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You’ve heard of the IoT, but 6% of business leaders surveyed haven’t

There has been a lot of hype about the IoT, with early predictions that 50billion devices would be deployed. Since then, expectations have cooled, but not significantly, although market watchers believe there will be some 20bn connected devices in the next few years.

This early enthusiasm is being tempered by businesses taking a closer look at what the IoT is and what it can do for them. Some have already decided the IoT isn’t for them. A report published by the ...

Turning Europe’s industrial supertanker

Hot on the heels of the Government’s Green Paper starting a discussion about the UK’s future industrial strategy comes a joint declaration from 92 European industry associations calling for the EU to, essentially, do the same thing.

What goes around …

They say nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, but you probably know someone who still uses a Nokia 3310 mobile phone – and secretly covet the device. I know at least two 3310 users and one of them refused to change it because his car had a hands free system for a 3310 and it would have cost more than £700 to adapt it for a newer device. The other user is, to be honest, just cheap!

Tick. Tock … Tick … … Tock

The slowing of the rate at which the semiconductor industry moves to the next process node has become more obvious of late. Not so long ago, the next node – 90, then 65, 40 and 28nm – turned up pretty regularly every 18 months.

European tech has funding black hole

While Europe’s start-up ecosystem has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade, it risks being choked by the lack of later stage financing, which has hardly budged in five years. The result is a yawning – and growing – chasm between the number of ‘grown up’ European tech companies eligible for late stage growth money and the capital available in Europe to back them.

Back to the future with germanium

Silicon has been the electronics industry’s preferred material for decades. Even with the end of scaling looming large, foundries and other device manufacturers are still looking at silicon for future processes. And with good reason; the industry is silicon based and a move to any other material would essentially require a complete renewal of the manufacturing infrastructure.

Imaging moves to centre stage

It’s quite easy to overlook the importance of imaging technology, but the approach – in its various guises – spans applications ranging from space and earth observation imaging to digital cameras and smartphones, via life sciences, machine vision and medical diagnostics.

Shaking up perceptions of the electronics industry

The Electronic Systems Community’s (ESCO) new CEO Tony King-Smith wants to shake things up. King-Smith, until recently, vp of marketing with IP developer Imagination Technologies, has been involved with ESCO from its early days. But he wants to change the way in which electronics – and the industries which rely on electronics – is perceived by the general public.

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