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The everyday use for in-vehicle translators

It’s not uncommon to know someone who can speak a second language. Nor is it, uncommon to know someone who can’t speak the same language as you.

Let’s take the UK as an example. The 2011 Census report stated that 138,000 of people living in the UK do not speak English. Some of these people may work with you or be someone you regularly encounter. So a device that eliminated that language barrier would be pretty nifty…wouldn’t it? Luxoft, a global IT service ...

Predictions for the design industry in 2018

This year has proved to be another eventful one in the embedded systems space with far-reaching DDoS and ransomware attacks such as WannaCry; the onward advance of driverless cars, with greater uptake of trials around the world; and further mega-mergers in the semiconductor industry.

Brexit and UK Manufacturing?

Brexit negotiations continue to limp along with the European Parliament just casting their vote that there has been insufficient progress. And, things look a little bleak, with European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker stating that, “We cannot talk about the future without any real clarity.”

Metrology for nanotechnology

Brian McLay, metrology business manager of precision measurement specialist, Starrett, examines how precision metrology will support the rise of nanotechnology.

It’s hard for software developers to imagine life without GitHub

The software development platform and code sharing repository GitHub celebrates its 10th birthday in early 2018. Already, it’s hosted tens of millions of projects, racked up an enviable customer list and become home to what it claims to be the world’s biggest developer community, with 22million and counting.

MEMS shut out by Century-old sensor

A few weeks ago, I joined a friend to see the San Jose Sharks play the Edmonton Oilers in the Stanley Cup ice hockey playoffs. At each seat, as a fan appreciation gift, the Sharks had placed a PixMob LED bracelet. When the arena lights dimmed, the bracelets started to sparkle.

Three things industry can learn from the BSI robotic standards

The British Standards Institute (BSI) recently released a new set of standards for the ethical design of robots and robotic devices. The standards highlight the growing need for guidelines on robotic safety, contact with human beings, robotic deception, addiction and possible sexism or racism exhibited by self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

European tech has funding black hole

While Europe’s start-up ecosystem has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade, it risks being choked by the lack of later stage financing, which has hardly budged in five years. The result is a yawning – and growing – chasm between the number of ‘grown up’ European tech companies eligible for late stage growth money and the capital available in Europe to back them.

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