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Whether it's comment on a recent story, a slightly irreverent look at the latest news or an expression of complete disbelief, New Electronics' editorial team brings you its views on the latest from the electronics industry, putting these developments into context.

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Neil Tyler

Gender bias in funding

The distribution of research funding is heavily biased against women, according to data obtained from a freedom of information request by a national newspaper.

Almost 90 percent of grants awarded in the field of engineering and physical sciences over the past ten years have gone to projects led by men, and leading female scientist are calling for reform as a matter of urgency.In 2016-17 just 7 percent of research grants went to teams led by women and, even where ...

Just get on with the job

It seems that if you have anything to say tweet it. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, did just that when he announced he was looking to take Tesla private.

Supply chain attacks on the rise

A new report from CrowdStrike, a specialist in cloud-delivered endpoint protection, raises the prospect that software supply chain attacks have the potential to become one of the biggest cyber threats in the next few years.

Aerospace angst

The Farnborough Airshow, running this week, looks set to attract over 100,000 trade visitors from 100 countries and, if it matches the 2016 show, could see deals worth over £95billion being signed off.

After a difficult period has Tesla turned a corner?

It’s been a torrid few months for Tesla, with a series of mishaps, reality checks and mishandled media events. Investors have grown worried about an increasing number of problems with the company, such as concerns over car safety and a major recall earlier this year, which involved almost half the Model S cars sold to date. In March, a Model X crashed into a highway barrier in Mountain View, California, killing the driver.

Are market forecasts for drones wrong?

PwC recently forecast that the market for drones would be worth over £40billion by 2020, while the banking firm Goldman Sachs, over two years ago, suggested it could be worth $100billion by 2020.

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