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The editorial focus of New Electronics, both in print and online, is on the leading edge of current technology. However, engineers also need the latest information on the broad scope of electronic components and products, and to fill this need we launched Products In Focus.

The supplement was first introduced in July 2013 and is now issued quarterly, with one company from each field adding information about the technology being employed in their latest products.

If there are any product sections you would like to see covered in Products In Focus, please let us know by emailing

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Cloud-based cooling

As the development of Industry 4.0 continues apace, so cooling units have a more important role to play, as Karl Lycett explains.

Eyes on the world

As the shift to CMOS images sensors accelerates, Pieterjan Daelemans looks at how the technology is being deployed across different sectors from aerial imaging to FPD inspection.

The ‘Relativity’ of High-Q capacitors

Although many High-Q capacitors are available on the market their performance can vary widely depending on design and the quality of manufacturing, as Scott Horton of Johanson Technology explains to New Electronics

Getting makers excited

E-paper displays represent an entirely new class of user interface. A new open source adapter board makes it easier than ever to get started with this new, innovative technology.

The best tool for the job

Looking to use a CPU or FPGA for image processing the response tends to be ‘it depends’. Both have inherent benefits as Brandon Treece explains.

Protection against thermal runaway

A thermal runaway is an increasing threat to electronic devices where more and more power is packed in ever smaller spaces; it is a threat that is poorly dealt with using traditional means. SMD thermal fuses offer a solution that can be ...

Preparing for a secure future

While the digital age has been empowering it has brought with it new threat which design engineers need to address, according to Dr Valerie Lynch and Steve Norman.

Building reliable IoT applications using MQTT

As the IoT becomes a reality, the MQTT protocol is gaining in importance. The small, low bandwidth protocol supports sporadic messages from thousands of devices which publish information to a central broker. This makes it suitable for remotely ...

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