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Further Japanese cuts 06/02/2009

Sharp is to cut 1500 contract workers in Japan by the end of March 2009.  Read More

Domestic energy management kit previewed 05/02/2009

Domestic energy management specialist Onzo has provided early details of its smart energy kit. The two part kit – display and sensor – will provide consumers with information to help them understand and manage their energy use.  Read More

Lasers for pcb manufacture? 05/02/2009

Researchers from De Montfort University are exploring whether laser technology can provide a low cost, chemical free method of manufacturing pcbs.  Read More

Atmel and Morgan Stanley discuss ‘strategic alternatives’ 05/02/2009

Atmel has hired investment bank Morgan Stanley to evaluate options – including a possible sale.  Read More

Think small 05/02/2009

CSR has launched what it describes as ‘the smallest and lowest cost Wi Fi silicon in the world’.  Read More

Boosting scan resolution 04/02/2009

As part of a move to increase throughput in computer tomography (CT) systems and to improve their resolution, Analog Devices has developed the ADAS1128 current to digital converter.  Read More

Panasonic cuts 15,000 jobs 04/02/2009

Panasonic has said it plans to reduce costs by cutting 15,000 jobs and closing 27 plants worldwide.  Read More

Wireless joint venture 03/02/2009

STMicroelectronics has bought NXP’s stake in the ST-NXP Wireless joint venture for $92million.  Read More

Mentor launches power integrity package 03/02/2009

In a move which responds to increasing power supply complexity on modern pcbs, Mentor Graphics has launched HyperLynx PI (power integrity). The software is said to meet the needs of those designing high performance electronic products.  Read More

Silicon society 03/02/2009

A society of mini robots with the ability to communicate and perform communal tasks is currently being developed at the University of Wales, Newport.  Read More

Rambus targets 17Gbyte/s bandwidths 03/02/2009

Rambus has launched what it calls its Mobile Memory Initiative, which focuses on developing high bandwidth, low power memory technologies. According to the company, it is looking to enable data rates of 4.3Gbit/s, which would enable a memory bandwidth of more than 17Gbyte/s from one mobile dram.  Read More

Supercomputer has power of 2million laptops 03/02/2009

IBM has announced the development of a computer that it claims has the power of 2million laptops.  Read More

Boosting bandwidth 02/02/2009

Responding to growing demand for transceiver technology from a range of applications, Altera has added the Stratix IV GT and the Arria II GX fpga ranges to its portfolio. Both are 40nm parts.  Read More

Xilinx takes fpgas to the platform level 02/02/2009

Xilinx has expanded its Virtex fpga family with a range of devices said to consume up to 50% less power than previous generations and to cost up to 20% less. And the company has also launched the Spartan-6 range range of low cost fpgas.  Read More

New ceo for femtocell specialist 02/02/2009

PicoChip has appointed Nigel Toon as its president, ceo and member of its board.  Read More

New radio telemetry platform from Plextek 02/02/2009

Plextek Ltd has developed a new radio telemetry system targeted at efficient automatic remote reading and smart metering applications.  Read More

DAB technology gets $10million investment 02/02/2009

Frontier Silicon announced the initiation of a $10m investment in a new advanced chip for digital radios.  Read More

Hitachi warns of £5.5billion loss 30/01/2009

Hitachi has warned of the biggest ever loss by a Japanese manufacturer – a net loss of £5.5billion.  Read More

All change 30/01/2009

Renesas has announced a number of changes in its management team, to take effect on April 1, 2009.  Read More

Japanese giants in merger talks 30/01/2009

Toshiba is in talks to merge part of its system chip business with NEC Electronics’ semiconductor unit.  Read More

Digital Britain 29/01/2009

The government has published an action plan to secure the UK’s position at the forefront of digital and communications industries.  Read More

Leading lights 29/01/2009

A man made semiconductor used to make leds could cut household lighting bills by up to 75%.  Read More

So far so good 28/01/2009

A government campaign has been launched to demystify science as an ‘elitist’ subject and encourage youngsters into the industry.  Read More

Single electron computation 28/01/2009

Canadian researchers have discovered that single silicon atoms on a standard silicon crystal serve as ‘quantum dots’, opening the prospect for single electron computation.  Read More

The chips are down 28/01/2009

Following a net loss of $366million, STMicroelectronics has issued a statement revealing its plans to shed 4500 jobs.  Read More

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