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When purpose, product and people combine – interview with Charlie Peppiatt

When you ask someone what makes a good business, the four 'p's –purpose, product, people and profit – will often be quoted. Whether you agree with that analysis or not, Stadium Group, an electronics technologies company with operations in the UK and China, has managed to address all four rather effectively.

In the past, it would have been fair to describe Stadium as comprising of a collection of disparate, if successful, business units. Today, that description is ...

The future for analogue is brighter than ever: Interview with Bob Dobkin

Legends in the electronics industry are few and far between, but Bob Dobkin – founder of Linear Technology and its CTO – can arguably be considered a legend, having dedicated more than 40 years to developing the 'art' of analogue electronics. Along the way, he has amassed more than 100 patents relating to analogue circuits.

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