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Will you be at the 'must attend' Electronics and Embedded Design Shows?

It wasn’t too long ago that attending exhibitions had fallen out of favour with engineers from UK companies. While what could be categorised as ‘consumer’ events remained popular, specialist shows were disappearing from the calendar.

Many factors contributed to this decline. Location was one; an electronics show in the centre of London, for example, was not an attractive proposition for someone based in the North. Pressure of work was another; with a decline in ...

Designers need more from their distribution partner

Today’s design landscape is crowded and competitive. The pressures heaped on Electronics Designers to get their products to market faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively are higher than ever. However engineers are continuing to face significant hurdles in sourcing the key components they need to realise their designs.

Who can we trust?

It would seem that in the aftermath of the VW emissions scandal, a Pandora’s Box has been opened in the world of efficiency tests.

Apprenticeships – back to the future?

Back in the summer Chancellor George Osborne announced a new levy to help reach a target of 3million new apprenticeships by 2020. Funded by business the levy, due to be introduced in 2017, is intended to tackle the UK’s skills shortage.

EPSRC puts £12m into quantum research

The quantum world, as this writer has mentioned many times, is inclined to make your brain hurt. And it’s a topic that led legendary scientist Richard Feynman to claim, in 1964, that: “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”

Could wearables be the key to improvements in healthcare?

Healthcare systems around the world are under mounting pressure. Public expectations are growing; changing demographics are leading to increased demand for services; at the same time as average lifespan is increasing, unhealthy lifestyles are causing an escalation in the prevalence of chronic conditions.

ESD suppression design guide

Choosing the most appropriate ESD suppression technology requires a balance between equipment protection needs and operating requirements. This 18-page ESD Suppression Design Guide from Littelfuse summarises some of the solutions available and helps designers choose the most appropriate solution for their end applications.

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