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Health crystal ball in IBM’s five year forecast 26/11/2008

The third annual ‘IBM Next Five in Five’ is a list of innovations that have the potential to change the way people work, live and play over the next five years. Included are: energy saving solar technology; a ‘crystal ball’ for your health, the ability to talk to the web; your own digital shopping assistant; and ‘forgetting’ will become a distant ...  Read More

Apple accused of infringement 25/11/2008

Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro (JMBM) has filed a patent infringement lawsuit on behalf of EMG Technology against Apple, based on the way the iPhone navigates the web.  Read More

Protein fibres form semiconductors 25/11/2008

Researchers at Linköping University in Sweden have succeeded in creating electrical wires consisting of protein fibres encased in plastic. The 10nm thin fibres are self organising and compatible with biological systems.  Read More

Not green enough 25/11/2008

According to Greenpeace, a number of companies are failing to support the necessary levels of global cuts in emissions to tackle climate change.  Read More

White OLED outputs 60lm/W 25/11/2008

BASF and Osram Opto Semiconductors have developed a highly efficient white organic led (OLED) which not only has a light yield of more than 60 lumen/W, but which also meets the international Energy Star SSL Standard’s colour requirements.  Read More

IBM acquiring Transitive 24/11/2008

IBM has announced plans to acquire Transitive Corporation, a Californian based privately held technology company, with a UK research and development team in Manchester.  Read More

ST signs up with MIT’s MTL group 21/11/2008

STMicroelectronics has joined Microsystems Industrial Group (MIG) industry consortium at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL). MIG is described as an exclusive industry consortium founded in the 1980s to support the MTL’s infrastructure and to provide direction for its research and educational objectives. ST is the first European ...  Read More

Core conformance 21/11/2008

Mobile graphics specialist, Imagination Technologies reports that its PowerVR SGX520 graphics processor core has achieved conformance with the Khronos OpenGL ES 2.0 standard.  Read More

600 jobs lost at LAM 21/11/2008

A report by US Securities and Exchange Commission reveals the loss of 600 jobs at Lam Research Corporation.  Read More

Interplanetary internet 21/11/2008

NASA has successfully tested the first deep space communications network modelled on the internet.  Read More

IBM project seeks to emulate the brain 21/11/2008

In what it describes as an ‘unprecedented undertaking’, IBM Research is to partner with five leading universities to create computing systems that are expected to simulate and emulate the brain’s abilities for sensation, perception, action, interaction and cognition while rivaling its low power consumption and compact size.  Read More

Staccato announces merger 20/11/2008

Ultra wideband (uwb) and wireless usb (wusb) specialist, Staccato Communications has completed a merger with Artimi, a developer of uwb and wusb software and hardware solutions.  Read More

ECIT to house secure IT centre 20/11/2008

In a move worth £25million, Queen’s University Belfast is to become the UK’s lead centre for developing technology to counter ‘cyber attacks’.  Read More

Best oled microdisplay yet 20/11/2008

The technical collaboration between Microoled and CEA-Leti has created an oled microdisplay with the finest pixel pitch and the lowest power consumption reported to date.  Read More

Micro controls muscle bike 20/11/2008

The electronics controlling the Ducati Monster 696 bike features a Freescale microcontroller.  Read More

Micrel, Zilog sign development deal 20/11/2008

Micrel and Zilog are to collaborate on developing subsystem level module products targeted at the motion sensor, tv remote and rf point to point cable replacement markets.  Read More

Eastern promise 19/11/2008

According to market analyst iSuppli, China’s semiconductor sales revenue in 2008 is expected to rise by 6.7% to reach $81.7billion.  Read More

Production partnership 19/11/2008

Actel and UMC Foundry Solutions have joined forces for the production of Actel’s next generation Flash based fpgas.  Read More

Atmel buyout called off 18/11/2008

On Semicondictor and Microchip have abandoned plans to buy Atmel.  Read More

‘Fastest processor on the planet’ 18/11/2008

Intel has launched what it describes as the ‘fastest processor on the planet’, in the shape of the Intel Core i7 processor.  Read More

Nehalem processor is ‘fastest yet’ 18/11/2008

Intel introduced the Core i7 processor, said to be its most advanced desktop processor yet. The first member of a family of Nehalem processors, Core i7 speeds video editing, immersive games and other internet and computer activities by up to 40% without increasing power consumption.  Read More

Quantum leap 18/11/2008

Imperial College, London has revealed a new approach to calibrating quantum mechanical measurement, developed with particular applications in optics and super secure quantum communication.  Read More

Battle of the giants 18/11/2008

In one of the technology industry's largest patent infringement suits, Flash memory specialist Spansion is suing Samsung.  Read More

TSMC takes 40nm to volume 18/11/2008

TSMC has moved its 40nm general purpose (G) and low power (LP) processes into volume production. Announced in March, the 40G process targets performance driven applications, whilst the 40LP process is aimed at low power applications.  Read More

Collaboration announced at Electronica 17/11/2008

Electronica was the setting for congatec’s announcement of its collaboration with systems service provider TQ.  Read More

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