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Articles within the archive for April 2019

01/04/2019:1W/3W Ultralight compact non-isolated AC/DC converter - Technology Spotlights
01/04/2019:Optimised 3D LUT IP for FPGAs - News
01/04/2019:It's delayed Brexit - but still Brexit - Blogs
01/04/2019:Ultra-sensitive heat sensor that is flexible, transparent and printable - News
01/04/2019:Smartwatch display shipments saw continued strong growth in 2018 - News
01/04/2019:Renesas completes IDT acquisition - News
02/04/2019:2.54mm Pitch Unshrouded Headers with a Breakaway Design - Technology Spotlights
02/04/2019:SafeTpack enables implementation of safety requirements with AURIX - Technology Spotlights
02/04/2019:Side mounting on PCBs - News
02/04/2019:Dual LDO with high PSRR and low quiescent current - Product Launches
02/04/2019:New series of waveguide-to-waveguide transitions - Product Launches
03/04/2019:Apple’s miss-step - Blogs
03/04/2019:Printed electronics will boost Europe's competitiveness - News
03/04/2019:Structured cabling system for ultra-fast data processing - Product Launches
03/04/2019:D-Subminiature connectors - Product Launches
03/04/2019:DC-DC converters simplify development of safety-critical medical devices - Product Launches
03/04/2019:Intel unveils the Agilex FPGA family - News
03/04/2019:Cadence unveils Clarity 3D Solver - News
03/04/2019:Cadence aims for tactical cloud usage - News
03/04/2019:Next generation tech-enabled experiences expose the benefits of 5G to UK tourism - News
04/04/2019:Are you ready for the GPS rollover? - News
04/04/2019:Advance boosts efficiency of flash storage in data centres - News
04/04/2019:Worldwide machine vision equipment market to double by 2022 - News
04/04/2019:Optoelectronics, sensors, actuators and discretes hit record sales - News
04/04/2019:No battery, no wires - Bluetooth Low Energy reference design introduced by ZF - Product Launches
04/04/2019:Electrocomponents launches new global tech company - OKdo - News
05/04/2019:Researchers look to improve quantum key distribution over fibre networks - News
05/04/2019:Are we ready for 5G and the attacks it will entice? - Blogs
05/04/2019:New range of miniature surface mount temperature compensated oscillators - Product Launches
05/04/2019:It's a one-way street for sound waves in this new technology - News
05/04/2019:Report suggests UK in pole position in £62 billion self-driving car race - News
05/04/2019:XHP 3 power module from Infineon provides compact and scalable inverter designs - Product Launches
08/04/2019:750W RF power transistor at 915 MHz enables more compact designs - Product Launches
08/04/2019:Bridgetek joins forces with Zerynth & Riverdi to forge IoT Technology Partnership - News
08/04/2019:Improving 3D-printed prosthetics and integrating electronic sensors - News
08/04/2019:Infineon expands its development site in Linz - News
08/04/2019:Electricity-conducting bacteria - News
08/04/2019:The cost of cyber attacks - News
08/04/2019:Spin lasers facilitate rapid data transfer - News
09/04/2019:IMF warns on the power of technology giants - Blogs
09/04/2019:The automotive display market will be worth over $30bn by 2025 - News
09/04/2019:Dialog closes strategic partnership and technology licensing deal with Apple - News
09/04/2019:A demand for PCBs with conformal coatings - News
09/04/2019:MagnaChips strategic display-focused partnerships - News
09/04/2019:CRSC Selects Artesyn SIL4 COTS Rail Safety Platforms - Technology Spotlights
09/04/2019:Automotive grade current sensor IC from Allegro - Product Launches
10/04/2019:Tech Toys - Reference/Features
10/04/2019:Dialogue is Key - Interview
10/04/2019:Snapdragon 730, 730G and 665 Mobile Platforms - News
10/04/2019:Measurement of semiconductor material quality gets more sensitive - News
10/04/2019:Making non electric objects part of the IoT - News
10/04/2019:Graphene coating could help prevent lithium battery fires - News
10/04/2019:New technique cuts AI training time by more than 60 percent - News
11/04/2019:High-tech snooping creates fear and distrust - Blogs
11/04/2019:Murata sampling common mode choke coil or 1000BASE-T1 - Product Launches
11/04/2019:R&S FSV3000 and R&S FSVA3000 spectrum analysers - Product Launches
11/04/2019:Conrad distributes a new development environment - News
11/04/2019:KYOCERA and Vicor to collaborate on advanced power-on-package solutions - News
11/04/2019:New vehicle cybersecurity rating scheme proposed - News
11/04/2019:Deploying technology in space - Reference/Features
11/04/2019:Closing the gap - Reference/Features
12/04/2019:Qorvo looks to acquire Active-Semi International - News
12/04/2019:19” mini-rack enclosures - Product Launches
12/04/2019:MagnaChip and Melfas announce OLED collaboration - News
12/04/2019:AI requires experienced support - Reference/Features
15/04/2019:Unexpected properties uncovered in recently discovered superconductor - News
15/04/2019:Northumbria University doubles the number of schools receiving science support - News
15/04/2019:Fairview Microwave expands line of high-speed end launch connectors - Product Launches
15/04/2019:Vishay unveils resistors with NiCr resistive element and a unique termination - Product Launches
15/04/2019:A flexible design process - Reference/Features
15/04/2019:Breaking up is hard to do - Reference/Features
16/04/2019:New scientific device creates electricity from snowfall - News
16/04/2019:Super High Bright 10.4” TFT Display - Technology Spotlights
16/04/2019:MagnaChip launches 28nm OLED DDIC targeting smartphone displays - News
16/04/2019:Graphene gives boost to future terahertz cameras - News
16/04/2019:Innovative arm technology looks to improve drone performance - News
16/04/2019:Great expectations that need to be managed - Blogs
16/04/2019:Infineon offers broadest 12mm power module portfolio without base plate - Product Launches
16/04/2019:Omron adds high current relay for home appliance and industrial applications - Product Launches
17/04/2019:AMD expands Ryzen family - News
17/04/2019:Green Hills Software extends FACE 3.0 conformance - News
17/04/2019:New data-compression technique for faster computer programs - News
17/04/2019:Intel acquires Omnitek as it strengthens FPGA video and vision offering - News
17/04/2019:Health Toolkit looks to maximise system reliability - News
17/04/2019:Module for second generation MicroMP series configurable AC-DC power supplies - Product Launches
17/04/2019:Mounting product availability issues in the UK - News
17/04/2019:Rambus releases 112G LR SerDes PHY on 7nm node - Product Launches
17/04/2019:NRL develops laser processing method to increase efficiency of optoelectronic devices - News
17/04/2019:Gecko Screw-Lok now with Reverse Fixings and Cable Assemblies for Design Flexibility - Technology Spotlights
18/04/2019:Extended range of CamdenBoss DIN-Rail Module boxes - Product Launches
18/04/2019:Need more energy storage? Just hit 'print' - News
18/04/2019:Recycling and renewal of used cathodes from lithium-ion batteries - News
18/04/2019:Plastic-packaged smallsats - Product Launches
18/04/2019:Future-proofing avionics systems - News
23/04/2019:Climate rebellion - Blogs
23/04/2019:FiDUS Power launches what it says is industry’s lowest profile 180W PSU - Product Launches
23/04/2019:Hyperstone's Use Case Tracker - Product Launches
23/04/2019:Silicon Lab launches new wireless platform - Product Launches
23/04/2019:ON Semiconductor to acquire GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 300mm facility - News
23/04/2019:Adesto unveils Open Edge server for building automation and industrial IoT - News
23/04/2019:Semiconductor scientists discover effect that was thought impossible - News
23/04/2019:Efficiency is key - News
24/04/2019:Worldwide server shipments to peak in 2020 - News
24/04/2019:Ultra-wide-input DC-DC converters - Product Launches
24/04/2019:Circuit breakers market will surpass $21bn by 2024 - News
24/04/2019:Making connections - Reference/Features
24/04/2019:The fourth environmental wave - Reference/Features
24/04/2019:6 & 10W chassis-mount DC/DC converter modules - Product Launches
24/04/2019:Spectra Group (UK) wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise - News
24/04/2019:MEMS chip combines accelerometer with high-accuracy temperature sensor - Product Launches
24/04/2019:New blood test reduces sepsis deaths - News
24/04/2019:Microsoft acquires Express Logic - News
25/04/2019:Gone in a flash - Reference/Features
25/04/2019:Worldwide wireless power receivers and transmitters shipments to soar - News
25/04/2019:SEGGER introduces RAID5 to embedded systems - Product Launches
25/04/2019:Cutting corners with security - Blogs
25/04/2019:Thermal Jumper Chip for enhanced temperature rise management - Product Launches
25/04/2019:Riedon announces KRL/Bantry acquisition - News
25/04/2019:Easy-to-connect cloud IoT development board - News
25/04/2019:Next-generation SoC production design - News
25/04/2019:A testing challenge - Reference/Features
25/04/2019:Xilinx to acquire Solarflare - News
25/04/2019:Foremost Electronics expands range of Harsh Environment Connectors - Product Launches
25/04/2019:Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo module improves battery life - News
26/04/2019:Will graphite anode be the biggest trend in the global battery market? - News
26/04/2019:Heilind partners with Bel - News
26/04/2019:NI announces test UE offering for 5G lab - News
26/04/2019:Addressing e-waste - Reference/Features
26/04/2019:A simple focus - Reference/Features
26/04/2019:Volatile DRAM and flash memory cycles weigh on IC market growth - News
26/04/2019:Robust end-to-end security for IIoT - News
26/04/2019: e-peas enables accurate & continuous animal tracking - News
29/04/2019:Danisense current transducers used at CERN in particle booster PSU - Product Launches
29/04/2019:New generation of modular, compact, effective and reliable active harmonic filters - Product Launches
29/04/2019:Report reveals thermal design priorities - News
29/04/2019:Solid state, high-performance polymer electrolytes for next-generation advanced batteries - News
29/04/2019:Flexible circuits for 3D printing - News
29/04/2019:Graphene sponge helps lithium sulphur batteries reach new potential - News
29/04/2019:Inference at the edge - Reference/Features
30/04/2019:Chinese panel makers start to dominate large LCD TV panel market - News
30/04/2019:Arrow Electronics and IBM look to reinvent airport operations - News
30/04/2019:Samsung and Telensa to offer Smart City infrastructure and data solutions - News
30/04/2019:Melexis extends its smart embedded motor drive portfolio - Product Launches
30/04/2019:650V high-frequency IGBTs boost performance - Product Launches
30/04/2019:Fire risks from lithium ion batteries targeted in new waste project - News
30/04/2019:The Huawei conundrum - Blogs
30/04/2019:Powering next generation datacentres - Product Launches
30/04/2019:Government invests £2.4 million to encourage girls to study computing - News
30/04/2019:Validating 5G NR capabilities of MediaTek's new Helio M70 modem - News
30/04/2019:WHITE PAPER: COTS COMPUTING PLATFORMS - Technology Spotlights
30/04/2019:New Right-Angle Solder Cup Connectors - Technology Spotlights
30/04/2019:Satellites downsize for bigger constellations - Reference/Features
30/04/2019:Industrial Absolute Multi-Turn Encoders - Technology Spotlights
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