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‘Smallest’ tyre pressure monitoring system unveiled

Weighing in at just 0.3g and measuring only 7 x 7 x 2.2mm, the FXTH87 tyre pressure monitoring system from Freescale is claimed to be 50% smaller than similar products on the market.

The TPMS system in package solution offers low power consumption and comes with a dual-axis accelerometer architecture, pressure and temperature sensor, integrated MCU, RF transmitter and low frequency receiver. "We have a long history of innovation and success in pressure systems ...

Swedish researchers claim data transmission record

A new microwave circuit developed at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden may enable smaller antennas and faster video transmission. Its suggestion is to use higher frequencies than today – upwards of 100GHz – that would give access to a larger band of empty frequencies, enabling a higher data rate.

Globalfoundries acquires IBM’s semiconductor business

Globalfoundries has signed a definitive agreement under which it will acquire IBM's semiconductor business. Under the terms of the deal, Globalfoundries will also become the exclusive provider to IBM of server processors at the 22, 14 and 10nm nodes for the next 10 years.

Review of export controls for the UK’s electronics sector

High tech trade association techUK has begun a review of the enforcement of the regulations regarding export licences, and export controls in particular. The review will look at whether these regulations have a negative impact to the UK electronics, systems, assemblies or components supply chains – either as an unnecessary cost to business, or loss of potential exports.

RF switch is 'game changer' for cable industry

Described as a "game changer for the cable industry", the UltraCMOS PE42722 from Peregrine Semiconductor is a high linearity RF switch that enables a dual upstream/downstream band architecture in cable customer premises equipment (CPE) devices.

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