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ESCO’s degree level apprenticeship scheme approved

ESCO has announced that the Assessment Plan for a Degree Level Apprenticeship, for the role of an Embedded Electronic Systems Design and Development Engineer, has been approved and adds that Government funding has been assigned. This completes the development process, says the industry body, and the Apprenticeship is now ‘ready to deliver’.

Peter Brooks, ESCO’s CEO, said: “Developing this first Trailblazer Degree Apprenticeship and getting it to this stage has ...

Massive multiuser MIMO system launched

Wireless broadband developer Cambium Networks has launched the PMP 450m, said to be the first product to include cnMedusa technology. The company says cnMedusa allows network operators to offer 5G like speeds while offering a throughput comparable to fibre.

GraphExeter could enable better ‘bendy’ screens

A team of Engineers and Physicists from Exeter have discovered that GraphExeter – a material adapted from the graphene – can improve the effectiveness of large, flat, flexible lighting. The research team also believes the material could improve the viability of flexible screens.

RapidIO unveils 25xN 100Gbit/s specification

The latest RapidIO specification has been released by The 25xN specification is said to provide an open standard interconnect fabric for those systems requiring heterogeneous coherent scale out and non volatile storage.

MIT creates chip that makes parallel programming faster, easier

In theory, a program running on a 64 core machine, should execute 64 times as quickly as it would on a single core machine. But, according to a team from MIT, it rarely works out that way. Most computer programs are sequential, and splitting them up so that chunks can run in parallel can result in complications.

High efficiency hybrid photodetector from Spanish researchers

Researchers at ICFO – the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona – have developed a hybrid photodetector capable of attaining speed, quantum efficiency and linear dynamic range, not only in the visible spectrum, but also in the near (700 to 1400nm) and short wave infra red (1400 to 3000nm) parts of the spectrum. The device is based upon materials that can be integrated monolithically with Si CMOS electronics, as well as with flexible electronic platforms.

Cambridge Consultants buys West Coast developer

Cambridge Consultants is acquiring US company Synapse in a move that it claims will create one of the largest product development companies, with significant presence on both coasts of the US. The acquisition is said to fit parent company Altran’s strategic plan under which Cambridge Consultants will double its scale and improve its presence in the US and Asia.

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