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BlackBerry phones bite the dust as plug pulled on hardware development

At the beginning of 1999, Research In Motion (RIM) announced the BlackBerry, which it described as ‘a breakthrough wireless email solution for mobile professionals’. The adoption of email push technology meant BlackBerries became the ‘must have’ mobile phone for anyone who perceived themselves as having an important business role. Importantly, the BlackBerry was designed to be wearable, to operate 24 hours per day and to run on a single AA alkaline battery. The introduction ...

Storm clouds gather over academia

Could the UK lose 15% of staff at its universities? Margaret Wintermantel thinks so. Head of the German Academic Exchange Service, which represents more than 300 higher education institutions, Wintermantel has warned that uncertainty around the UK’s intentions following the Brexit vote was causing a growing number of academics to turn down jobs in British universities.

Is a lack of action since Brexit undermining confidence?

Since the announcement on 24 June that the British public had voted for ‘Brexit’ – to leave the European Union – there has been a conspicuous lack of action. While that is, perhaps, good news to those who voted to remain, the apparent inertia is not being received with any great delight by UK universities and the technology sector.

Raspberry Pi passes the 10million mark

Last week, an event at the Houses of Parliament celebrated the fact that 10million Raspberry Pi computers have been shipped since its launch early in 2012. The milestone underlines Pi’s position as the most successful UK computer.Not bad for an idea that originated during a conversation between a couple of people walking through London’s Hyde Park and for which there were limited expectations; Pi Foundation trustee Pete Lomas, who designed the board, said the original idea was to make ‘a couple of thousand’.

Cultivating innovation in UK batteries

Did you know that it was British chemist Joseph Swan who invented the lightbulb? While Thomas Edison frequently receives the praise for the lightbulb moment, it was Swan who first developed the incandescent bulb and lit his house with electricity.

Security needs attention

Published earlier this year Vodafone’s Barometer, the company’s annual study of how the Internet of Things is transforming business, found that over 50 percent of those questioned were already or planning to deploy IoT projects while a growing majority were optimistic, working with their IoT providers, when it came to managing associated security and risk.

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