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Government 'must do better' on exports, but industry has to play its part

In 2012, Chancellor George Osborne set a target for the UK to export goods to the value of £1trillion a year by 2020. In order to achieve that goal, exports would need to increase by 10% every year; something that has yet to happen.

When New Electronics surveyed its readers in 2013 to determine the critical issues affecting the electronics industry, one of the themes that became evident was that companies were finding it difficult to break into new markets. ...

Schrodinger's computer?

One of the problems with the quantum world is that, as soon as you start to investigate it, conditions change and things aren't what they seem – some would say can't be what they seem. Schrodinger and his cat sum it all up nicely.

Why not give an open door a push?

The UK Government spends a lot of money buying 'things'; in 2013/14, it spent about £44billion. Yet, despite this level of expenditure, there has been the feeling that small companies don't have their fair share.

A phone you can repair yourself

I commented in January on a report from Teleplan which claimed Britain is becoming a throwaway society. A recent survey undertaken for the company found consumers shun repairs to broken phones, TVs, kettles, laptops, tablets and consumer electricals.

Choose ESD protection devices sooner rather than later to avoid schedule slippage

Ask any financial planner for retirement savings advice and the first answer you'll get will always be the same: "It's never too early to start planning for retirement." Much the same advice is true for circuit designers responsible for incorporating circuit protection technologies into the designs of today's increasingly compact wireless and wearable devices.

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