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Free Masters degrees for aspiring female engineers 17/04/2014

UCL is offering to waive fees on a range of engineering Masters degrees in a bid to encourage more women into the sector.  Read More

Signal amplifier could cut load on mobile phone masts 16/04/2014

Researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Cardiff have created an amplifier that works at 50% efficiency – substantially higher than the current standard which is 30%.  Read More

X-ray detector built on plastic substrate 16/04/2014

Researchers from Holst Centre and imec have demonstrated the first ever X-ray detector built on a plastic substrate that is capable of medical grade performance.  Read More

Research paves way for smaller, more efficient hard drives 15/04/2014

A technique to study the interface between materials, developed at the National University of Singapore, sheds light on the new properties that arise when two materials are put together. This understanding could help in the development of improved superconductors, solar cells and hard drives.  Read More

TI creates its own IoT ecosystem 15/04/2014

Texas Instruments has built an ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT) to help manufacturers link together devices and services from different companies.  Read More

Synopsys gets OK for 16nm FinFET design flow 15/04/2014

EDA software vendor Synopsys has announced that its Galaxy design flow has been certified by TSMC as suitable for designs aimed at its 16nm FinFET process.  Read More

Global semi sales climb 5% 14/04/2014

Worldwide semiconductor revenue increased to $315billion last year, up 5% from $299.9bn in 2012.  Read More

Battery sensor combines MCU and CAN protocol module 14/04/2014

Freescale has introduced an AEC-Q100 qualified intelligent battery sensor with MCU and CAN components.  Read More

IoT drives sensor market rebound 11/04/2014

Emerging markets such as the Internet of Things, wearable electronics and the connected car are driving demand for sensors and actuators, says IC Insights.  Read More

Four tools named as IDEs for Kinetis MCU development 11/04/2014

Freescale has named four tools as featured integrated development environments (IDEs) for its Kinetis range of ARM based microcontrollers. The tools are Atollic TrueSTUDIO, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, Green Hills' MULTI and ARM's Keil range.  Read More

Lattice has programmable pal for ASICs 11/04/2014

Lattice Semiconductor has introduced an 'application friendly' FPGA, the ECP5, designed to sit next to an ASIC or ASSP in such applications as small cells, micro servers, broadband access and video cameras.  Read More

Quantum logic gate created using single atom and photon 10/04/2014

Professor Gerhard Rempe, director of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, and his team have created a quantum logic gate using a single photon and a single atom and say this hybrid device could be a major step in the development of quantum computers.  Read More
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Rohm teams with imec on ultra low power radio 10/04/2014

Rohm Semiconductor has joined imec's research programme to develop ultra low power (ULP) radio technology for battery operated wireless devices.  Read More

Freescale has chip for cheaper head-up displays 10/04/2014

A triple core, single chip MCU – designed to drive down the cost of high end automotive instrument clusters – has been introduced by Freescale.  Read More

ARM moves to open source LLVM for future compilers 10/04/2014

ARM's future compilers will be built on the LLVM open source framework, the company announced yesterday.  Read More

NFC support added to Wi-Fi Protected Setup certification 09/04/2014

The Wi-Fi Alliance has updated one of its more popular product certification programmes to include Near Field Communication (NFC). Wi-Fi Protected Setup is now said to offer a simplified way to set up Wi-Fi connections, even on devices without a user interface. With the update, users can connect NFC certified devices by simply tapping them ...  Read More

Researchers create circuits that operate at ‘hundreds of terahertz’ 09/04/2014

Circuits that are said to operate at hundreds of terahertz have been designed and fabricated by researchers at the National University of Singapore. The team says its work has the potential to revolutionise high speed electronics, nanoscale optoelectronics and nonlinear optics.  Read More

Transient electronics dissolve on command 09/04/2014

Researchers at Iowa State University are the latest to shift their focus to the area of transient electronics.  Read More

Global semi sales up 11% year-on-year 09/04/2014

Global semiconductor sales reached $25.87billion in February this year, an increase of 11.4% from the same period in 2013 when sales were $23.23bn.  Read More

Freescale launches 64bit ARM based SoCs for software defined networking applications 08/04/2014

Freescale has announced the second generation of products based on the Layerscape architecture; a move which sees 64bit ARM cores added to the range; previously, the devices were based on PowerPC or 32bit ARM cores.  Read More

Engineers mostly happy at work 08/04/2014

More than two thirds (69%) of engineering professionals polled by Reed Engineering said they were satisfied or very satisfied in their current role.  Read More

Freescale broadens Kinetis MCU range to 900 products 08/04/2014

Looking to offer increased performance and better power efficiency, Freescale has announced the second generation of its Kinetis K MCU range, in which the K1x, K2x and K6x families are expanded and the K0x range is added. The Kinetis MCU portfolio is said by Freescale to features more than 900 devices, of which 600 are Kinetis K series variants.  Read More

Device integrates flexible electronics to monitor physical activity 08/04/2014

Researchers are working on a device that combines ultra low power electronics with flexible, integrated electrodes to accurately monitor physical activity.  Read More

Freescale buys Mindspeed's ARM processor business 07/04/2014

Looking to expand its multicore processor offering, Freescale has agreed to buy the Comcerto CPE communications processor business of Mindspeed Technologies.  Read More

Electronic patches enable wireless health monitoring 07/04/2014

A team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has developed skin-mounted, tattoo-like devices for wireless health monitoring.  Read More

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