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Device integrates flexible electronics to monitor physical activity 08/04/2014

Researchers are working on a device that combines ultra low power electronics with flexible, integrated electrodes to accurately monitor physical activity.  Read More

Freescale buys Mindspeed's ARM processor business 07/04/2014

Looking to expand its multicore processor offering, Freescale has agreed to buy the Comcerto CPE communications processor business of Mindspeed Technologies.  Read More

Electronic patches enable wireless health monitoring 07/04/2014

A team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has developed skin-mounted, tattoo-like devices for wireless health monitoring.  Read More

RFID device could be used to detect explosives 04/04/2014

Researchers in the US have created a wireless sensing device that can alert users to the presence of chemical vapours in the atmosphere.  Read More

Raspberry Pi announces £1m education fund 04/04/2014

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a £1million education fund, aimed at supporting innovative projects that enhance understanding of and education in computing for children aged between five and 18  Read More

ON Semi to buy Truesense for $92m 04/04/2014

Looking to boost its presence in the industrial end-market sector, ON Semiconductor has agreed to buy image sensor device maker Truesense Imaging for $92million.  Read More

Raspberry Pi challenge inspires engineers of the future 03/04/2014

The UK's future engineers and inventors gathered at London's Science Museum yesterday for the final of PA Consulting's Raspberry Pi programming competition.  Read More

Freescale targets motor control with new Kinetis MCU series 03/04/2014

In a move which expands its portfolio of ARM based microcontrollers, Freescale has unveiled the first three families in the new Kinetis V series. The devices – the KV1x, KV3x and KV4x – are optimised for motor control and digital power conversion applications.  Read More

IBM names another 11 IBM Fellows 03/04/2014

IBM has appointed 11 of its scientists as IBM Fellows, the company's most prestigious technical distinction which acknowledges the scientists' important contributions and industry leading innovations.  Read More

SRAM design consumes 50% less power than rival approaches 03/04/2014

Early tests of SureCore's low power SRAM design are said to confirm the results simulations which suggested power savings in excess of 50% would be possible compared to other approaches.  Read More

Nujira secures £12m to ramp up Coolteq production 03/04/2014

Envelope tracking pioneer Nujira has raised more than £12million in new funding to ramp up production of its Coolteq chips.  Read More

Wi-Fi Alliance says Smart TV security lapse is a ‘one off’ 02/04/2014

Our story from yesterday, reporting research that Smart TVs from Philips could suffer from security flaws, has brought this comment from the Wi-Fi Alliance.  Read More

Red light set to get the green light for better OLED production 02/04/2014

Two europium based compounds developed at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPC) are said to produce red light with high luminescent efficiency and could enable faster, low cost manufacturing of thin OLED films.  Read More

IDTechEx award for Plastic Logic 02/04/2014

Plastic Logic and ISORG have been presented with the IDTechEx Product Development award at the Printed Electronics Show in Berlin.  Read More

€55million European project set to ramp knowledge of power electronics 02/04/2014

Described as one of the most important European energy efficiency research projects has been launched in Dresden. The three year eRamp project, with €55million of funding, is looking to strengthen and expand Germany and Europe as centres of expertise for the manufacture of power electronics. In all, 26 research partners from six countries – ...  Read More

AMD partners with Mentor for improved embedded Linux support 02/04/2014

AMD has signed a multi-year agreement with Mentor Graphics to expand availability of open-source embedded Linux development for the company's heterogeneous and multi-core processors.  Read More

Winners of student engineering challenge announced 02/04/2014

The winners of the UKESF's Go4SET challenge, an engineering and science competition for 12-14 year olds, have been announced.  Read More

Anglia inks distribution deal with Teledyne LeCroy 01/04/2014

Anglia Components has agreed to become the sole distributor of Teledyne LeCroy's bench test instruments.  Read More

Heat-conducting polymer survives up to 200°C 01/04/2014

Researchers in the US have created a polymer which they say can improve the interface between silicon and heatsinks.  Read More

Toshiba has processor for wearable devices 01/04/2014

Toshiba's ApP Lite processor provides integrated sensing, data processing and wireless transmission for wearable devices such as activity monitors and smart watches.  Read More

Philips smart TVs 'open to serious hacks' 01/04/2014

Smart TVs from Philips have been found to suffer from a number of serious security flaws that could allow hackers to not only steal information from attached USB sticks, but also pilfer authentication cookies to give them access to viewers' online accounts.  Read More

Competition will support commercialisation of graphene 31/03/2014

A £2.5million competition is being launched to explore the commercial applications of graphene.  Read More
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Solar cells can absorb and emit light 31/03/2014

In a development that could lead to cheaper lasers, researchers have discovered that perovskite solar cells can emit as well as absorb light.  Read More

MEMS switch can handle 5kW at 3GHz 31/03/2014

General Electric has created a 3GHz RF MEMS switch that can handle up to 5kW of power.  Read More

New tranche of Doctoral training centres announced 31/03/2014

Chancellor George Osborne has committed £500million to 22 new Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).  Read More

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