasonic sensor 11/03/2014

Murata has created the world's first surface mount ultrasonic sensor.  Read More

Thermal camouflage could have application in heat management of electronics components 11/03/2014

Researchers from the National University of Singapore's Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering have developed a thermal illusion device in which thermotic materials have been used to control thermal camouflage and invisibility.  Read More

Multilayer OPV cell achieves record efficiency 11/03/2014

Belgian research institute imec has demonstrated a fullerene-free organic photovoltaic (OPV) cell with a record conversion efficiency of 8.4%.  Read More

ARM's v8-R architecture to enable new types of MCU? 11/03/2014

Although development of ARM's recently announced v8-R architecture – the real time focused version of the 64bit v8 architecture – has been pushed by the automotive industry, its real time features may enable a new category of microcontroller, according to senior product marketing manager Chris Turner.  Read More

Renesas to broaden use of Vitaq for automotive software testing 10/03/2014

Following its initial purchase of Coveritas' Vitaq tool suite 18 months ago, Renesas is planning to rollout use of the intelligent test software to teams in Europe and India  Read More

Smart sensor measures bladder pressure 10/03/2014

Researchers from Norway's Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF) have created a tiny, implantable sensor that can measure bladder pressure in the human body.  Read More

£45m boost for IoT research 10/03/2014

Plans to make the UK a 'world leader' in digital technology were revealed by David Cameron last week. Speaking at the CeBIT trade fair in Hannover, the prime minister announced a £45million investment in the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as a 5G research partnership between the UK and Germany.  Read More

Spin waves boost energy efficiency by 1000 times, says US team 10/03/2014

US researchers claim to have made major improvements in computer processing by building logic devices using a class of magnetic materials called multiferroics. The researchers, from UCLA's School of Engineering, say the approach reduces the amount of power consumed by logic devices and believes the work could result in more energy efficient ...  Read More

Amplifier achieves 235GHz bandwidth, paves way for ultra fast broadband 07/03/2014

A collaboration between UCL and Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology has resulted in the widest band amplifier yet reported.  Read More
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TI has LaunchPad for the IoT 07/03/2014

Texas Instrument's latest LaunchPad ecosystem – the Tiva C Series Connected LaunchPad – is designed to help engineers make the most out of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Read More

Rollable displays a step closer to reality? 06/03/2014

Practical, low cost rollable displays could be a step closer to reality thanks to researchers at the University of Surrey.  Read More

Digital power market set for ‘explosive’ growth 05/03/2014

IHS is anticipating 'explosive' growth in the global digital power market over the coming years.  Read More

Mentor pushes for graph based test standardisation 05/03/2014

Mentor Graphics has proposed that a new Accellera standards committee be formed to investigate the standardisation of graph based test. John Lenyo, pictured, general manager of Mentor's Design Verification Technology Division, said: "Based on customer feedback, we're moving forward to recommend and facilitate a standards effort that brings ...  Read More

Agilent launches 27GHz PXIe vector signal analyser 05/03/2014

The fastest, highest performing PXIe vector signal analyser has been touted by Agilent Technologies.  Read More

SiLabs buys Touchstone for $1.5million, aims for IoT market growth 04/03/2014

Silicon Labs has acquired Touchstone Semiconductor, an early stage power management technology company, for $1.5million.  Read More

Researchers create 2D electron gas, claim semiconductor alternative 04/03/2014

In a move to find alternatives to current semiconducting materials, researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have created a two dimensional electron gas in strontium titanate. The electron gas exists in a thin layer just below the surface where electrons can move freely and occupy different quantum states.  Read More

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