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Ofcom’s Wi-Fi app doesn’t get an enthusiatic reception

Most of us despair at times – some more regularly than others – at the speed of our Wi-Fi connection. Usually, just when you need a fast and reliable download, circumstances conspire to make sure the opposite happens.

Now Ofcom – the communications regulator – has released an app that tell you if your network isn’t set up as well as it could be. Apparently, the app runs two tests – I would have liked to ‘road test’ it, but it’s only available for Android and ...

Too many UK roads don’t have phone coverage

The debate over mobile phone coverage in rural areas – or the lack of it – rumbles on. The latest contribution comes from the RAC Foundation, which says that ‘more than 4500 miles’ of the UK’s roads have no mobile coverage.

Will the ‘merger mania’ bill top $100bn this year?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost count of the amount of money spent this year by semiconductor companies buying other semiconductor companies. In October, Mentor Graphics’ boss Wally Rhines suggested the bill had already reached $85billion. Since then, there have been other deals, with Microsemi’s $2.5bn purchase of PMC-Sierra the latest on the list. Slightly more modest investments have been made by Silicon Labs, spending $20million on Telegesis, and XP Power, splashing $12m on EMCO.

Will a single research body bring more political control over science funding?

At the NMI’s Industry Summit, held last week in London, attendees were presented with an update on the electronic systems community’s economic footprint. Now said to be worth almost £100billion and to employ more than 1million, the sector is booming. On current projections, it will account for more than 7% of the UK’s GDP by 2020, whilst employing 1.7million people.

ESCO economic update paints a bright picture

Speaking at NMI’s Industry Summit in London ARM’s Ian Phillips talked members through the latest statistics on the size of the economic footprint of the electronics systems community in the UK, and those statistics painted a booming, vibrant sector.

Doubts over centralising UK science funding

The Nurse Report, a government commissioned review of UK science funding, is calling for a single independent agency to liaise with ministers in order to determine priorities when it comes to UK science funding.

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