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Spin current from heat: new material increases efficiency

Physicists at Bielefeld University have found a way to use the heat from electronic devices to create energy, applying the heat to generate magnetic signals known as ‘spin currents’.

According to researchers it could be possible in the future to use these signals to replace some of the electrical current currently used in electronic components. In a new study, physicists from the University of Greifswald, Gießen University, and the Leibniz Institute for Solid ...

Breakthrough in organic electronics

Work by researchers from Princeton University, the Georgia Institute of Technology and Humboldt University in Berlin is pointing the way to possibly more widespread use of organic electronics.

Techworks Awards 2017 shortlist announced

TechWorks has announced its shortlist for its annual awards. The awards highlight best practice in the industry, and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony, on Thursday 23rd November in London.

Nanoscale magnetic circuit moves data in 3D

Researchers at the University of Cambridge, working with a team from TU Eindhoven, have used 3D nanoprinting to create a nanoscale magnetic circuit which is said to be capable of moving information in three dimensions. The team claims this could lead to an ‘important increase’ in storage and processing capacities.

Fraunhofer and EU work on 6G communications

According to the Fraunhofer Institute, it is becoming apparent that the data rates expected from 5G communications systems will not meet the needs of users and industry for very long. Looking to solve the issue, Fraunhofer researchers are working on 6G as part of the EU sponsored TERRANOVA project.

Unlocking the benefits of digitalisation

A report on industrial digitisation has suggested that Britain’s manufacturing sector could benefit by as much as £455billion if, over the next decade, it can unlock the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) by deploying robotics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence.

Molecular magnetism packs power with 'messenger electron'

The spins of unpaired electrons are crucial to permanent magnetism, and after 10 years of design and re-design, research conducted by John Berry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has resulted in a molecule that gains magnetic strength through an unusual way of controlling those spins.

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