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ULPmark battle breaks out: my MCU is more energy efficient than yours!

We've become accustomed to the leaders in the FPGA market trying to outdo each other, but the microcontroller market has generally been better behaved. But things seem to have changed as the players in the low power MCU market look to attain the highest score on EEMBC's ULPBench benchmark. The score is published as ULPmarks and the bigger the score, the more energy efficient the MCU.

ULPBench takes a two pronged approach to measuring the energy efficiency of an ...

Intel eyes Altera, according to rumours

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Intel is in talks to buy Altera. The deal, should it happen, would be Intel's largest acquisition to date; figures appear to put the price at around $10billion.

Vanguard 1 completes 57 years in orbit

There are millions of bits of space junk orbiting the Earth, many of them less than 10cm in size. But one object only slightly larger is Vanguard 1, launched on this day in 1958 from Cape Canaveral – the oldest artificial satellite in orbit.

Solid state battery researchers attract attention

Consumers continue to push for longer operating times between charges for the various devices they own. Meanwhile, device manufacturers continue to look to create smaller – or at least more elegant – battery powered products. These interests combine to put even more pressure on those developing battery technologies.

Will Micro Bit emulate the BBC Micro?

The BBC is looking to emulate the success of the legendary BBC Micro with the launch of a device similar to the Raspberry Pi. Called Micro Bit, the board is intended to get schoolchildren interested in coding and then to take up a career in technology.

Suddenly, IoT security is all the rage

Visitors to the recent embedded world exhibition in Nuremburg could be forgiven for thinking they'd turned up at a different event, such was the focus on security. It was all to do with the Internet of Things – or whatever the particular vendor was calling the technology. Already, clarity is disappearing from the sector: one company says it's the IoT; another says it's the Internet of Tomorrow; others ignore the words 'internet' and 'things' altogether.

NXP, Freescale bosses 'very excited' about the future

As you might have predicted, Rick Clemmer – NXP's boss – told an audience of analysts on a conference call today that he was 'very excited' about the deal to acquire Freescale. "Both companies are strategically aligned and have similar cultural values."

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