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Half and full-bridge drivers are 'industry's first' 17/04/2014

The industry's first small form factor half and full-bridge drivers have been introduced by Intersil.

High voltage power module targets rail applications 14/04/2014

Intersil has announced the ISL8216M – an 80V, 4A non-isolated DC/DC step down power module.

Microchip has EEPROM device for DDR4 SDRAM modules 14/04/2014

Microchip is now shipping a 4Kb I2C serial presence detect EEPROM device, designed specifically for next generation DDR4 SDRAM modules.

DC/DC converters integrate 50V, 2A internal switches 14/04/2014

Linear Technology has announced the LT8471, a dual DC/DC converter that utilises two internal 2A, 50V switches and an additional 500mA switch to ...

Adjustable LDO increases design flexibility 10/04/2014

The AZ2085 from Diodes is an adjustable LDO regulator with a minimum load current of just 1mA, a maximum of 3A and an adjust pin current of only 6µA.

Fibre optic modules enable long distance communication 09/04/2014

Four new devices have been added to Toshiba's TOSLINK family of fibre optic modules.

Three-phase motor driver is AEC-Q100 qualified 08/04/2014

An AEC-Q100 qualified, three-phase motor driver has been introduced by Microchip.

IR has chipset for high performance audio amplifiers 07/04/2014

International Rectifier has introduced a Class D audio chipset comprising the IRS20965 digital audio driver IC and a range of audio MOSFETs.

Photocoupler cuts board size, cost and power consumption 04/04/2014

Toshiba has introduced a high speed photocoupler for servo motors and programmable logic controllers.

General purpose MCUs get more peripherals 03/04/2014

Microchip has announced the PIC16F170X/171X family of general purpose 8bit microcontrollers.

DC/DC converters suit demanding embedded power applications 03/04/2014

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, formerly Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing & Power business, has launched a new range of high performance ...

Buck converters increase efficiency at light loads 02/04/2014

Implementing a light load efficiency improvement algorithm, the latest synchronous DC/DC buck converters from Diodes achieve an efficiency of 96% and ...

6W DC/DC converters offer highest power ratings 02/04/2014

XP Power has announced the ITX series of 6W DC/DC converters. Available in an industry standard SIP 8-pin packages measuring just 21.85 x 11.1 x ...

Op amp settles to 0.0015% in 15µS 01/04/2014

The LT6020 from Linear Technology is a 3 to 30V operational amplifier, featuring 30µV maximum input offset voltage and 0.5µV/°C max VOS drift.

MOSFETs deliver ultra low Rds(on) 01/04/2014

International Rectifier has expanded its StrongIRFET family to include 20 to 30V devices.

DC/DC power modules offer 90% efficiency 28/03/2014

The TDK-Lambda PH-A280 DC/DC power modules are half the size of the previous generation devices and offer 5% higher efficiency.

Buck converter draws only 12µA quiescent current 28/03/2014

Linear Technology announced the LTC3637, a buck converter that delivers up to 1A of continuous output current.

IGBTs cut energy losses, improve efficiency 28/03/2014

The HB series of IGBTs from STMicroelectronics lowers turn-off energy losses by 40% compared to competing devices, while cutting conduction losses by ...

Boost LED driver cuts footprint of dimmable LED lamps 27/03/2014

A DC/DC converter with boost, buck and voltage-inverting modes has been launched by Diodes.

Murata adds I2C interface to MAGICSTRAP RFID device 27/03/2014

Murata has commenced mass production of the LXMS2HACNF-165, an RFID device with a wired I2C interface.

IQD has OCXO module for LTE & 4G base stations 27/03/2014

IQD's new IQCM-100 GPS advanced OCXO module, designed for use in LTE and 4G base stations, achieves a holdover specification of 1.5ms over a period ...

Audio amplifier cuts space in portable products 26/03/2014

Diodes has introduced a new family of low noise, 3W Class-D audio amplifiers. Available in ultra small QFN1515-9L packages, the devices are designed ...

Current sensing IC boosts system efficiency 24/03/2014

International Rectifier has launched the IR25750, a general purpose current sensing IC designed to boost system efficiency in high current ...

Buck regulator IC drives currents up to 8A 24/03/2014

The A8672 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a synchronous buck regulator IC capable of delivering high currents (up to 8A) through the use of low ...

Digital power modules speed time to market 24/03/2014

Intersil's ISL8270M/71M family of digital power modules is designed to reduce design complexity and accelerate time to market.