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Magnesium could outperform lithium in batteries says research team

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago say they have taken a significant step toward the development of a battery technology that could outperform lithium-ion technology.

According to the team, lithium ions – which carry a single positive charge can be replaced with magnesium ions, which have a plus two charge."Because magnesium ions carry two positive charges, every time we introduce a magnesium ion in the structure of the battery material, we can ...

FlexEnable joins Graphene Flagship

Flexible electronics developer FlexEnable is joining the Graphene Flagship and says its expertise in industrialising flexible electronics will help to harness the potential of graphene and other 2D materials.

Imagination unveils first members of Ensigma Whisper IP family

Imagination Technologies has unveiled the first members of its Ensigma Whisper flexible connectivity IP family, which have been designed specifically to enable the integration of ultra-low power communications in SoCs targeting wearables, IoT and other connected devices that require extended battery life.

Nokia in deal to buy Alcatel-Lucent

Nokia has announced that it is planning to buy French rival Alcatel-Lucent in a deal worth €15.6billion. Under the terms of the deal Alcatel-Lucent shareholders will own 33.5% of the new combined firm, and Nokia shareholders 66.5%. The takeover is expected to be completed by the end of the first half of next year.

Partnership invests in Test Centres of Excellence

The test and measurement equipment management company, Microlease, along with Keysight Technologies, the University of Portsmouth, the University of Southampton Science Park (USSP) and the Future Solent Green Growth Programme have invested £500K in two centres of excellence to support innovation and start-up companies in the Southampton and Portsmouth region.

Intel blocked from working on world’s biggest supercomputer

Intel is being blocked from working on the world’s largest supercomputer by the US government. The company, which had applied for a licence to export thousands of chips to update the Tianhe-2 computer based in China, was blocked by the Department of Commerce on the grounds that nuclear research could be done on the machine.

New liquid crystal transistors overcome organic challenges

Researchers in Japan have designed a smectic liquid crystal that overcomes many of the challenges posed by organic field effect transistor materials. Crystalline organic semiconductors have attracted a lot of interest as they offer convenient low-cost fabrication by printed electronics.

Farnell element14 to distribute ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit

Farnell element14 is become the first distributor to stock the recently launched ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit – Ethernet Edition for IBM Internet of Things Foundation. The agreement will open up opportunities for technical enthusiasts around the world looking to experiment and innovate with the Internet of Things (IoT). Available now from element14 the new development kit will enable people with limited or no experience of embedded design or web development to create IoT applications and devices.

Graphene research opens door for spintronics development

Large area graphene is able to preserve electron spin over an extended period, and communicate it over greater distances than had previously been known, according to researchers based at Chalmers University of Technology. The findings, published in Nature Communications, have opened the door for the development of spintronics, with an aim to manufacturing faster and more energy-efficient memory and processors in computers.

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