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Whether it's comment on a recent story, a slightly irreverent look at the latest news or an expression of complete disbelief, New Electronics' editorial team brings you its views on the latest from the electronics industry, putting these developments into context.

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Andy Green's Bloodhound Project diary

We've been talking about the move from 'research programme' to 'build phase' for the last few months. Having proved that we can build the world's first 1000 mph Car, it's time to get on with it. For reasons I can't really explain, the change has happened quite suddenly and noticeably. In military terms, we're now on a 'war footing' – the preparation is largely over and it's time for action!

Manufacturing is a priority

Now the political horse trading is over, it's time to get on with running the country again and the consensus is the economy - and reducing the country's borrowing - is priority number one.

I make documents…

A friend of mine spends most of his working hours designing huge steel contraptions that mount on the back of equally huge earthmoving vehicles – things like multi-baffled tanks, earth scrapers, lifting jigs and so on. They're heavy duty, but nonetheless quite sophisticated designs, as it happens.

Hoping for change

On the day when the country goes to the polls, regardless of our various political views, it must be hoped that whatever government emerges from the process appreciates and supports manufacturing industry.

Flash in the pan?

A war of words is underway between Apple and Adobe about the former's decision not to allow Flash technology on many of its products.

The worm hasn't turned

Every once in a while, you look at the results of a research project and ask yourself how the participants managed to come up with the topic.

Why would Apple buy ARM?

The Silly Season normally opens for business around the end of July and lasts until early September. It's the time when newspapers fill their pages with stories that wouldn't make it to the page at any other time of the year. But the rumour that Apple is about to buy ARM, according to the London Evening Standard, suggests the season has opened early this year.

As NXP starts IPO process, other companies watch with interest

NXP has experienced what can certainly be called 'interesting times' since it was acquired from Philips in September 2006 by a consortium of private investment companies led by KKR. Even in what were then seen to be good times, the purchase price of more than €8billion – more than $10bn – was seen as generous and a good whack of that ended up on NXP's balance sheet as 'leveraged debt'.

The greater the challenge…

Last week, the first solar powered aircraft designed to circle the globe successfully completed its maiden flight. Chief designer, Bertrand Piccard enthused that exploration is not just about breaking records, but breaking preconceptions. "The greater the challenge, the better the technology needed to meet it," he observed.

The MicroTAC lingers on

Are you nostalgic for the mobile phones of yore, which weighed a lot, had little battery life and could only access patchy coverage? Strangely enough, almost 5% of respondents to a recent survey expressed a preference for Motorola's MicroTAC, pictured, a 20 year old analogue mobile phone.

Web power

As we head towards April, Christmas seems like a distant memory, but you may recall the not-so-seasonal number one single by Rage Against The Machine. The 2009 Christmas 'message' being, "We've had enough of the string of Christmas number ones produced by Simon Cowell."

Keeping up with technology – it’s a relationship thing

OK, it's time to confess. Did you take the plunge by buying a new HD DVD player or perhaps, many years ago, a Beta video recorder? Or, wisely as it would have turned out, perhaps you held back on moving to the latest consumer technology, just to see what would eventuate.

Vote Manufacturing

Just a few years ago, the feeling was that the UK needed to plan for a post industrial economy based on financial services. But, after a period of enormous economic change, manufacturing has never been more important.

Leadership skills lacking

Despite the fact that the UK's workforce is more skilled than ever, the National Strategic Skills Audit has determined that 1.7million people don't have the skills necessary to do their job properly.

Richard Noble's Bloodhound Project diary

We started BLOODHOUND officially in June 2007- that was 33 months ago – 33 months of hell at my end keeping the programme afloat – but this next week we believe the Aero team will come up with the final shape of the car.

Vote manufacturing

Focusing on financial services, rather than manufacturing industry, has had a serious impact on the UK's economy. Now, there's a lot discussion about how to address the UK's national debt - heading towards £200bn - with much of the discussion centred around deep spending cuts.

Time is money and manufacturing is a solution

Since the global economic crisis exposed the UK's reliance on the financial services sector, manufacturing has enjoyed a renaissance. Now, the sector is seen as one of the ways of turning things around. But it's going to be a long haul. Findlay Media's Manufacturing Summit, held on 4 March in London, provided the platform for strong debate on the future of UK manufacturing.

A question of logic

One of the advantages of the programmable logic device is its ability to be repurposed. Users can download a new bitstream to the device and it can perform different tasks.

The next stage

Semiconductor feature sizes are now much smaller than the wavelength of the light being used in their creation.

Just buy me a blue dress

That was the last thing my wife said to me as she kissed me goodbye and I settled into the cab bound for the airport. I was departing for a week long business trip to the US and her parting request was for a blue dress. "Sure," I thought. "How hard can that be?"

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