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Sondrel buys IMGworks

Design consultancy Sondrel has signed an agreement to acquire the IMGworks division of Imagination Technologies for an undisclosed amount. The deal will see IMGworks’ engineering team joining Sondrel’s engineering consultancy to create an IC design centre with more than 250 employees.

Sondrel’s CEO Graham Curren said: “Video and graphics related business is going through a steep growth curve, driven not only by gaming and infotainment systems, but also by the ...

Infineon joins the 5G Automotive Association

Infineon Technologies has joined the 5G Automotive Association to help develop the use of 5G communications in vehicles. According to the company, international standardisation is a critical requirement for the market success of new technologies and their applications, such as the IoT or autonomous driving.

Design to manufacture for 3D printing

Zuken and Nano Dimension are looking to improve the 3D printing user experience and prototype turnaround times. Using Zuken’s CR-800 Design Force, a native 3D, system-level design solution, Nano Dimension, a leader in electronic printing technologies, will take advantage of the support it offers for implementing electronic technologies.

Development and testing methodologies need a rethink

Research sponsored by Vector Software has revealed that the number one software development challenge that organisations are currently facing is time pressures to release new products/upgrades to market, while the most pressing concern is software quality.

Renesas unveils ADAS autonomy platform

Renesas Electronics has announced the launch of Renesas autonomy, an advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving platform, consisting of the company’s SoC and MCU roadmaps. The platform also gives system manufacturers access to the company’ ecosystem of partners.

Thin Cell battery for connected devices

Ultralife has increased its Thin Cell range of primary lithium manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) pouch-cell batteries. The batteries are said to be suitable for use in the next generation of internet-connected and wearable devices in sectors including medical, banking, highways, logistics, warehousing and security.

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