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Arm continues to trade with China

Despite the on-going trade dispute between the US and China, Arm is continuing to trade with the Chinese electronics industry.

Back in May the media was full of reports that Arm was no longer trading with Chinese companies. The UK chip designer was said to have suspended business with Huawei after the US government placed the company on its ‘banned entity’ list, forbidding US companies to supply it with technology.Arm had been working very closely with the ...

Near universal support for WI-FI 6

According to a cross-industry survey, conducted by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), 90 per cent of respondents are planning to deploy Wi-Fi 6 with 66 per cent saying they plan to deploy the next iteration of Wi-Fi before the end of 2020.

China not leading in AI innovation

Despite Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) start-ups having received over $6billion in funding in the past 4 years, China is still failing to lead in cutting-edge AI innovation.

The future is here and now

The pace of change and the complexity that confronts today’s design engineer are also having a profound impact on customers, suppliers and colleagues and those pressures continue to evolve, throwing up fresh challenges.

Has the UK too few robots?

According to a report from the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) committee, the UK is falling behind other advanced economies in using automation and robots in the workplace.

World’s first 6G White Paper

A 6G Flagship research program has published the world’s first 6G white paper, opening the door to defining what it means and how it will affect the wireless network post 2030.

A landmark ruling?

The news that the High Court has ruled in favour of the South Wales Police, in response to a judicial review brought about by an individual, Ed Bridges, means that the police service there will be allowed to continue to use Automated Facial Recognition (AWR) technology.

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