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Whether it’s comment on a recent story, a slightly irreverent look at the latest news or an expression of complete disbelief, the New Electronics editorial team brings you their views on the latest from the electronics industry, putting these developments into context.

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Solving a problem?

With some 73,000 people passing through the gates during its four days, electronica confirmed its status as the leading event of its type. As you might expect from an event of this stature, there was a lot of glitz, many double decker stands and plenty of technological 'eye candy' intended to draw engineers to those stands. But when you stripped away the gloss, what did the 50th outing of electronica tell us about the electronics industry? That it is a mature industry which ...

Let’s work together

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is all about data - its collection and analysis, followed by some kind of action - which means nothing will happen without innovative sensors.

Lowe logs on to monitor the dog

If you didn't believe the Internet of Things was ubiquitous, here's a soundbite from the CEO Roundtable at electronica last week. Freescale CEO Gregg Lowe said: "Today, even my dog is connected to the web."

Plastic, but not fantastic

Almost five years ago, the Government of the day rolled out a strategy document – Plastic Electronics: A UK Strategy for Success – which outlined its ambition for the UK 'to build on its position as one of the leaders in this sector'.

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Solutions dominate electronica

By the time electronica closed last Friday afternoon, more than 73,000 visitors had ...

Tomorrow’s engineers

A survey conducted by design software giant Autodesk amongst UK secondary school ...

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It's seven years since XMOS came out of stealth mode and, despite a couple of fairly ...