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Electronics Design Show highlights events are alive and kicking

More than 4000 people attended the Electronics, Embedded and Engineering Design Shows, held last week in Coventry's Ricoh Arena, defying the belief that attending exhibitions is a thing of the past for UK engineers.

Let's look a bit more closely at why the shows succeeded. Today, the Findlay Media database shows there are more people calling themselves product engineers and the like than there are electronic engineers and that's because responsibilities have ...

Tomorrow’s engineers; today’s problem

A survey conducted by design software giant Autodesk amongst UK secondary school students has found that 57% of respondents believe a lack of technology in the classroom is holding them back from pursuing a STEM (science, technology and maths) based career.

Does CSR’s acquisition weaken the UK’s electronics sector?

Early in September, CSR rejected an approach from Microchip to acquire it. The company issued a terse statement saying it was 'considering its 'options'. Those options have become a bit clearer today with the news that Qualcomm is to take over the Cambridge based Bluetooth pioneer for £1.6billion ($2.5bn) in cash. Earlier estimates at the time of Microchip's rejected approach suggested the company could change hands for $3bn, so Qualcomm may have got a bit of a bargain.

BEEAs Grand Prix winner is an example to all companies

When we launched the British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) in 2009, our intention was to celebrate the achievements of those UK companies and individuals that have demonstrated the skills, invention and dedication, not only to compete on an international stage, but also to succeed. Each year since then, the BEEAs have consistently seen these demonstrations of excellence.

ARM looks even more closely at the industrial world

The news that ARM has added another member to its highly successful Cortex-M family is not in itself a showstopper. What is of interest is the leap in performance which is likely to be available from microcontrollers built around the Cortex-M7 core.

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Tomorrow’s engineers

A survey conducted by design software giant Autodesk amongst UK secondary school ...

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