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01/07/2019:Robotics Innovation Hub Introduced to Engineering Design Show 2019 - News
01/07/2019:Chemigraphic receives £7m investment boost from NVM - News
01/07/2019:Anglia PR named UK and Ireland distributor for IXYS - News
01/07/2019:Japan to tighten curbs on tech material exports to South Korea - News
01/07/2019:Method for making thermoelectric material could recapture lost energy - News
01/07/2019:Addressing network security - Reference/Features
01/07/2019:ROLEC offering three suspension arm systems - Product Launches
01/07/2019:Microchip unveils automotive touchscreens with new capacitive touch controllers - Product Launches
02/07/2019:Rohde & Schwarz extends frequency range of its SMA100B RF and microwave signal generator - News
02/07/2019:SlimStack floating connectors from Molex - Product Launches
02/07/2019:New testing solution for optical fibre networks - News
02/07/2019:GOWIN introduces FPGA product line with built-In security - News
02/07/2019:Lighting control firmware looks to future-proof networks - News
02/07/2019:10W DC/DC converter in ultra-compact package - Product Launches
02/07/2019:European project to leverage emerging memory technologies for neuromorphic computing - News
02/07/2019:AD7380 and AD7381 ADC Eval Boards - Technology Spotlights
02/07/2019:Hitex launches security and the IoT focussed seminar alongside WNIE, 18th-19th September 2019. - Technology Spotlights
03/07/2019:Graphenes now go monolayer and single crystalline - News
03/07/2019:Making PCs more user friendly, greener, and more secure - News
03/07/2019:Now Japan looks to use trade as a tool of policy - Blogs
03/07/2019:Nexperia first to market with 175°C diodes and transistors in SOT23 package - Product Launches
03/07/2019:Automotive-compliant linear LED driver-controller - Product Launches
03/07/2019:First-of-its-kind framework for safe automated driving systems - News
04/07/2019:Buck DC/DC converters with ultra-low output voltage for wearables and IoT devices - Product Launches
04/07/2019:ams and SmartSens partner on 3D and NIR sensors - News
04/07/2019:Tech giants planning to move production out of China - News
04/07/2019:The rise of fintech - Blogs
04/07/2019:Cadence digital full flow achieves certification for Samsung foundry 5LPE process technology - News
04/07/2019:Infineon unveils 80V DC-DC buck LED driver IC - Product Launches
05/07/2019:Jaguar announces multi-million UK electric car investment - News
05/07/2019:Schaffner unveils high-performance, IEC C14 power entry module - Product Launches
05/07/2019:Xilinx buys NGCodec - News
05/07/2019:Socionext shipping new HEVC encoder - News
05/07/2019:Rutronik24 to focus on start-ups with dedicated team - News
05/07/2019:Trackwise installs new Vertical Continuous Plating capability - News
05/07/2019:Pico software package for Raspberry Pi - Product Launches
05/07/2019:Vidatronic announces power management unit IP core for Samsung Foundry - News
08/07/2019:Ensuring reliability - Reference/Features
08/07/2019:48V 480W DIN rail power supply has a narrow 84mm width - Product Launches
08/07/2019:Scientists produce graphene from carbon dioxide - News
08/07/2019:GSA: Record 26 5G devices announced in June - News
08/07/2019:Study points to fast growing RF power semiconductor market - News
08/07/2019:Researchers discover monolayer with exciting properties in organic semiconducting films - News
09/07/2019:Qualcomm unveils the 215 Mobile Platform - News
09/07/2019:Premier Farnell extends portfolio with Renesas embedded solutions - News
09/07/2019:Advantech releases compact DIN-rail fanless embedded box PC - Product Launches
09/07/2019:Imec to demonstrate 2 metal layer back-end-of-line for the 3nm technology node - News
09/07/2019:Innovating for today, and tomorrow - Interview
09/07/2019:Banking is dead, long live banking! - Reference/Features
09/07/2019:Celebrating ten years of 6SigmaET - News
09/07/2019:Making the adoption of facial recognition tech easier - Blogs
10/07/2019:Hot chips take a bath - Reference/Features
10/07/2019:KOE introduces 13.3-inch 4K2K TFT display - Product Launches
10/07/2019:MACOM unveils10W GaN-on-Si power amp module - Product Launches
10/07/2019:Wireless Broadband Alliance releases Wi-Fi 6 guidelines - News
10/07/2019:Cisco to acquire Acacia Communications - News
10/07/2019:Plexus investment in Livingston facility - News
10/07/2019:Rohde & Schwarz and Marvin Test Solutions create a tester for 5G beamforming ICs - News
11/07/2019:Fintech is now the new normal - Blogs
11/07/2019:Creating a smarter community - Reference/Features
11/07/2019:Digital twin to go the distance - Reference/Features
11/07/2019:X-FAB expands its 180nm BCD-on-SOI technology platform - News
11/07/2019:Single layer printable organic light emitting diodes - News
11/07/2019:Professor Robert Richardson elected Chair of ESPRC UK-Robotics & Autonomous Systems Network - News
11/07/2019:Ambient light sensor with high sensitivity targets wearables and smartphones - Product Launches
11/07/2019:Connector system for medical system applications - Product Launches
11/07/2019:RS Components introduces the MekaMon robot - News
11/07/2019:Helix signs Digi-Key as worldwide distributor - News
12/07/2019:SMART Global Holdings moves to enter the embedded computing market - News
12/07/2019:Arrow introduces freference kit for Intel Cyclone 10 LP - News
12/07/2019:Funding for new Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials announced - News
12/07/2019:NOR Flash memory devices featuring embedded MAC addresses - Product Launches
12/07/2019:Toposens launches TS3 ultrasonic sensor - Product Launches
15/07/2019:500W-650W AC-DC power supplies for medical devices - Product Launches
15/07/2019:Anglia Live now offers enhanced free sample service - News
15/07/2019:The Centre for Computing History receives £1m funding boost - News
15/07/2019:RS announces availability of ebm-papst drive controller kit - Product Launches
15/07/2019:NUS ‘smart’ textiles boost connectivity between wearable sensors - News
15/07/2019:TSMC returns to growth - News
16/07/2019:Empowering SoC design teams - News
16/07/2019:What will a phone look like in ten years? - Blogs
16/07/2019:Compact LED drivers provide high efficiency and low EMI - Product Launches
16/07/2019:Replacing silicon - Reference/Features
16/07/2019:SnapEDA releases new optoelectronic products - News
16/07/2019:TI claims lowest quiescent current for power switching regulator - Product Launches
16/07/2019:Microchip extends low-power FPGA video and image processing solutions - News
16/07/2019:Cash boost for UK innovators - News
16/07/2019:10.1” Ultra High Luminance Display - giving vivid colours even in direct sunlight - Technology Spotlights
17/07/2019:CPI project to accelerate commercialisation of lightweight nanomaterials and composite products - News
17/07/2019:Next-generation 6W multi-blade power adapter - Product Launches
17/07/2019:Lattice Semiconductor unveils CrossLink reference design - News
17/07/2019:Queen Mary University and Paragraf to look at using graphene to replace Indium - News
17/07/2019:Universal Science and 3M sign channel partnership agreement - News
17/07/2019:600V three-phase gate driver with smart shutdown - Product Launches
18/07/2019:DSP Concepts partners with CEVA to streamline development of high-end sound applications - News
18/07/2019:Socionext encoder generates live 8K video streams - News
18/07/2019:Secure facilities - Reference/Features
18/07/2019:UltraSoC-led consortium secures funding for vehicle cybersecurity solutions - News
18/07/2019:STMicroelectronics and Arrow Electronics to provide electronic fuel-injection reference design - Product Launches
18/07/2019:Digital Catapult launches Augmentor programme to accelerate UK AR and VR startups - News
18/07/2019:Cadence delivers portable test and stimulus methodology and library - News
18/07/2019:Digi Connect IT family of console access servers - Product Launches
18/07/2019:Electronic chip looks to mimic the brain to make memories in a flash - News
19/07/2019:Smiths' circular M23 connectors qualified to perform at depths of 5 meters - Product Launches
19/07/2019:Customised aluminium enclosures - Product Launches
19/07/2019:Radio silence - Blogs
19/07/2019:New e-skin innovation gives robots and prosthetics an exceptional sense of touch - News
19/07/2019:Vox Power range of configurable power supplies available from Digi-Key - News
22/07/2019:Join the COMSOL Conference on 24-26 September in Cambridge, UK - Technology Spotlights
22/07/2019:Kontron acquires industrial mainboard business from Fujitsu Technology Solutions - News
22/07/2019:CoolSiC MOSFET and TRENCHSTOP IGBT in easy 2B package boosts system efficiency - Product Launches
22/07/2019:Guerrilla RF releases initial power amplifier products - Product Launches
22/07/2019:Cadence introduces Conformal Litmus - News
22/07/2019:CEVA acquires Hillcrest Labs intelligent sensor technologies business - News
22/07/2019:A far deeper confrontation - Reference/Features
22/07/2019:Anglia adds power supply and battery charger range with Mascot - News
23/07/2019:u-blox and Arvento launch new vehicle tracking system - News
23/07/2019:AI:UK - Blogs
23/07/2019:Worldwide semiconductor revenues to fall 9.6% in 2019 - News
23/07/2019:New nanoantennas to improve ultra-fast wireless connections - News
23/07/2019:Link Microtek develops microwave rotary joint for satellite tracking system - Product Launches
23/07/2019:Intelliconnect extends its range of solderless 2.9 and SMA connectors - Product Launches
23/07/2019:How will Arm's Flexible Access benefit SoC design teams? - News
23/07/2019:Vertical integration - Reference/Features
23/07/2019:Scientists use gallium oxide in high power semiconductor fabrication - News
24/07/2019:MakerBot Method 3D Printer for rapid prototyping applications - News
24/07/2019:Arrow Electronics, Rigado and Iconics launch smart buildings solution - News
24/07/2019:Wearable devices able to restore conductivity - News
24/07/2019:SiTime sampling rugged MEMS timers - News
24/07/2019:Renesas introduces family of 15 Mbps photocouplers for harsh conditions - Product Launches
24/07/2019:XMOS unveils TV-optimised voice processor for Amazon AVS - News
24/07/2019:Robust and flexible automotive buck LED drivers from Diodes - Product Launches
24/07/2019:Get serious about electronics waste - Reference/Features
25/07/2019:British Engineering Excellence Awards 2019 shortlist released - News
25/07/2019:OptimalPlus launches Lifecycle Analytics Solution for ADAS - News
25/07/2019:Private equity group buys Cobham in £4bn deal - News
25/07/2019:Tiny laser is an important step toward new sensors say researchers - News
25/07/2019:Bringing AI to navigation - Reference/Features
25/07/2019:SMART Modular announces rugged S5E SLC NAND-based solid state drive - Product Launches
25/07/2019:Maxim sensors enable clinical grade next-generation wearables - Product Launches
25/07/2019:Mouser Electronics and Wilcoxon sign a global distribution agreement - News
25/07/2019:X-FAB expands capacity for high-voltage XH018 technology - News
25/07/2019:UnitedSiC adds 2 new 650V SiC FET packages to UF3C FAST Series - News
29/07/2019:Safeguarding security - Reference/Features
29/07/2019:Single-electrode material streamlines functions into a tiny chip - News
29/07/2019:Ultra-compact automotive-grade MOSFETs - Product Launches
29/07/2019:SensiBLE 2.0 by SensiEDGE simplifies cloud connectivity, shortens time to market - Product Launches
29/07/2019:First piezoelectric digital MEMS VM3000 microphone - News
29/07/2019:TSMC points to improved levels of demand for 5 and 7nm - News
29/07/2019:Power Integrations releases GaN InnoSwitch3 AC-DC converter ICs - News
29/07/2019:Apple acquires Intel’s modem business - News
30/07/2019:Confidential details are being picked up by Siri - Blogs
30/07/2019:Mouser signs global agreement with Formerica - News
30/07/2019:Agile Analog to accelerate semiconductor IP development - News
30/07/2019:Alibaba unveils16-core RISC-V chip - News
30/07/2019:Major step towards quantum computers - News
30/07/2019:Rambus to acquire Northwest Logic - News
30/07/2019:VIPer converter features 1050V MOSFET breakdown voltage - Product Launches
30/07/2019:Silicon Labs enhances Si479xx automotive tuner family with SDR technology - Product Launches
31/07/2019:Microlease invests in 5G test equipment - News
31/07/2019:EU consortium announces project to commercialise LiFi - News
31/07/2019:STM32Trust ecosystem consolidates cyber-protection resources for IoT designers - News
31/07/2019:New graphics XMC from Abaco - Product Launches
31/07/2019:Ultra-small 32-Bit MCUs for IoT connectivity modules and edge devices - Product Launches
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