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Cultivating innovation in UK batteries

Did you know that it was British chemist Joseph Swan who invented the lightbulb? While Thomas Edison frequently receives the praise for the lightbulb moment, it was Swan who first developed the incandescent bulb and lit his house with electricity.

This is one of many great contributions that the UK has made to the field of science and technology, with the industry showing little signs of slowing down. If you were to believe the fears of critics in the engineering ...

Security needs attention

Published earlier this year Vodafone’s Barometer, the company’s annual study of how the Internet of Things is transforming business, found that over 50 percent of those questioned were already or planning to deploy IoT projects while a growing majority were optimistic, working with their IoT providers, when it came to managing associated security and risk.

Speed is of the essence to embedded designers

In 1999, four authors posted a list of 95 theses on the web declaring how traditional marketing would be made obsolete by the Internet. The Cluetrain Manifesto, as this list was called, detailed how the internet would change business in general, and marketing in particular, by arguing that ‘markets were conversations’ and stating that businesses needed to take part in these conversations with customers to prosper.

Steering students towards STEM

The debate about how to convince school students to pursue STEM subjects and then to take a career using those skills is not restricted to the UK. The US has been addressing the topic for some time now and, it would appear, has not come any closer to developing a solution.

Could PCM be faster than we thought?

Industry and academia have been pursuing phase change memory (PCM) with varying levels of enthusiasm for five decades. And yet, despite a number of advances, the technology remains tantalisingly just out of reach.

‘Designer molecules’ set to change materials performance

For almost as long as scientific research has been undertaken, the process has been time consuming and manual. Scientists have developed an idea, tested it and, in many cases, gone back to the drawing board. But the arrival of computers began to change that and, with huge amounts of processing power available to most research teams, the approach to scientific research is changing.

Distribution sees ‘some uncertainty’ as year on year sales jump

What are we to make of the latest data from the Electronic Component Supply Network (ECSN)? According to the organisation, billings – let’s call them sales – were up by 13% over June 2015 and driven primarily by demand for semiconductors. In the great scheme of things, that looks to be good news; after all, global semiconductor sales have been little better than flat across that time. So, with consumption increasing, you might think the UK electronics sector is experiencing good times.

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