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Apple slowdown

Apple’s shares have taken a tumble as for the first time since 2003 the company announced a marked fall in sales, with revenues tumbling by 13 percent to $50.6bn The company said that it expected sales to fall further in the next quarter to around $41bn.

The fall has been attributed to a slump in sales of the company’s iPhone, which accounts for around two thirds of overall sales. iPhone sales tumbled 16 percent in the last quarter, with the majority of that ...

Job cuts herald new focus for Intel

Intel has built its business on domination of the PC market. Over the years, the company has used a range of practices – some of which resulted in close attention from regulators – to push its competitors to the margins.

Here we go again!

Last September when news broke that Volkswagen had been installing ‘defeat device’ software to cheat emissions tests many asked the question: what about the others and who else has been fiddling their figures?

Can superconducting spintronics cut computing’s power bill?

The word 'supercomputer' doesn't do justice to these behemoths of computing technology.Let's take, as an example, what is named in the TOP500 ranking as the fastest such device. Tianhe-2, based in China, is said to feature more than 3million cores in a mix of Intel Xeon processors. Capable of a peak computing performance of 54.9PFLOPS, the machine draws 17.8MW.

Security vs privacy, round 2

Following the news that the FBI had managed to break into an Apple iPhone 5C and, as a result, had decided not to proceed with its legal action against the mobile phone giant, it appeared the debate between those arguing for enhanced levels of national security as opposed to those calling for greater customer privacy had moved decisively in favour of the former.

Technological turbulence

In a world where technological change is faster than ever the rise and fall of companies can be startling quick, just compare the past histories of Huawei and Blackberry.

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