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Saving the environment, but at what cost?

A recent landmark legal case, brought in the US against some of the world’s biggest technology companies, looks to address the horrific conditions associated with mining cobalt.

Cobalt is an essential component in the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles, and the legal action being taken in the US is part of a much wider campaign that is looking to cut the amount of cobalt used in batteries. The case is being brought by the parents of children said to ...

Does Whitehall need more scientists?

Apparently the government’s chief scientific advisers, Sir Patrick Vallance, thinks that the UK’s civil service is suffering due to a lack of scientific ability and, as a result, is placing the UK at an increasing disadvantage with nations like China.

Samsung and Huawei embrace DIY

According to new research from IHS Market | Technology both Samsung and Huawei are ramping up consumption of their own application processor solutions in their products.

Big business struggling to innovate

Research carried out by Studio Graphene among 750 senior decision-makers within UK organisations has discovered that risk-averse cultures, excessive red tape and time constraints are helping to restrict innovation within larger businesses.

Explosions and broken noses as phone injuries surge

As someone who has to navigate London and hordes of people glued to their smartphones on a daily basis it comes as no surprise, and not without a certain degree of smugness, to report that the hazards of using a smartphone include broken noses, cuts and even brain injuries as a result of using a phone.

2020 electronics industry predictions

What can we expect from the electronics product design industry in terms of growth and trends during 2020? Dunstan Power, Director, ByteSnap Design and his team of engineers cast their predictions for next year.

UK businesses at risk

New research has found that a quarter of UK businesses do not have any form of disaster recovery plan in place to protect them.

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