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Will Apple buy Imagination?

The ‘For Sale’ sign has gone up outside Imagination Technologies’ Kings Langley headquarters north of London. The news follows quickly after the company said that its MIPS and Ensigma business units were available.

Running an IP licensing company, as we have noted in the past, can be lucrative – just take a look at ARM’s track record. But when it goes wrong, it can be hard to turn things around. It’s all about closing deals – and Imagination hasn’t been closing ...

Turning pee into power!

An unexpected energy source, urine could be used to generate enough electricity to ‘slowly’ recharge your smartphone, as well as power smart displays or lights in portable toilets.

Technology to make us super 'men'

What superman could do with his x-ray vision, man can now do with technology. A big leap has been made for 3D through-wall imaging, say researchers at UC Santa Barbara, as it is now possible ‘in flight’ using drones and Wi-Fi.

The battery technology ‘gold rush’

The number of research projects exploring the various aspects of battery technology seems to have increased dramatically over the last year or so. And there’s good reason; pressure from consumers for longer run time, as well as pressure from designers for smaller batteries is demanding new solutions.

Medical devices need better protection against cyberattacks

More than 65% of medical device makers questioned in a recent survey believe an attack on one or more of the products built by or in use in their organisation is likely over the next 12 months. Yet only 17% of respondents are taking ‘significant’ steps to prevent attacks. Alarmingly, 32% of medical device manufacturers believe that no one person or function in their organisation is ‘responsible for device security’.

Post-election the ticking clock of Brexit negotiations grows louder

With the Brexit negotiating clock ticking louder, last week's election has raised more questions than answers for UK business and science. Both have a lot to lose from a hard Brexit and Theresa May's failure to win a majority could mean that a softer Brexit is now more likely. Could her failure have transformed the Brexit negotiating landscape?

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