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Distribution may never have been more challenging but focus on the right markets and the prospects for growth are encouraging

Distributors have to contend with an ever lengthening list of challenges from globalisation and growing product complexity to managing obsolescence and tackling counterfeit products, as well as balancing supply and demand effectively.

UK manufacturing surprised commentators last month recording its fastest rate of growth in almost 16 months, but there are continued worries that the UK market remains a challenge. So it came as a surprise when in a series of ...

ESCO economic update paints a bright picture

Speaking at NMI’s Industry Summit in London ARM’s Ian Phillips talked members through the latest statistics on the size of the economic footprint of the electronics systems community in the UK, and those statistics painted a booming, vibrant sector.

Doubts over centralising UK science funding

The Nurse Report, a government commissioned review of UK science funding, is calling for a single independent agency to liaise with ministers in order to determine priorities when it comes to UK science funding.

Too many horses in the IoT race

Professor William Webb, chief executive of the Weightless SIG, knows a thing or two about radio. Amongst the positions on his CV are cofounder of white space communications pioneer Neul and chief strategy officer for Motorola.

How do we inspire the next generation of technologists?

Speaking at last week’s second annual ARM Forum at London’s Science Museum, the company’s CEO Simon Segars warned that, while technology has an enormous role to play in our future, we will only have these new technologies if we can increase the supply of technologists.

Get real about the IoT, consultant urges

We have become accustomed to the predictions about the extent to which Internet of Things will develop over the next few years. Depending upon whose view you subscribe to, there could be 50billion connected devices by 2020. And even though that represents something like 10 devices per person on the planet, we don’t see that as particularly extravagent.

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