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Do you want it to be easy to set up audio equipment?

Audio is one of those personal things. Some people need valve amplifiers, large speakers and the most expensive turntable you can get your hands on. At the other end of the scale are people who are happy with an MP3 player and an underperforming pair of earbuds. The rest of us sit somewhere in between the two extremes.

CSR has tried to find out more about the audio market in a recent survey of 2000 consumers who have a smartphone, Wi-Fi at home and who listen to ...

Nothing changes, it seems

Sharp eyed readers may have already noticed that there's a 'new kid on the block', with Neil Tyler taking over as editor of New Electronics. It's something of a rare event: in its 46 year history, New Electronics has had only five editors – and just two in the last 26 years.

‘Workman’ makes plasma TV disappear at electronica

Readers of a certain vintage may well recall the methods used in the past to steal TVs from places like hotels and hospitals – even TV showrooms. Two 'villains' – TVs were heavy in those days – would turn up wearing brown dustcoats or similar garb, pick up the TV and simply walk out of the building. Nobody would question them because it looked like they were TV repair people and therefore 'doing their job'.

Did you experience FOMO last Friday?

We live in a world fuelled by acronyms and the electronics industry - as well as the electronics press - is one of the worst offenders. Look through the pages of New Electronics or on our website and you'll see a veritable 'alphabet soup', ranging from ASIC to ZBD - zero power bistable display, in case you're wondering.

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