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Any colour, as long as it’s green 13/01/2009

Greenpeace International has compiled a list of the greenest consumer electronic products on the market.  Read More

Top 25 coding errors listed 13/01/2009

A list of the 25 most common coding mistakes has been issued by the US National Security Agency.  Read More

8051 available as IP core 13/01/2009

One of the most popular processors has been made available as a licensable core by IPextreme, following an agreement with Mentor Graphics.  Read More

Electrode research will accelerate fuel cell market 13/01/2009

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen are modifying the electrode of a fuel cell to allow it deal with carbon-contaminated hydrogen.  Read More

Web television a reality 12/01/2009

Yahoo has showcased new technology for broadband connected televisions at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.  Read More

GPS market up 25% in 2009? 12/01/2009

According to IMS Research, the GPS chip market is set to grow in 2009.  Read More

Rambus accused of destroying evidence 12/01/2009

A US judge has said that Rambus’ patent claims against Micron Technology are unenforceable because the company intentionally destroyed and altered evidence.  Read More

Composite conducts current 12/01/2009

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research (IFAM) has developed a conductive plastic composite which it believes will be of benefit to aerospace and automotive manufacturers. As such, it says the composite represents the best of both worlds.  Read More

The third dimension 12/01/2009

Is 2009 the year that the second most discussed subject – after the recession – will be 3d TV?  Read More

Cadence names new ceo 09/01/2009

Cadence has appointed Lip-Bu Tan as president and chief executive officer. Tan, who was Cadence’s interim vice chairman following the resignation of Mike Fister, was also a member of the interim office of the chief executive.  Read More

Down, but not out 09/01/2009

IP08’s key theme was cutting costs to survive the recession.  Read More

New Year, new ceo 08/01/2009

Will NXP’s new ceo take the merger route or does he have another trick or two up his sleeve?  Read More

Oscilloscope reaches ‘world’s highest bandwidth’ 07/01/2009

LeCroy claims to have introduced the ‘world’s highest bandwidth’ in the shape of its WaveMaster 8 Zi series oscilloscopes.  Read More

Intel revenue down 23% 07/01/2009

Intel Corp has announced its preliminary fourth quarter financial information with revenue of around $8.2billion – down 23% year over year.  Read More

Semiconductor companies under investigation 07/01/2009

Investigations have been conducted against several semiconductor companies in the smart card chip sector.  Read More

Navigation aid honoured 07/01/2009

Mobile GEO has been named Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award Honouree by the Consumer Electronics Association.  Read More

Big brother is watching them 06/01/2009

Active RFID specialist, Wavetrend has installed technology designed to track housemates in the 2009 Celebrity Big Brother series.  Read More

Mirics gets another $7million 05/01/2009

Mirics Semiconductor has won a further $7million from its existing investor team, adding to the $12m it raised in August 2007. Mirics says the cash will help to expand commercial activities and accelerate additions to its FlexiTV product line.  Read More

NXP’s ceo resigns 05/01/2009

NXP’s chief executive Frans van Houten has resigned and has been replaced as president and ceo by Rick Clemmer. Clemmer, who was already a member of NXP’s supervisory board, was recently ceo of Agere Systems.  Read More

Peak power 22/12/2008

PNY Technologies’ is describing its latest system as ‘the most powerful professional graphics board in graphics history’.  Read More

Tracking population trends with technology 19/12/2008

Researchers are developing computer simulation software that they hope will match the movements of all 300million people in towns across the US.  Read More

Panasonic in takeover deal with Sanyo 19/12/2008

Japanese electronics specialist, Panasonic, has confirmed a takeover deal with competitor, Sanyo Electric Co.  Read More

Intersil acquisitions continue 18/12/2008

Intersil Corporation has announced its third acquisition in the past five months.  Read More

Royal Navy apply off the shelf technology 18/12/2008

The Royal Navy and BAE Systems have announced the implementation of Windows for Submarines.  Read More

OxSemi snapped up 18/12/2008

Fabless connectivity developer Oxford Semiconductor is to be acquired by PCI Express specialist PLX Technology in a deal which values it at more than $14million.  Read More

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