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Can MEMS be a sensor and a cryptographic device at the same time?

MEMS developers invest enormous effort as they struggle to eliminate process variations which result in imperfect devices, manufacturing yield loss and lower profit margins.Yet it’s ironic that the very flaws that plague MEMS sensors are in fact features for another application – cryptography.

MEMS gyroscopes, it turns out, are useful as a Physical Unclonable Function (PUF), a device used to create a cryptographic key. When interrogated, a PUF produces a unique ...

Doubts over ARM acquisition

Could Softbank’s proposed acquisition be in trouble? News from Japan suggests the company’s shareholders aren’t happy with the proposed deal. Shares in the company have fallen by 10 per cent since it announced its plans to acquire the UK’s biggest technology company.

Can autonomous vehicles ever be smart enough?

It was, perhaps, inevitable that a car being controlled automatically would be involved in a fatal accident. It happened last week in the US, when Joshua Brown’s Tesla was under autopilot control and neither the driver nor the autopilot detected a truck in the car’s path.

MEMS research moving away from silicon

The Solid State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Workshop has, since 1984, been a showcase for the best new MEMS technologies being developed. The conference is one of the most competitive in the field, with only about 10% of abstract submissions gaining the privilege of an oral presentation.

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It was, perhaps, inevitable that a car being controlled automatically would be ...

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