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02/07/2018:New AC/DC Adapter series from MORNSUN offer outputs of 5W to 36W - Technology Spotlights
02/07/2018: The culprit of some GaN defects could be nitrogen - News
02/07/2018:Cyberattacks may become impossible with new device, says Quantum Base and Lancaster University - News
02/07/2018:Wireless pressure-sensing eye implant can reside in human eye for years - News
02/07/2018:Smiths Interconnect extends DaVinci 45G portfolio - Product Launches
02/07/2018:Most advanced biological and chemical sensing Interface IC - Product Launches
02/07/2018:Self-heating, fast-charging battery makes electric vehicles climate-immune - News
03/07/2018:Bringing Intelligence to the Network Edge in Order to Address Heightening Industrial Demands - Reference/Features
03/07/2018:An introduction to using Linux on embedded single-board computers - Reference/Features
03/07/2018:Connectors and Cable Assemblies for 4K/Ultra-HD Signals - Technology Spotlights
03/07/2018:Global sales for silicon wafers to rise more than 20% - News
03/07/2018:Global semiconductor sales in May increased 21% year-to-year - News
03/07/2018:Euroquartz launches new range of oscillators - Product Launches
03/07/2018:Cadence design tools certified for Samsung's 7nm LPP process technology - News
03/07/2018:Are market forecasts for drones wrong? - Blogs
03/07/2018:Scientists harness space particles to detect radioactive material - News
03/07/2018:A peek into the future of signal integrity with artificial neural networks - Reference/Features
04/07/2018:The CW International Conference 2018 – Cambridgeshire - Events
04/07/2018:Premier Farnell signs contract for “state-of-the-art” order fulfilment solution for new Leeds Distribution Centre - News
04/07/2018:IET launches “first-of-its-kind” mobile e-learning platform for engineers - News
04/07/2018:TÜV SÜD invests in new EMC chamber - News
05/07/2018:Lower Cost 15.6” Full HD TFT Display - Technology Spotlights
05/07/2018:Fibre-optic transmission of 4000km made possible by ultra-low-noise optical amplifiers - News
05/07/2018:UK and France sign 5-year agreement to work together and improve digital services - News
06/07/2018:Merging antenna and electronics boosts energy and spectrum efficiency - News
06/07/2018:High-power electronics keep their cool with new heat-conducting crystals - News
06/07/2018:Siemens and Synopsys settle Mentor Graphics patent litigation and team up to expand and extend EDA collaboration - News
06/07/2018:Leti, Transdev, and IRT Nanoelec announce pilot program to assess new perception sensors for autonomous vehicles - News
06/07/2018:DRQ series of DC/DC converters from Murata delivers 1K watts at 97% efficiency - Product Launches
06/07/2018: Analogue output IC photocoupler for automotive applications - Product Launches
09/07/2018:The design of an enclosure is usually left until the last minute - this has to change - Reference/Features
09/07/2018:Smart cities - but when? - Reference/Features
09/07/2018:The internet of getting things done - Interview
09/07/2018:The defining period for smart lighting - Reference/Features
09/07/2018:Cyber innovation centre opens - News
09/07/2018:After a difficult period has Tesla turned a corner? - Blogs
09/07/2018:New low profile AC-DC power supply series delivers high performance at low cost - Technology Spotlights
09/07/2018:Blu Wireless streams ultra-fast Gbps video through central Bristol - News
09/07/2018:ams laser arrays bring face recognition to Android-based smartphones - News
09/07/2018:HARTING expands M12 family - Product Launches
09/07/2018:CMOS Op-Amp from ROHM - Product Launches
09/07/2018:Semiconductor quantum transistor opens the door for photon-based computing - News
09/07/2018:Smart bandages designed to monitor and tailor treatment for chronic wounds - News
09/07/2018:High-power thermoelectric generator utilises thermal difference of only 5°c - News
10/07/2018:STMicroelectronics acquires GUI software specialist - News
10/07/2018:Is the AI bubble set to burst? - Blogs
10/07/2018:C&K introduces SSW detect switch for automotive and industrial sectors - Product Launches
10/07/2018:Generating electrical power from waste heat - News
10/07/2018:Extending interconnects beyond the 3nm technology node - News
10/07/2018:Digi-Key announces 1.0 release of the KiCad Library - News
10/07/2018:Biosensor chip detects single nucleotide polymorphism wirelessly, with higher sensitivity - News
10/07/2018:Just what is hot in power management? - Reference/Features
10/07/2018:‘Free’ DCR current sensing must die - Reference/Features
10/07/2018:TTI acquires Compona - News
10/07/2018:The future of farming is small robots - Reference/Features
11/07/2018:Boosting process efficiency in advanced single and multi-board PCB design - News
11/07/2018:Chat bot designed to help engineers navigate 18th Edition of IET Wiring Regulations - News
11/07/2018:Toshiba develops low reverse-current Schottky diode with improved thermal performance - Product Launches
11/07/2018:Graphene forms electrically charged crinkles - News
11/07/2018:Cypress unveils programmable controller that integrates the functions of five chips in one - Product Launches
11/07/2018:Overshooting 3D NAND flash market demand is high and growing, says IC Insights - News
11/07/2018:Leti and Soitec launch a substrate innovation centre - News
12/07/2018:Multifunction DC panel meters from Murata Power Solutions - Product Launches
12/07/2018:KSMA fibre optic connector system available - Product Launches
12/07/2018:Action plan published by the Royal Academy of Engineering to inspire future engineers at the Houses of Parliament - News
12/07/2018:Five-year action plan is needed in engineering higher education - News
12/07/2018:X-rays aid better understanding of electron mobility in modern transistors - News
12/07/2018:Flex Power Modules expands innovative BMR480 DC/DC advanced bus converter series - Product Launches
12/07/2018:Low acoustic noise, full MoPPs isolation modular power supplies - Product Launches
12/07/2018:Avnet Abacus announces new President - News
13/07/2018:Electrical contact to molecules in semiconductor structures established for the first time - News
13/07/2018:Intel to acquire eASIC - News
13/07/2018:ArcSoft and Cadence partner to develop AI and vision applications - News
16/07/2018:Cybersecurity investment tumbles in key sectors - News
16/07/2018:Rolls-Royce is developing a flying taxi propulsion system - News
16/07/2018:UK Government announces funding for spaceports - News
16/07/2018:Superconducting cable sets records for power transmission - News
16/07/2018:'Ground breaking' GFETs now available - News
16/07/2018:ST unveils latest additions to its STM32 line - Product Launches
16/07/2018:RS Components boosts IoT-focused prototyping, coding, making and learning with XinaBox xChips - News
16/07/2018:µModule regulator for Driving LEDs - Product Launches
17/07/2018:Molex introduces CP-3.3 wire-to-wire connector system - Product Launches
17/07/2018:Replacing obsolescent IR sensors & switches - Technology Spotlights
17/07/2018:Aerospace angst - Blogs
17/07/2018:Small-outline synchronous rectification MOSFET driver - Product Launches
17/07/2018:Vayyar Imaging teams up with Mini-Circuits to deliver educational project kits - News
17/07/2018:EV batteries souped-up with fluorinated electrolytes for longer-range driving - News
17/07/2018:Disruption tolerant networking to demonstrate Internet in space - News
17/07/2018:Faster photons could enable total data security - News
17/07/2018:Teledyne e2v signs contract with UK Centre for Earth Observation instrumentation - News
17/07/2018:New graphene service to kick-start UK’s ‘miracle material’ industry - News
17/07/2018:Boeing donates $5m to launch European STEM education effort - News
18/07/2018:RS Components signs agreement with Zerynth to deliver IoT development environment via “unique” portal - News
18/07/2018:Molecular clock could improve smartphone navigation - News
18/07/2018:What’s causing the voltage fade in Lithium-rich NMC cathode materials? - News
18/07/2018:Buried Internet infrastructure at risk as sea levels rise - News
18/07/2018:ITS TIME TO BOOK YOUR TICKET TO EDS 2018 - Technology Spotlights
19/07/2018:RS Components introduces range of highly flexible PC-connected oscilloscopes for mixed-signal measurement - Product Launches
19/07/2018:LIG Nanowise completes £2.6m seed funding round for “world’s most powerful” light microscope - News
19/07/2018:Polarized Energy Storage Capacitors with High-Capacity and Energy Density - Technology Spotlights
19/07/2018:'Surprise resignation as Plessey Semiconductors' chief executive steps down - News
19/07/2018:Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M Smart Modem and Development Kits Now Available - Technology Spotlights
19/07/2018:Micron and Intel announce update to 3D XPoint joint development program - News
19/07/2018:Solar supercapacitor could power future of wearable sensors - News
19/07/2018:Wideband microwave synthesizer delivers leading phase noise, output power and spur performance - Product Launches
19/07/2018:Measurement confidence offered through Tektronix’s 6 Series - Product Launches
20/07/2018:New release of Libero SoC PolarFire design suite - News
20/07/2018:Indiegogo campaign raises £50k for agritech start-up Small Robot Company - News
20/07/2018:Microchip’s PAC1932/33 single power monitoring ICs measure power from 0V to 32V - Product Launches
20/07/2018:Cadence Sigrity 2018 release looks to accelerates PCB design cycles - News
20/07/2018:UK airports set to benefit from revolution in autonomous vehicle technology - News
20/07/2018:Xilinx acquires Chinese machine learning business - News
20/07/2018:Lattice set to discontinue millimetre wave business - News
20/07/2018:Slashing development time for Cortex-M4 applications using displays - Product Launches
20/07/2018:Display needs to be taken more seriously in the design process - Blogs
23/07/2018:Qualcomm delivers breakthrough 5G NR mmWave and Sub-6 GHz RF module - News
23/07/2018:Data security concerns could delay Industry 4.0 roll-out - News
23/07/2018:Intel's decision to sell Wind River to TPG Capital has been welcomed by Jim Douglas, the CEO of software company - News
23/07/2018:Uncertainty is beginning to impact the UK’s manufacturing sector - Blogs
23/07/2018:Future electronic components to be printed like newspapers - News
23/07/2018:“World’s most efficient” semiconductor for thermal management - News
23/07/2018:TI’s LMZM2360x step-down power modules - Product Launches
23/07/2018:Modular 1.27mm pitch connector series from Nicomatic meets MIL 83513 - Product Launches
23/07/2018:DSP creates internal and external engine sound for electric and hybrid EVs - Product Launches
23/07/2018:Over-the-air-beam hopping first reported - News
24/07/2018:Making a difference - Reference/Features
24/07/2018:The boom continues - Reference/Features
24/07/2018:Toshiba release compact power MOSFET gate driver intelligent power device - Product Launches
24/07/2018:New issue with lithium-oxygen batteries uncovered through liquid microscopy technique - News
24/07/2018:Quantum random numbers at high speeds - News
24/07/2018:Toshiba Memory Europe announces 96-layer BiCS FLASH development - Product Launches
24/07/2018:Organic mega flow battery holds promise - surpassing lifetime, voltage thresholds - News
24/07/2018:Power supply targets medical and industrial applications - Product Launches
24/07/2018:Funding available for projects encouraging females into STEM - News
24/07/2018:Photonics used to develop faster, high capacity Internet networks - News
24/07/2018:SEGGER introduces complete operating system for 8-/16-/32-Bit IoT and non-IoT systems - News
25/07/2018:CISPR 25 qualified automotive EMC lab launched by Marvell - News
25/07/2018:SiTime and Intel to collaborate on MEMs timing for 5G - News
25/07/2018:Cadence selected for DARPA ERI machine learning contract - News
25/07/2018: Step-down DC/DC controller draws only 9µA in battery-powered systems - Product Launches
25/07/2018:Allegro MicroSystems expands low EMI DC/DC buck regulators portfolio - Product Launches
26/07/2018:Materials with a complex crystalline structure could hold the answer for faster battery charging - News
26/07/2018:Qualcomm scraps NXP deal - News
26/07/2018:Could the roll-out of the T-Level help to change the face of technical education in the UK? - Reference/Features
26/07/2018:BrainChip unveils Akida Development Environment - News
26/07/2018:Manufacturing in the UK - Reference/Features
26/07/2018:100W Class I and Class II 2”x 4” medical and industrial power supplies - Product Launches
26/07/2018:Vishay power LEDs use latest AllnGaP technology - Product Launches
26/07/2018:Supply chain attacks on the rise - Blogs
26/07/2018:A new 'periodic table' for nanomaterials - News
26/07/2018:EPFL researchers develop a transistor based on excitons able to function at room temperate - News
27/07/2018:Cell-sized robots could be used to detect problems in pipelines and intestines - News
27/07/2018:US expresses concerns over supply chain cyberattacks - News
27/07/2018:Five engineers take the "Path to Programmable” in element14 community’s reality series - News
27/07/2018:Huawei to raise annual R&D budget - News
27/07/2018:50A µModule regulator runs cool with inductors exposed as heatsinks - Product Launches
27/07/2018:Automotive LED drivers look to simplify low-power lighting - Product Launches
30/07/2018:Findings from Aalto University have potential to change how electronics process logic functions - News
30/07/2018:NIST chip lights up optical neural network demo - News
30/07/2018:An expressway for electrons in oxide heterostructures - News
30/07/2018:First TRENCHSTOP 1200 V IGBT6 discrete produced on 12 inch wafer - Product Launches
30/07/2018:Sigma-Delta A/D converter offers precision AC & DC performance - Product Launches
30/07/2018:“Severe” Bluetooth communication breach discovered - News
30/07/2018:Innovative product design requires an equally innovative approach to testing and compliance - Reference/Features
30/07/2018:Which technology investment? - Reference/Features
30/07/2018:The EMS industry: A strategic outlook - Reference/Features
31/07/2018:3D printing next generation batteries - News
31/07/2018:Healthcare to get a technology boost - Blogs
31/07/2018:Collaboration aims to deliver wireless solutions for IIoT markets - News
31/07/2018:Chinese IoT firm raises $200m - News
31/07/2018:Replacements for legacy Kingshill Linear power supplies available from Powerstax - Product Launches
31/07/2018:Analog Devices and B-Secur collaborate on biometric technologies - News
31/07/2018:Dual-mode power monitoring IC maximises system performance - Product Launches
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