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Rail commuters unhappy with mobile phone connectivity

Anyone remember the ‘good old days’ when office work only took place between 9am and 5pm? Since those ‘good old days’, there has been a significant extension in the working day. Now, as soon as someone hops on the train to work, they are more than likely to start looking at emails or whatever – if they can.

A national online survey* has determined that 52% of rail passengers have been prevented from working at some time during their commute, interfering with their ...

Breaker, breaker …

An email in this morning’s inbox mentions CB radio, causing me to cast my mind back to the late 1970s, when significant efforts were made by the government to stop people communicating.

Don't just pass rules, enforce them

People in the UK are getting the right to force social media companies and online traders to delete their personal data under news laws that will be brought forward over the summer.

The tale of the tape

The recent focus on creating solid state drives based on multilayer, multilevel flash memory could convince you that other means of storing data are redundant. But they aren’t. While SSDs are becoming popular – particularly in the enterprise sector – many other storage formats remain in use.

Broadband upgrade

BT has made an offer to the government to spend £600million to deliver 10Mbps broadband access to everyone in the UK by 2022. Whether the government accepts the offer or decides to use its regulatory powers to push BT further has yet to be seen.

Can the Government build an industrial strategy?

It’s fair to say that politicians, with a few noticeable exceptions, have never really ‘got’ technology. Whilst they have often attempted to make the right noises – Harold Wilson’s allusion in the 1960s to the ‘white heat of the technological revolution’ is an example – their actions have proved very different to their words.

Should industry help UKRI deliver a ‘joined up’ approach?

One element of the Government’s forthcoming Industrial Strategy is a sharpening of the UK’s R&D efforts. Previously handled by a number of research councils, the work is to be coordinated by the newly formed UK Research and Innovation, or UKRI, to be headed by Sir Mark Walport, currently the Government’s chief scientific advisor.

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