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Ultrasonic for accuracy

Texas Instruments has launched a family of MSP430 MCUs with an integrated ultrasonic sensing analogue front end. According to the company, the devices will enable smart water meters to deliver higher accuracy and lower power consumption.

Shailesh Thakurdesai, marketing manager for embedded connectivity, said the device was the first SoC for ultrasonic water metering. “Along with a high speed A/D converter, it has new algorithms to give accurate and precise ...

Armed with technology

Earlier this month, the global defence industry came together at the Defence and Security Event (DSEI) at the ExCel centre in London’s docklands, with more than 1600 exhibitors showcasing state-of-the-art equipment, including advanced weaponry, security devices, protective clothing, armoured carriers and drones.

Enhancing the capacity of memory devices

A study by Tomsk Polytechnic University has shown that topological vortices found in low-dimensional materials can be displaced and erased and then restored again by the electrical field within nanoparticles.

Amazon set to release Alexa-powered smartglasses

Industry reports suggest that Amazon is planning to launch glasses featuring Alexa, the company’s voice assistant. The glasses will connect to Alexa through a bone-conduction audio system that will transmit sounds into the user’s head, vibrating their skull.

UK and US reach research agreement

The UK and US have agreed to develop a special relationship for science. The agreement between the two countries is intended to make it easier for researchers to travel, collaborate and share facilities.

Delphi chooses BlackBerry OS for automated driving system

Delphi Automotive has signed an agreement to use the BlackBerry operating system in its Centralised Sensing Localisation and Planning (CSLP) concept. The turnkey automated driving solution, planned to launch in 2019, is said to provide car manufacturers with Automated Mobility on Demand functionality.

Automatic code reuse system claimed

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a system called CodeCarbonCopy that allows code from one program to be inserted at a particular point and in a second program. According to the team, the system will automatically make modifications necessary – such as changing variable names – to integrate the code into its new context.

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