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Over the air updates to IoT devices will bring 'huge security challenges'

Cars have always been a target for thieves. In the dim and distant past, a wire coat hanger slid between the window glass and its frame could often unlock the door. Then, a small bit of hot wiring allowed the thief to drive off.

More recently, technology has come into play. The use of RF communications between a key fob of some description and the car allowed a code to be transmitted, recognised by the car and doors unlocked. Originally, these systems used a ...

Will Apple’s ‘iCar’ break the mould?

Rumours suggesting that Apple was working on some kind of autonomous vehicle have been circulating for some time. According to some stories, more than 1000 engineers have been working on the project for a couple of years in a 'secret location'. But Apple is a tough place to get information from and so the rumours remain just that.

The 2D material ‘gold rush’ continues apace

Since graphene – the single layer version of graphite – was isolated in 2004 by Manchester academics Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, there has been something akin to the old fashioned ‘gold rush’ as scientists looked develop applications for the so called wonder material.

The Year that Wasn’t

As we prepare to say goodbye to another calendar year, I’m constantly being asked about where I think the IoT is going over the next twelve months. While it’s easy to make predictions I want to explore some of the predictions that we made last year that may not have come true.

Will it be a grim future for IoT security?

A picture is being painted of a world in which hackers are attempting to find flaws in every connected system – and the recent stories about webcams being used to bring down sites like Paypal, as well as drones being used to hack a particular brand of connected lightbulb don’t contradict this. It’s a scenario that is only going to get worse, the thinking goes.

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