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Infineon unveils MCUs for automated and electric vehicle applications

The next generation of Infineon’s AURIX microcontroller family has been developed to meet the needs of automated cars and electric vehicles. According to the company, the TC3xx microcontrollers offer the highest level of integration available and real time performance that is three times better than competitive devices.

“The AURIX TC3xx family will advance the automated and electrical car,” said Peter Schaefer, Infineon’s general manager, microcontrollers. “We are ...

Battery pack configuration service

A lithium-ion battery pack configuration service from Varta Storage is said to offer the flexibility of a full custom battery pack, but with shorter lead times and lower engineering costs.

Tek announces support for CAN FD

Tektronix has introduced a CAN FD protocol trigger, decode and search solution for its MDO3000 and MDO4000C Series of mixed domain oscilloscopes. The move is said to help automotive engineers meet consumer demand for more capable and sophisticated electronic modules and integrated systems.

Semiconductor nanocomposite moves in response to light

A research team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) claims to have developed a light-activated semiconductor nanocomposite that can be used in a variety of applications, including microscopic actuators and grippers for surgical robots, light-powered micro-mirrors for optical telecommunications systems and more efficient solar cells and photodetectors.

A smartwatch prototype uses wrist as a joystick

A Dartmouth-led team has developed WristWhirl – a smartwatch prototype that uses the wrist wearing the watch as a joystick to perform common touch screen gestures with one-handed continuous input – useful when the other hand is encumbered.

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