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Auto makers start slamming those stable doors as the hacking horse bolts

You can imagine there's more than a bit of running around going on at car manufacturers as they struggle to deal with the latest hacking revelations. Those about to unveil their latest models will be keen to demonstrate to potential customers that their vehicles are secure, but how can anyone be entirely sure? How can your showroom demonstrate confidently that someone couldn't take control of your shiny new car?

While the odd stable door has been slammed ...

Just how smart will driverless cars need to be – and how can we ensure they’re safe?

A couple of years ago, I wrote that it will be 'some time' before we see driverless cars on the street. Needless to say, I have been proven wrong; Google has been testing its cars on a range of streets in the US for some time, while InnovateUK started tests at four UK sites earlier this year. Already, we heard about the first accidents involving such cars, but it seems it's the 'other driver' who seems to be at fault; at least in the case of Google's cars.

Is EUV getting closer to production?

TSMC's latest earnings call contained some interesting nuggets; in particular, the fact that it hasn't given up on getting EUV into 10nm production at some point. But it has firm plans to get EUV working at the 5nm node.

The Moore's Law clock is winding down

The adherence by manufacturers to a 50 year old Law that suggested the number of transistors on a given area of silicon would double every 18 months has been impressive. Yet silicon can only go so far; after a while, you begin to run out of atoms to play with.

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