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Powering wearables (and giving batteries a better life)

A fresh batch of growth predictions on wearables has once again highlighted the (wrist) burning question of power usage.

Around 22million wearable devices will be shipped this year — more than double last year's 9.7m. The market will grow from $5billion in 2013 to $30bn by 2018, companies will sell more than 112m devices by 2018. And on they go; big numbers, big money. However, the power/performance profile for wearables remains much lower than those for ...

Life changing decisions

As a member of the judging panel for the British Engineering Excellence Awards, I am sworn to secrecy as to the details of our recent deliberations that resulted in the shortlist you can see on page 7 of this issue. Beyond saying that the competition was fierce, that some of the entrants were hugely impressive and that the debate raged back and forth, my lips shall remain sealed until the Awards ceremony on the 9th October.

Shadowy activities in the cloud?

The recent news that so called 'intimate' pictures of celebrities have been stolen from cloud based storage and posted on the web raises an interesting question: just how safe is data stored in 'the cloud'?

Mixed messages

Buying another company is a complex and sensitive process. If one or both of the companies are listed on a stock exchange, then things have to happen in a particular way.

Infineon’s acquisition of IR boosts Europe’s power play

Over the last five years or so, Infineon has been rumoured to be poised to acquire a number of companies, but smoke was never accompanied by fire. On the list were companies such as NXP, Freescale and STMicroelectronics. But in what appears to be a break from tradition, it has acquired International Rectifier for $3billion with hardly a breath of intrigue. Only at the very last moment did the whispers of the deal emerge and, even then, many commentators identified Fairchild as the target.

Infineon buys IR, stops editor in his tracks

Every so often, a news story pops up which stops you in your tracks. Infineon's acquisition of International Rectifier is one of those stories. The $3billion acquisition is as close as you come to a blockbuster in the dog days of August.

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