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Spring Statement allocates funding to full-fibre broadband projects

Last year's Autumn Budget 2017 saw the launch of a £190million Challenge Fund to help roll out full-fibre to local areas with the aim of providing more reliable broadband to more homes and businesses. Today's Spring Statement has allocated the first wave of funding, providing over £95 million for 13 areas across the UK.

White House blocks Broadcom bid for Qualcomm

US President, Donald Trump, has announced that the US is blocking the Singaporean chip maker Broadcom's bid for the chip manufacturer Qualcomm, citing national security concerns. The move ends what would have been the largest ever tech deal.

Molex investment targets high speed optical interconnect

A strategic investment and collaboration between Molex Optical Solutions Group (OSG) and Elenion Technologies will jointly develop, manufacture and promote silicon photonic-based product solutions. Targeting CMOS technology and high-volume manufacturing processes, the companies intend to develop interconnect solutions that scale to 400Gbit/s and beyond.

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