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Altera gets 14nm FPGA test chips back from Intel 24/04/2014

Altera ruffled some industry feathers in February 2013 when it announced that it would be manufacturing devices at the 14nm node using Intel as a foundry, rather than its traditional supplier TSMC. A year later, Altera has received the first test chips of FPGAs made on Intel's Tri-Gate process.  Read More

Memory market drives 2013 semi sales 24/04/2014

Memory chips were the star performers of 2013, reports IHS, enabling the global semiconductor market to grow by 5% and achieve sales of $318billion.  Read More

Nexeon opens state of the art manufacturing facility 24/04/2014

Battery technology pioneer Nexeon has completed the construction and commissioning of a state of the art process development and manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Oxfordshire.  Read More

TI brings Bluetooth Smart tech to automotive applications 24/04/2014

Texas Instruments has introduced the CC2541-Q1, a wireless microcontroller designed to deliver low power, low cost and simplified automotive connectivity to smartphone controlled and wire replacement applications.  Read More

Plexus invests in state of the art SMT line 24/04/2014

Scottish design firm Plexus has invested £1.6million in a state of the art SMT line at its Kelso facility.  Read More

Altera builds hardened DSP blocks into Arria and Stratix at 20nm 23/04/2014

Responding to the increasingly demanding task of designing floating point DSP capability into FPGAs, Altera has integrated IEEE754 compliant, floating point operators into Arria 10 and Stratix 10 devices manufactured on TSMC's 20nm process and currently shipping.  Read More

Toshiba starts mass production of 15nm flash 23/04/2014

Toshiba is to commence 15nm NAND flash production at the end of the month at its Fab 5 Yokkaichi Operations facility.  Read More

ARM makes ‘encouraging start’ to 2014 23/04/2014

ARM has made an encouraging start to 2014, according to a statement accompanying its first quarter 2014 financial report. The company has seen revenues grow by 10% on a year on year sterling basis, with processor licensing revenues increasing by 38%.  Read More

Fujitsu, Panasonic to consolidate system LSI businesses 23/04/2014

A year after announcing plans to merge their system LSI businesses, Fujistu and Panasanoic have confirmed a new – as yet unnamed – company focused on high growth areas such as cloud computing, big data and optical networks.  Read More

Manchester signs AASL for SKA network system design 23/04/2014

UK-based start up Adaptive Array Systems (AASL) has been awarded a contract by the University of Manchester to provide design concepts for optical network termination and transmission equipment for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope.  Read More

Online community aims to make fake parts obsolete 23/04/2014

A new online community has been established to help tackle the problem of counterfeiting in the electronics supply chain.  Read More

Cadence boosts verification portfolio in $170million deal 22/04/2014

In a move which is likely to strengthen its verification portfolio, Cadence is acquiring Jasper Design Automation for $170million in cash.  Read More

Altera uses fine pitch copper bumps in 20nm Arria 10 devices 22/04/2014

Altera says it is the first company to adopt TSMC's fine pitch copper bump based packaging technology in production of 20nm Arria 10 FPGAs and SoCs.  Read More

£2.75million available for collaborative feasibility studies 22/04/2014

The Technology Strategy Board, Invest Northern Ireland and Highlands and Islands Enterprise are to invest up to £2.75million in collaborative feasibility studies to stimulate innovation in advanced materials; biosciences; electronics, sensors and photonics; and information and communications technology.  Read More

Free Masters degrees for aspiring female engineers 17/04/2014

UCL is offering to waive fees on a range of engineering Masters degrees in a bid to encourage more women into the sector.  Read More

Signal amplifier could cut load on mobile phone masts 16/04/2014

Researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Cardiff have created an amplifier that works at 50% efficiency – substantially higher than the current standard which is 30%.  Read More

X-ray detector built on plastic substrate 16/04/2014

Researchers from Holst Centre and imec have demonstrated the first ever X-ray detector built on a plastic substrate that is capable of medical grade performance.  Read More

Research paves way for smaller, more efficient hard drives 15/04/2014

A technique to study the interface between materials, developed at the National University of Singapore, sheds light on the new properties that arise when two materials are put together. This understanding could help in the development of improved superconductors, solar cells and hard drives.  Read More

TI creates its own IoT ecosystem 15/04/2014

Texas Instruments has built an ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT) to help manufacturers link together devices and services from different companies.  Read More

Synopsys gets OK for 16nm FinFET design flow 15/04/2014

EDA software vendor Synopsys has announced that its Galaxy design flow has been certified by TSMC as suitable for designs aimed at its 16nm FinFET process.  Read More

Global semi sales climb 5% 14/04/2014

Worldwide semiconductor revenue increased to $315billion last year, up 5% from $299.9bn in 2012.  Read More

Battery sensor combines MCU and CAN protocol module 14/04/2014

Freescale has introduced an AEC-Q100 qualified intelligent battery sensor with MCU and CAN components.  Read More

IoT drives sensor market rebound 11/04/2014

Emerging markets such as the Internet of Things, wearable electronics and the connected car are driving demand for sensors and actuators, says IC Insights.  Read More

Four tools named as IDEs for Kinetis MCU development 11/04/2014

Freescale has named four tools as featured integrated development environments (IDEs) for its Kinetis range of ARM based microcontrollers. The tools are Atollic TrueSTUDIO, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, Green Hills' MULTI and ARM's Keil range.  Read More

Lattice has programmable pal for ASICs 11/04/2014

Lattice Semiconductor has introduced an 'application friendly' FPGA, the ECP5, designed to sit next to an ASIC or ASSP in such applications as small cells, micro servers, broadband access and video cameras.  Read More

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