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Polymer coating boosts carbon nanotube transistor performance

The reliability and performance of transistors and circuits based on single walled carbon nanotubes can be improved by coating them with a fluoropolymer. According to researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and Northwestern University, although circuits made with single walled carbon nanotubes are expected to be more energy efficient than those made from silicon, their drawbacks, such as high power dissipation and less stability, currently limit their ...

Graphene finds application in flexible touchscreens

Most touchscreens are made using indium tin oxide (ITO), which is expensive and inflexible. However, researchers from the University of Surrey and Trinity College Dublin's materials science centre AMBER have shown that graphene treated nanowires can be used to produce flexible touchscreens at a fraction of the current cost.

New scope families unveiled

Teledyne LeCroy has launched the WaveSurfer 10 oscilloscope, pictured, which combines the MAUI user interface with math, measurement and debug tools to provide a tool that allows users to analyse and identify problems.

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