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Imagination adds ‘game changing’ 64bit core to MIPS Warrior family

In a move which it says will 'change the game' for CPUs, Imagination Technologies has launched the MIPS Warrior I-class I6400 CPU family. According to the company, the CPU family includes the first IP cores to combine a 64bit architecture and hardware virtualisation with scalable performance through multithreading, multicore and multicluster coherent processing.

Tony King-Smith, pictured, Imagination's executive vp of marketing, said: "This is the MIPS Warrior ...

EU project will deliver millimetre-wave radio for 5G

A consortium of 15 leading telecommunications operators, vendors, research centres and academic institutions has launched a project called MiWaveS (Millimetre-Wave Small Cell Access and Backhauling) to develop millimetre-wave radio technologies for 5G cellular mobile networks.

Eight core processor targets power users

Intel has launched its first eight core desktop processor. The Intel Core i7-5960X processor Extreme Edition, formerly known as Haswell-E, is aimed squarely at what the company calls 'power users' – enthusiasts, gamers and content creators who need as much performance as possible.

UMC invests in Fujitsu’s new foundry venture

Taiwan based foundry UMC is to become a minority shareholder in a newly formed subsidiary of Fujitsu Semiconductor that will operate the latter's 300mm wafer manufacturing facility in Kuwana. Under the terms of the agreement, UMC will invest ¥5billion ($48million) for a 9.3% stake in the yet to be named subsidiary, as well as licensing its 40nm low power process to Fujitsu.

CSR rejects offer from Microchip

CSR has confirmed that it received an offer from Microchip Technology, but that it has been rejected. The board is now said to be considering its options for the company.

Multi coloured holograms could enhance optical storage

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a method for making multi coloured holograms from a thin film of silver nanoparticles. The approach is said by the team to have the potential to 'greatly increase' the capacity of typical optical storage devices.

Tricorder prize finalists announced

The 10 finalists competing for the $10million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE have been announced. The global competition, launched at the beginning of 2012, challenged teams to develop a consumer focused, mobile device – similar to the legendary Star Trek Tricorder – capable of diagnosing and interpreting a set of 15 medical conditions and capturing five vital health metrics.

Broadcom unveils IoT prototyping platform

Broadcom has expanded its Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) family with a development kit that is said to enable the rapid development of prototypes and concepts for IoT devices and applications.

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