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6000 jobs lost at Philips 27/01/2009

Philips Electronics is to shed 6000 jobs after the announcement that it has made a net loss of £1.4billion in the last quarter of 2008.  Read More

On the up? 27/01/2009

China’s domestic wireless handset market is expected to grow 7% in 2009, according to market analyst, iSuppli.  Read More

TI workforce to be cut 27/01/2009

Texas Instruments is to cut 12% of its workforce, following an announcement that its Q4 net income dropped 86% year on year to $107million.  Read More

HSPA+ gives 21Mbit/s 27/01/2009

Vodafone has demonstrated mobile broadband download rates of up to 16Mbit/s during trials of HSPA+ 64QAM on its Spanish network.  Read More

Going for gold 27/01/2009

A researcher from the University of Gronigen claims to have developed the smallest mechanical switch yet. He also believes he has created a previously unseen type of electronic switch.  Read More

Energy harvesting kit 27/01/2009

Texas Instruments has announced a solar energy harvesting development kit that converts ambient light into power in industrial, transportation, agricultural and commercial applications.  Read More

Up on the roof 27/01/2009

Responding to what it claims is ‘high demand’ in Europe for roof mounted photovoltaic systems, Solyndra has opened a European headquarters.  Read More

Radio agnosticism 27/01/2009

In a move to reduce development time and cost for distributed radio networks, Cyan Technology has launched a range of gateways in partnership with Ember, Micrel and Radiocrafts.  Read More

More capacity added 27/01/2009

Contract manufacturer PartnerTech has added a surface mount line and automated optical inspection equipment at its Cambridge new product introduction facility.  Read More

DVB-T/H tuner saves power 27/01/2009

Elonics believes it has developed the world’s lowest power DVB-T/H terrestrial broadcast rf tuner.  Read More

‘Pon my soul! 27/01/2009

Looking to get a strong position in the 10Gbit passive optical networking (PON) market ahead, Phyworks has unveiled a 10Gbit Ethernet PON XFP transceiver demonstration module.  Read More

ACW joins SC21 26/01/2009

ACW Technology has signed up to the SC21 national aerospace and defence supply chain improvement programme. The move will allow ACW to work with other leading companies in the aerospace and defence sector, including the Ministry of Defence, in a coordinated effort to improve the industry's supply chain.  Read More

Barrett to step down as Intel chairman 26/01/2009

Craig Barrett will retire as Intel chairman following 35 years with the company.  Read More

Infineon sets aside €100million for Qimonda 23/01/2009

Shares in Infineon Technologies have fallen 5.6% following the announcement of its DRAM subsidiary Qimonda filing for insolvency.  Read More

Whiteness of the tundra 23/01/2009

QinetiQ has put its Iridium satellite based global asset tracking solution to the test in a race to the South Pole.  Read More

Qimonda files for insolvency 23/01/2009

DRAM specialist Qimonda has filed an application today to open insolvency proceedings.  Read More

Ubiquisys and picoChip extend femtocell partnership 23/01/2009

Femtocell developer Ubiquisys will use the picoChip PC302 processor in its ZoneGate femtocell. Under the terms of the deal, which extends a five year partnership, picoChip will continue to be one of Ubiquisys’ strategic suppliers.  Read More

One stop mcu shop 22/01/2009

In a move to help embedded system designers maximise their productivity, Freescale has launched a range of microcontrollers with the aim of creating a ‘one stop shop’.  Read More

Maxim augments market presence 22/01/2009

Maxim Integrated Products has acquired Innova Card, a privately held, SoC manufacturer for secure terminals.  Read More

Half size 22/01/2009

CSR has launched what it describes as ‘the world’s smallest GPS combination device designed for mobile handsets’, the BlueCore BC7830.  Read More

Ray of light 21/01/2009

The LED market is forecast to be the shining light in an otherwise dismal year for the semiconductor industry in 2009, according to market research specialist Isuppli.  Read More

Bandwidth on the run 21/01/2009

Analog Devices has introduced what it describes as ‘one of the industry’s fastest field effect transistor operational amplifiers’.  Read More

TT reorganises, but cuts 700 jobs 21/01/2009

TTelectronics has completed a review of its activities, during which it claims it has identified ‘significant opportunities’ to improve performance and margins.  Read More

MEMS accelerometer cuts power 20/01/2009

Developed specifically for energy constrained portable consumer products, the ADXL345 three axis accelerometer from Analog Devices is said to have the lowest power consumption of similar parts.  Read More

Qualcomm buys AMD handheld business 20/01/2009

In a deal valued at $65million, Qualcomm has acquired certain graphics and multimedia technology assets, intellectual property and resources from AMD. According to Qualcomm, the acquisition enhances its multimedia capabilities and will allow it to delivering more advanced products.  Read More

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