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Closing the gender gap could take 258 years for physics and 60 years for mathematics

In the 'Year of Engineering', engineering skills are taking centre stage and the Skills Commission inquiry, which is co-chaired by Lucy Allan MP, Preet Gill MP and Professor Sandra McNally, is taking evidence as to why women are so badly under-represented within engineering courses, and whether upcoming skills system reforms will encourage more women to go into the profession.

Open source, open season

Last week Synopsys released its Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA) report for 2017, and it has raised some serious issues.

Test drones get approval

Apple, Intel, Microsoft and Uber are among a number of businesses who have been given the greenlight by the US government for ten pilot drone projects - including mapping, aircraft inspection and food delivery.

Problems mount for Qualcomm

News that Qualcomm has begun to lay-off full time and temporary workers, as part of a broader cost-cutting plan, comes at a tricky time for the US company.

A device that can 'hear' your internal voice?

Researchers at MIT have created a wearable device, called AlterEgo, that can read people’s minds when they use their internal voice. So, while they appear to be silent to the outside world they are able to control devices and ask queries without speaking.

On the front line

According to the National Cyber Security Centre criminal online attacks against UK firms were on the increase last year.

Rushing towards autonomous vehicles

News that video from the self-driving car crash, in which a US pedestrian was killed, suggests a ‘catastrophic failure’ of the technology being used by Uber raises some serious questions not only for the company but for everyone involved in autonomous vehicles.

Time flies and after 23 years, it’s time to move on

When I started covering this industry as a reporter with Electronics Times in 1980, we were getting excited about things like the Intel 80286, which integrated 134,000 transistors and was produced on a 1.5µm process. We saw the beginning of the PC era with the launch of the IBM PC and Japan threatening to dominate the electronics industry.

Future proofing the economy

The first anniversary of the UK's Digital Strategy has seen the Government announce the winners of a £25million competition to pave the way for a future rollout of 5G technology in the UK.

Apple audit spots more violations

According to Apple’s latest audit of its suppliers it has found an increased number of serious violations of its labour and environmental policies. The company had recently extended the scope of its annual audit and has found that some suppliers have been falsifying work hours data.

This girl can and did

Gender parity is said to be 200 years away and much progress still needs to be made. However, changes are happening and on International Woman's Day, we wanted to celebrate the progress we have made.

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