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Euro hub is six times size of predecessor 30/10/2008

Nu Horizons Electronics has opened a new distribution centre in Coventry which is more than six times the size of its previous facility. The distribution centre will provide the additional stocking capability needed to support the expansion of the global distributor throughout Europe.  Read More

Access to services 30/10/2008

ACAL Technology has opened what it claims is UK distribution’s most comprehensive resource for design and assembly.  Read More

‘New levels of security’ for online banking 30/10/2008

A prototype device developed at IBM’s Zurich Research Lab is set to bring a new level of security to online consumer banking.  Read More

Atmel rejects Microchip/On Semi approach 30/10/2008

Atmel’s board of directors has rejected the takeover move initiated by Microchip ON Semiconductor, determining the approach was ‘inadequate in multiple respects, including value, conditionality and complexity’.  Read More

IMEC calls for true collaboration 30/10/2008

Only international collaboration will allow Europe to continue playing a competitive role in nanoelectronics and related fields, claims Gilbert Declerk, pictured, president and ceo of Belgian research centre IMEC.  Read More

Nano launch 30/10/2008

In a move to address growing demand for ultra low power, small scale fpgas, Actel has launched nano versions of its existing ProAsic 3 and Igloo ranges.  Read More

Low cost, low power consumption 30/10/2008

Responding to the increasing demand for driving system level reductions in cost and power consumption, Analog Devices has launched the Blackfin BF51x series.  Read More

Expenses reduced 29/10/2008

Texas Instruments has announced that it is taking actions that will reduce expenses by about one third, or more than $200million annualised, in its wireless business, especially in its cellular baseband operation.  Read More

Green award for Intel 28/10/2008

Intel Corporation has been awarded 2008 Green Power Leadership award and named as Green Power Partner of the Year.  Read More

Axis strengthens board 28/10/2008

Paul Jackson, previously technical manager at Axis Electronics, has been appointed the company’s new manufacturing director.  Read More

Under pressure 24/10/2008

Where does Cadence go now its ceo has quit?  Read More

Empowered electronics 23/10/2008

The Sophia Antipolis Microelectronics (SAME) Forum is always refreshing in that it takes a holistic approach to the electronics industry. Addressing this year’s theme: Green Electronics – Innovation in the Environmental Revolution, speakers covered a broad range of issues, from renewable and sustainable energy sources down to low power design ...  Read More

CMOS has 10 years left, says scientist 23/10/2008

According to Dr Dennis Buss, pictured, chief scientist with Texas Instruments, classic cmos has just four nodes left before it hits a physical wall.  Read More

Pass the source 22/10/2008

Google has announced that, in partnership with the Open Handset Alliance, its Android platform source code is now available for anyone to download free of charge.  Read More

Euro research project to push OLED technology 22/10/2008

An integrated research project is bringing together a consortium of industry and academic experts to accelerate the development of organic light emitting diode (OLED) technologies in Europe.  Read More

Hive attracts $7million from Intel 22/10/2008

Silicon Hive has received $7million in new funding in a round led by Intel Capital and joined by existing investors New Venture Partners and TVM Capital.  Read More

ST, Navteq to create driver assistance module 22/10/2008

STMicroelectronics and Navteq are to develop a product that combines a digital road map with positioning data. The development will enable advanced driver assistance applications, such as adaptive headlight control.  Read More

Combined scanner produces body image in 5minutes 20/10/2008

Siemens has introduced an imaging device that combines the functions of its most advanced computed tomograph (CT) with a high resolution PET system.  Read More

Making Movies 20/10/2008

Movidia has secured $14million in Series A funding for a low power video processor which allows users to perform video production functions on mobile phones.  Read More

Ericsson joins Intel in Moorestown 20/10/2008

Ericsson is collaborating with Intel to bring high speed packet access (HSPA) to Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs).  Read More

Feeding demand for MIDs 20/10/2008

Intel has provided more details of Moorestown, a next generation concept which will support what the company sees as burgeoning demand for mobile internet devices, or MIDs.  Read More

The future’s ColorBright 16/10/2008

Liquavista has launched ColorBright, a display platform based on its electrowetting technology. Targeted at segment driven display applications, including watches and mobile phone secondary displays, is said to combine ‘outstanding’ brightness in natural light with vivid colours.  Read More

Cadence resignations 15/10/2008

Following the resignation of Cadence Design Systems' president, ceo and director Michael Fister, it has been announced that the board of directors has formed an interim office to oversee the day to day running of the company’s operations.  Read More

RF design centre of excellence opened 14/10/2008

Nujira has opened a Centre of Excellence in Bath with the aim of encouraging efficient rf transmitter design using its Coolteq modules.  Read More

Reducing run times 13/10/2008

With timing closure becoming a growing problem in larger chip designs on advanced process technologies, Mentor Graphics has launched Olympus-SoC, a place and route (P&R) system that allows timing analysis and optimisation to take place in parallel.  Read More

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