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What's up there? Find out online

Not much to do with electronics, but an interesting topic nonetheless. An 18year old programmer called James Yoder has created a 3D interactive map of all the 'stuff' in orbit around the Earth.

Just in case you were wondering, there are more than 150,000 objects larger than a cricket ball 'up there'. And it is suspected there are many more smaller objects that are the result of collisions, explosions and the like.According to Yoder, his map – called ...

SIC and tired of a broad brush classification system

Last week's report by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES). The report – Skills and Performance Challenges in the Advanced Manufacturing Sector – was based on data from five sectors, one of which was 'assemblers of electrical and electronic products'.

Schrodinger's computer?

One of the problems with the quantum world is that, as soon as you start to investigate it, conditions change and things aren't what they seem – some would say can't be what they seem. Schrodinger and his cat sum it all up nicely.

Why not give an open door a push?

The UK Government spends a lot of money buying 'things'; in 2013/14, it spent about £44billion. Yet, despite this level of expenditure, there has been the feeling that small companies don't have their fair share.

A phone you can repair yourself

I commented in January on a report from Teleplan which claimed Britain is becoming a throwaway society. A recent survey undertaken for the company found consumers shun repairs to broken phones, TVs, kettles, laptops, tablets and consumer electricals.

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